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  • Quality focused Mechanical Engineer with 4 years of experience as a CAD Engineer and CFD Engineer.
  • 2D and 3D modeling by using Solid works, AutoCAD, Solid Edge and Pro-E.
  • CFD simulation by using Ansys, CFD++, and ICEM.
  • Planning & scheduling the projects by using primavera, Microsoft projects & other software.
  • Maintaining a stellar reputation for quality and efficiency, communication, and problem resolution. Effective communicator – able to explain complex processes in easy-to-understand terms.

Proven ability to create and deliver solutions that meet objectives tied to technology performance and standards while working with a wide range of platforms and in a fast-paced environment. Skilled in troubleshooting and resolution of critical Mechanical issues.

Work experience

Oct 2011Present

Scientific Researcher

King Abdulaziz City for Science andTechnology, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

A - Research Work

Computational Fluid Dynamics :

  • Intensive engineering experience in CFD simulation and modeling using CFD++ ,Ansys-Fluent, CFX, openFoam, ICEM, MIME, SolidWorks etc.
  • Designed the whole numerical setup and performed many CFD simulations including aeronautical, automotive and structural areas.
  • Established and evaluated computational models to study drag, lift , moments and their coefficients along with other fluid dynamics parameters.

Development of Conceptual and technical aspects of the Computer Aided Designs (CAD) and Meshing :

  • Supervising all the technical aspects of the Model, i.e. developing splines and point clouds using polynomials and other mathematical approaches to obtain the most accurate result.
  • Development of technical CAD drawings and models
  • Profound knowledge of CAD modeled structures and assemblies
  • Excellent skills to generate data and point clouds
  • Immense ability to perform stress Analysis test
  • Meshing is the most critical aspect of engineering simulation, i.e. handled very carefully because too many cells may result in long solver runs, and too few may lead to inaccurate results.We balance these requirements and obtain the right mesh for each simulation.
  • Enormous experience in generating structured, unstructured and mixed cells of Tetrahedral, Hexahedral, Prismatic inflation layer etc using variety of softwares such as Ansys-Mesher , ICEM ,MIME, blockMesh, snappyHex, gmsh, salome, gridgen etc

Development of Optimization Methods to obtain desired Aerodynamic model/shape :

  • Development of discrete and continuous adjoint approaches for use in aerodynamic shape optimization problems at all flow speeds. These are based on the Navier–Stokes equations with low Mach number preconditioning and the adjoint equations are derived either by employing the adjoint to the preconditioned flow equations.
  • Support and development of the general purpose optimization software EASY (Evolutionary Algorithms System).

Numerical Computations and Mathematical Modeling in following areas :

  • Computational Heat Transfer : Study of CHT for the numerical prediction of temperature distribution, heat flux, heat transfer rate, heat loss and turbulence due to heat transfer for steady and unsteady flow over numerous models (see attached list of simulations) using conductive, convective and radiative methods.
  • Computational Chemistry : These projects involve the study of behavior of molecules using quantum chemistry. We simulate various problems using numerical methods such as Ab initio , Density functional method etc using commercial and open source software.

Documentations :

  • Research Papers for Journals and Conferences
  • Presentations for Conferences , Symposiums and Workshops
  • Project Reports (Monthly / Quarterly / Annually )
  • Project Patents, Proposals, Plans , and Road maps etc
  • Recently prepared flagships and proposals (From A to Z) for the "MAARIFAH-2" i.e. is a multibillion Riyal funding program involving over 190 programs and 62 government organizations, to be developed in 4 stages over a 20 year period,that will facilitate collaboration, technology transfer, capacity building, promoting innovation, and commercialization of research. Certain research projects are listed in the "Research Projects Section"

B - Management Work

  • International Procurement/Delivery/Customs/Installation/Training of Industrial Machinery and Equipment of any type i.e. used for the Manufacturing of Highly Precise and Durable Aeronautical components.
  • Working on many collaborative projects with internationally reputed companies and research centers such as BOEING , ANTONOV , IBM Almaden Research Center , Stanford University etc.

Research Consultant

NKRL.Inc Canada

Provide Assistance in Following Research Projects :

  • Aeronautics : Wing Designs, 2D, 3D Airfoils, Drag Prediction in Aircrafts etc.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics : DNS ,LES, Pipe Flows, Petrochemical related simulations etc
  • Computational Heat Transfer : Heat Transfer's Parameters Prediction
  • Energy : Development of Renewable Energy in various global regions (Biomass, Wind ,Solar and Tidal Energy).
  • High Performance Computing : Developing Algorithms and Performing Numerical Simulations
Sep 2010Sep 2011

Lab Engineer

  • CAD Modeling and CFD Simulation of aerodynamic and heat transfer problems
  • To maintain the inventory of the Mechanical Equipment.
  • Coordinating with other Companies to purchase Mechanical Equipments.
  • Delivered a numerous Technical presentations.
  • Planned & scheduled the projects by using, Microsoft Excel & other software.
  • Operated & maintained the checklist of Mechanical Workshop, Power House, Compressors, Heat Exchangers, and AC & Chillers.


Aug 2006Aug 2010

B.Sc Mechanical Engineering

University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, Pakistan

  • Relevant Courses:

  • Thermodynamics 
  • Engineering Graphics
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Machine Design
  • Numerical Methods

  • Strength of Materials 
  • Mechanics of Machines
  • Heat Transfer
  • Project Management
  • Environmental Engineering


 CAD Modeling and Meshing

Auto-Cad, Solid Works, Solid Edges, Pro.E, ICEM , MIME, BlockMesh, snappyHex , Gmsh etc

CFD and Molecular Dynamics Tools

Ansys-Fluent, CFD++, OpenFoam, Salome, AMBER, Namd, Gamess-US etc

Documentation Software's

Ms-Office(win), openOffice (Linux) , Ms-Project , Latex, Prezi, Emaze, Quote Roller, Google Slides, Haikudeck etc

Workshops & Conferences

  • International Symposium on Air Defense 2020+, The Air Defense Forces Institute
  • Accelerating Scientific Applications using GPU's, KAUST , 2013
  • ASME Heat Transfer conference 2013
  • 2nd Saudi International Conference on Information Technology 2013
  • Fourth Saudi Arabian High Performance Computing (SAHPC) Conference 2013
  • 37th International Conference on Boundary Elements and other Mesh Reduction Methods 2014
  • 2nd International Conference on Petroleum and Mineral Resources 2014
  • 13th International Conference on Simulation and Experiments in Heat Transfer and its Applications 2014
  • 25th International Conference on Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • International Conference on Engineering Failure Analysis 2014
  • 10th International conference on Advances in Fluid Mechanics 2014
  • 4th KACST - Oxford Petrochemicals Forum 2014
  • 2nd Saudi International Water Technology Conference 2014
  • HPC Saudi Arabia Conference 2014

Research Projects

Projects Completed in 2010 - Present

  • 2D and 3D modeling by using Solid works, AutoCAD, Solid Edge and Pro-E.
  • CFD simulation by using Ansys, CFD++, and ICEM.
  • Planning & scheduling the projects by using, Microsoft project, Excel & other software.
  • Maintaining a stellar reputation for quality and efficiency, communication, and problem resolution. Effective
  • communicator – able to explain complex processes in easy-to-understand terms.
  • Operation and maintenance of air compressor & air dryers.
  • Operation and maintenance of cooling towers.
  • Operation and maintenance of oil filters & water separators. Operation and maintenance of Pumps & blowers.

CFD - Simulations
Attached with the resume is the comprehensive list of problems solved from 2010 - present. Details such as
abstract,problem description, model, method and solution etc. concerning any solved problem from the list will be
provided upon request.

On Going Projects:

  • Aeronautics : Small/Mid sized Business Jet , UAV's
  • CFD : DNS ,LES, HEAT Transfer
  • Energy : Wind ,Solar and Tidal Energy
  • Computing : Developing Algorithms and Parallel Processing


References available upon request.