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Work experience

May 2014Aug 2014


I was a nanny for and 1 year old little girl. My duties were to continue working on cognitive skills, logic and reasoning skills, and accompany her with any other needs.  

Aug 2012May 2013


I was a nanny for 3 children. My duties were to  work with them on processing speed, cognitive skills, and logic and reasoning skills.


Aug 2013May 2017


University of Alabama

Human Environmental Sciences

Food and Nutrition(NS) 


Aug 2009May 2013


Wetumpka High School

Breana's Portfolio

When I think short term goals I think of goals I would like to accomplish with the next year. Those short term goals will include: Making the dean's or president's list for the fall and spring semesters, Being classified as a junior in the fall, and still be a Food and Nutrition major. When I think of long term goals, I think of goals that will take longer than a year to accomplish. Those goals include: Graduating from The University of Alabama, Become a Registered Dietitian, Attend Medical School at UCLA, Graduate from Medical School, Become a Radiation Oncologist, Open my own practice in Texas, California, or New York.