The Break Free Live Experience is a three-and-a-half day coaching workshop in Rancho Mirage, California, run by personal development coach David Neagle, who describes himself as a Master Success and Wealth Consciousness Mentor. The Break Free Live Experience focuses on “how to find freedom from financial limitation, self-sabotage, and toxic patterns.” At the Break Free Live Experience, Mr. Neagle will elaborate a formula to help attendees transform their lives and businesses. Much of the event will focus on sales training that aims to help business owners and salespersons be “bold and committed” and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of sales conversations. In Neagle’s experience, people fear selling themselves and see sales as “asking for money.” The workshop will attempt to help attendees overcome such reticence in order to increase their income and develop a sense of financial freedom. David Neagle promises to inspire participants to achieve their full potential in life and in business.Neagle is the founder of the personal development firm Life Is Now, Inc., and has dedicated his life to mentoring coaches, business people, and speakers. Neagle’s mentoring emphasizes communication and optimism in order to help his clients achieve an attitude conducive to personal growth. Under his tutelage, many entrepreneurs and sales professionals have been able to increase their earnings and further develop their businesses. Though he also offers services to private clients, Neagle’s in-person events, such as the Break Free Live Experience being held later this year, are the primary means Neagle uses to reach and inspire change and growth. The workshop will take place on September 27–30, 2012.

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Work experience
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