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Masters In Leadership

Gordon Conwell Seminary


Zion Bible College

To join the congregation as a Senior Pastor and lead through prayer, envisioning, promoting the mission and engaging the church in the process of spiritual formation and community outreach.


Pastoral Leadership
    As a Pastor and Teacher my sermons are expository in nature and preparation is the result of prayer, Bible study, exegesis and relevant application. As a Leader I am able to equip others with the ability to achieve goals through strategic planning, creating processes, building consensus and implementing mission within a congregation. As a Communicator I am a collaborator and work in concert with church leaders, staff members and key lay leaders (I believe that it is essential to communicate core values, mission and vision to the church and clarify the roles of key individuals). As an Entrepreneur I have expanded programs, increased evangelistic efforts, upgraded facilities, reduced church debt and encouraged a kingdom mind set through networking with pastors and leaders. As a Disciple I continue to expand my understanding of God’s Word and its application for today through a daily devotional life, Bible Study and growing with other believers.