Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2008 - Present

Technology Intelligence Advisor - North America


• Performing emerging technology scouting and mapping in the field of drug delivery platforms, nanotech processes and drug delivery devices• Developing an ecosystem of strategic alliances with top Universities and research institutions in North America• Evaluating and pre-negotiating technology licensing terms and conditions and help shape strategic R&D partnerships and tech transfer agreements

Feb 2005 - Mar 2008

Executive Director

Innovation Lab

• Conceived and directed a novel economic development model based on accelerated technology transfer and new knowledge brokerage practices • Raised € 500K of initial funding from public and private sector for regional economic development and cross-border technology transfer • Managed a budget of € 1M for the operations of the Innovation Lab • Developed Innovation Lab’s revenue strategy and service offering • Crafted and coordinated multiple software pilot projects, prototypes, and field experimentations for private companies and government clients • Forged partnerships and collaborations with technology companies like Cisco, HP, Microsoft and several innovative start-ups around the world• Advised companies, universities, foundations and governments in Europe and Asia on launching innovation labs and entrepreneurship programs

Feb 2007 - Dec 2007

E-Commerce Strategy Consultant


• Advised and couselled senior and top management on strategic drivers for international growth through new sales channels• Provided strategic insights on e-commerce growth drivers• Conceived a new global Web 2.0 strategy for international growth• Designed software pilot projects, prototypes and Web-based experiments

Sep 2005 - Feb 2007

Senior Project Manager

Banca Finnat Euramerica

• Advised the Corporate Asset & Liability Performing Solutions Team of the Bank to develop a highly complex Web-based software solution for pricing custom-built financial contracts and options on different stock markets, in order to minimize interest rate risks and exchange rate risks • Gathered requirements from client team, performed in-depth analysis, co-designed the architecture of the solution, defined scope and deployment • Established, coordinated and managed the software development team, supervising the full software development cycle and quality assurance

Jun 2004 - Dec 2005

Human Resource IS Management Consultant

Zambon Group

• Supported Group HR Director in redesigning Zambon Group’s MBO performance appraisal procedures and HR information management system• Conceived and designed a turn-key solution based on Web services and smart forms, for employee self-service MBO performance appraisal • Implemented, tested and deployed the solution in the Zambon Group Headquarters, then extended it to the main European branches

May 2004 - Dec 2004

Innovation Advisor and Technology Broker

Banca Agrileasing - BCC Group

• Streamlined insurance products’ legal procedures and converted them into on-demand smart-instructions based on XML Web services• Designed and produced a software prototype based on smart instructions, for allowing customer’s self-service in insurance needs assessment • Advised senior management on emerging business practices and working methods for fostering organizational and financial service innovation

Apr 2000 - Apr 2004

eBusiness and eHealth Strategy Consultant

GlaxoSmithKline Italia

• Supported Global eBusiness Strategy Team to evaluate entry and localization strategies in the EU markets with reference to physician portals• Performed in-depth analysis of user functional requirements and needs, with reference to distributed Electronic Medical Records Management • Evaluated Web-based Continuous Medical Education delivery platforms and innovative field communication devices for General Practitiones• Devised KM strategy for GSK and advised on key functionalities to be built into the Italian physician portal (now used by 70% of all Italian GPs)

• Designed optimum decision-flows for contextual and just-in-time know-how delivery, with reference to internal procedural management systems • Built a prototype for an innovative information system for contextual procedural management and full regulatory compliance management • Conceived and defined an organizational mechanism for the capture and codification of further procedural knowledge within the organization

Nov 1997 - Oct 2000

Project Leader (European Team)

World Institute for the Digital Economy

• Managed Euro part of industry-research joint project between BRIE of the University of California at Berkeley and SCIP at Stanford University• Ran the Italian and UK extension of multi-client research project on “The Evolution of Corporate Information Networks and B2B E-Commerce” and recruited corporate participants in Italy and UK• Managed field research analysis and interviews to senior management in financial services, telecom, utilities, pharma, manufacturing, software • Coordinated activities with research groups in US, UK, Denmark, Singapore and facilitated in-house briefings and workshops with executives

Oct 1999 - May 2000

E-commerce Strategy Consultant

Telecom Italia

• Analyzed B2B and B2C e-commerce business and revenue models • Benchmarked emerging technologies for content management, knowledge management and taxonomic search• Organized international roundtables and workshops for decision makers, identifying, inviting and coordinating with international guest lecturers

Apr 1999 - Dec 1999

B2B Internet Strategist & Knowledge Management Advisor

Wella Italia

• Produced a strategic plan to manage communities of practice for the B2B distribution channels via Web • Designed business and functional specifications for a knowledge management system to support sales force pre-sale and post-sale activities• Pioneered field experimentation of new searching interfaces for hair stylists in order to perform just-in-time knowledge delivery on the job • Produced an executive blueprint for the Italian Board of Directors on “The Strategic Use of the Web to Enhance Professional Customer Service”


Oct 2002 - Jun 2003

Master of Management in the Network Economy

Università Cattolica/University of California at Berkeley

Joint Program with the School of Information Management and Systems at the University of California at Berkeley. Faculty included professors from top US Universities, advisors of the White House, and C-level executives of multinationals, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley.

Activities and Societies: Knowledge Management Practitioner Certification from IBM Cynefin Center for Organisational Complexity

Oct 1997 - Feb 2000

Visiting Scholar

University of California at Berkeley

I conducted multi-sectoral industry research on emerging organisational practices and working methods, based on Web-based technologies. I have studied the co-evolution of network technologies and organizational structures, in order to develop an economic model on how the Web impacts on transaction costs.

Activities and Societies: Berkeley Roundtable of the International Economy, School of Information Management & Systems (SIMS), Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

Oct 1993 - Oct 1997

Bachelor Degree

Universita' Cattolica di Milano

I gained a specialization in Business and Audit Knowledge, with a dissertation titled "Electronic Commerce: Emerging Business Models". During the Graduation Ceremony, my dissertation was commended for excellence.



Key Skills

  · Performing emerging technology intelligence on a global scale, with reference to Web 2.0 enterprise applications and drug delivery platforms · Conceiving and designing knowledge brokerage models for matching innovators and early adopters and accelerating technology transfer · Establishing international partnerships with business and technology innovators in the US and Asia to help them enter the European markets · Forging relationships with industrial and academic research labs worldwide · Raising funds and forging partnerships with local governments and international tech players for launching Innovation Labs in various countries · Advising corporations, universities, foundations and governments on developing innovation, entrepreneurship and incubation programs · Launching and managing new ventures and programs from start-up phase to ready-to-grow phase  


Decision Science,Sense-Making Models for Social Complexity,Complex Data VisualizationTools,Social Network Analysis,Narrative Databases,Web 2.0


International business development in the USA and Europe; technology intelligence; global scouting of emerging technologies; technology transfer from industrial and academic research labs to market in various industries (specialization in pharma nano-biotech and Internet software); matching innovators and early adopters; innovation strategy and knowledge management consulting to senior and top management; creating new business ventures.


Performed emerging technology intelligence on a global scale, with reference to Web 2.0 enterprise applications and drug delivery platformsConceived and designed knowledge brokerage models for matching innovators and early adopters and accelerating technology transferEstablished int'l business partnerships with business and technology innovators in the US and Asia to help them enter the European marketsForged relationships with industrial and academic research labs worldwide Raised funds and forged partnerships with local governments and int'l tech players for launching Innovation Labs in various countriesAdvised corporations, universities, foundations and governments on developing innovation, entrepreneurship and incubation programs




MiNE Fellow

Management in the Network Economy Program, Università Cattolica
Jun 1998 - Present

Board Member

World Institute for the Digital Economy
Nov 2005 - Present

Certified Practitioner in Knowledge Management and Social Complexity

Cognitive Edge