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Breadtopia exists to promote artisan baking at home by providing free video educational tutorials and offering a wide range of culinary products at competitive prices through our on line store In business since 2006, owners Eric and Denyce Rusch bring years of personal and professional cooking and teaching experience with the goal of making successful home baking easy and fun for the beginning baker.


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With the goal of bringing fresh-baked bread to kitchen tables across the country, Breadtopia provides guidance for those who want to learn how to bake their own bread. Breadtopia, which recommends that bread makers who are just starting out try the “no-knead” method, offers videos that help novice, intermediate, and advanced bakers learn more about the concepts and techniques involved in making different kinds of bread. Some of the most popular content on the Breadtopia website is video instruction. Visitors to the site can learn how to make whole-grain sourdough bread, Sicilian “no-knead” bread, spelt sourdough bread, moist whole-wheat banana bread, and 100 percent whole-wheat bread. The website also provides instruction on how to make pizza dough and hamburger buns.Breadtopia offers more than just video tutorials on how to bake bread. The company’s website also presents several variations of recipes for different dishes, provides advice on the best baking supplies to use for bread making, and answers questions from members. Breadtopia’s mission is to make the act of baking perfect bread easy for individuals of every baking level.Eric and Denyce, the owners of Rusch Advertising Design, established Breadtopia as a joint website and store in 2004. While the duo was working on other projects, Breadtopia quickly became the main focus of Rusch Advertising Design. Today, Eric and Denyce invite interested individuals to visit them at their store located in Fairfield, Iowa.The Breadtopia website offers a free catalog of information about bread making. For more information, visit


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Artisan Baking