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Microsoft Programs
Microsoft Word Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft Excel Notes  Windows
Proficiently speak and write in spanish. Have also taken various courses to make professionalism an aspect of it and not simply casual conversation as I was previously accustomed to. 

Work experience

May 2012Present


Wells Fargo

As a teller at Wells Fargo I do day to day transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, transfers, payments, as well as meeting sales and customer experience goals. I am also in charge of cash optimization for the main vault. This includes keeping a balanced amount of cash in the main vault for the store at all times, buying and selling to the reserve as necessary. I have also been chosen as a mentor to train new tellers coming onto the team. 

Some achievements and recognitions include: 

  • Ranked #2 teller in the district in sales and customer service for 2013 to date (December)
  • Stellar Teller award 12 consecutive months
  • Searching for STARS recognition award
  • Gold bonus 2 quarters in 2013
  • Silver bonus 2 quarters in 2013
  • Cash optimization for branch was taken from 'red' to 'green' standing
Nov 2011May 2012


Owens Food Court

Worked alongside students to make sure foods were kept at a healthy temperature and maintained all compartments stocked at all times. 

Apr 2008Aug 2011

Group Leader and Junior Board Member

Virginia New Majority

I began canvassing with the non-profit organization to increase voting rates among minorities and young adults in the Northern Virginia area. When we were not canvassing we held workshops to help people eligible for American citizenship to apply and ensure a more smooth process. After working with them for quite some time, I was invited to be the junior member on their board and having an input as a young adult in the area. Voted on basis of funding and grants that we accepted as well as the structure of future canvassing. 

Jun 2008May 2010

Assistant Manager

La Laguna, Inc.

Small family business composed of restaurant and two catering trucks. Helped run the cash register, order products, and hire dependable staff. Worked remotely part of my time there and relied heavily on technology to get tasks such as payroll, product ordering, and marketing completed efficiently and effectively. 


Aug 2010Present

International Studies

Virginia Tech

Current GPA: 3.2

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Achievements and acknowledgements: 

  • Hokie Day participant in advocating for school and program funding 
  • International Relations Organization member 
  • Corps of Cadets 2010-2011 (Civilian Track) 
  • Undergraduate Research: IMF Conditional Lending to Developing Nations in terms of political and economic structures
  • Undergraduate research: Currently writing 2 chapters in Introduction to Politics course text on International Actors and International Business 
  • Editor and Reviewer of PhD student works to be published

Pertinent courses to International Development: 

  • Nations and Nationalities
  • World Regions
  • Global Economics and World Politics
  • International Relations 3615 and 3616
  • Special Study: Globalization
  • Sustainable Development Economics
  • Special Study: Theories of International Political Economy
  • Political Theory

Future pertinent courses and in process: 

  • International Development
  • Latin American Politics 
  • Global Social Violence and Peace 

International Business

Barry University

GPA: 3.56

 Activities and Achievements: 

  • Librarian Assistant 
  • Camillus House weekly volunteer