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Groups and Associations

The Emily Center at Phoenix Childrens Hospital, Tempe Community Action Agency, Inc, Arizona Basset Hound Rescue Organization, San Marcos Elementary School, The Melonhead Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy Association, and Breast Cancer Research


Painter and craftswoman Brenda Schodt derives her artistic inspiration from Arizona’s wealth of natural and cultural beauty, from its sunsets, flora, and fauna to its churches and architecture. A Wisconsin native, Brenda Schodt arrived in Arizona in 1980 and remembers with great clarity the first moment she fell in love with the West. Promising herself she would create art from the Arizona landscape, Brenda Schodt studied the fine arts at Arizona State University and obtained a degree in graphic design. Upon graduation, Brenda Schodt took a position in the Mesa School District’s Graphic Design Department and experimented widely with different techniques and media, finally settling into her identity as a painter. In 1997, Brenda Schodt founded Southwest Ornaments, LLC and now sells her hand-painted ornaments in gift stores across Arizona. In addition to her Arizona and Christmas-themed ornaments, Brenda Schodt also creates gorgeous wedding and housewarming presents by painting flagstone and sandstone slabs according to custom designs. Brenda Schodt’s many murals brighten up Tempe and other Arizona cities. Turning her artistic gifts into a means to reach out to others, Brenda Schodt often donates her ornaments to nonprofit organizations for fundraising purposes. Brenda Schodt has supported the Tempe Community Action Agency, Inc.; the Muscular Dystrophy Association; and the Emily Center at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, among other charitable institutions. Active and energetic, Brenda Schodt enjoys playing tennis and biking. Brenda Schodt also has a special fondness for roses and takes pleasure in tending her garden.

Work experience

May 1997Present


Southwest Ornaments, LLC




Arizona State University