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Breann Klar Moyer



I have fixed so many different things. We had to dig a big hole and  fill the hole back up after we fixed the pipe that was broke. Next, we would have to fill holes in with cement so that we could have a side walk in our back yard. We do many things with filling in stuff and fixing a variety of many things.


                       I am seeking to become a foreman because I think that I would be able to help out the community.


Aug 2014May 2016

Riverside Intermediate


Graduated from 5th grade 

Aug 2009Jun 2014

Menominee Elementary


Graduated K-4

Jan 2006Sep 2008

Kids Club


Graduated from Preschool

Work Experience

Sep 2014Apr 2016

Babysitting Duty

Big House

I help babysit children while there parents are gone.

Oct 2015Apr 2016

Cleaning Duty

Breann's Cleanser Suite

I clean peoples houses so they don't have to do it there selves

Feb 2013Apr 2015

Delicious Food


I make yummy food to serve to people I know that like it.

Community Involvement/Volunteer Work

  •  I have helped them stay on track so they can do what they need to get done.
  • I have volunteered to fill holes outside in peoples yards so other people don't get hurt.
  • I have also helped people with walking their dogs if they are not home.