IHG Branded Hotel/Holiday Inn Atlanta Airport
Houseman South College Park, GA- Fulltime. 80+ hours bi-weekly. 8am-4: 30 is a full day. But everyday it is mandatory that I must not leave at the end of my shift until all room attendants assigned for me to assist that day are finished with their shift. On a normal day I am assigned to assist 5 room attendants. I strip each room the of bed linensAfter stripping the vd rooms for my AM round. I go strait to linen with the list of needed linen for each room attendant. I strive to have all their AM rooms stripped and all linen delivered to all my ladies by lunch time. 12pm Afrer lunch I go around to each room attendant and strip the vd rooms left. or if they need anymore clean linen brought up to them. After checkng with them, I return to retrieve their needed clean linen and make a prompt delivery. I also recieve a paper that all my tasks for the day are wrote on along with names of the room attendants and their floor number. I am responsible for cleaning the the 3 guest vening areas on floors 4, 5, & 6. sweep, mop, dust either one of the two starircases. Clean the guest laundry on 5th floor. Vacum entire hallways on all 4,5&, 6 floors. During the course of the day continuously check the floors making sure they are clear of linen and trash. Change trash on room attendants carts. I also cross trained. therefore I can help with room when needed. But I take it upon myself to go around to my 5 ladies and make beds for them when I complete all my duties for that day. I was also training the houseman that came in to work. At the end of my shift I had to see my supervisor to return the radio, master key, and my task sheet with each completed task marked with the time completed. Worked in laundry whenever needed.