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 "What is the meaning of life?"  An age long question that has brought about many conversations and conclusions from the worlds greatest thinkers, philosophers, and leaders. The fact of the matter is, we may not know the EXACT purpose of our existence, but during, we can make this journey down the walkway of life as easy as possible. So comes the objective of United Gamers And Vendors LLC. (U.G.V.)

 The Amish lead a lifestyle that is very them. Most of us would find that lifestyle to be very difficult, especially in the fast paced age and time we currently live in better known as the "Information Age".

 After reading this paragraph, close your eyes for a moment and picture yourself in this scenario. No phone, no computer, no television, no automobile, no cameras, no electricity, no electronics, and no modern technology. Now take a moment and visualize yourself living that kind of life.

 Kind of hard right? Most people cannot even imagine that. Enter U.G.V. For the less creative and un-informed people if you will, U.G.V. produces a trade show that acts as the imagination for EVERYONE including the aforementioned. Here at the Technology/Electronics Expo, one will be engulfed in an environment unlike any other.

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United Gamers And Vendors LLC.


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Florida Atlantic University