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Work experience

Mar 2010Present

Freelance Consultant

Consultant on IT services, integration systems and architectures (EAI/B2B/SOA). BizTalk trainer for Microsoft Official Academic Courses on BizTalk Server.Technology used :. BizTalk Server. SQL Server. XML/XSLT. IIS. C#

Apr 2007Mar 2010


Sysmatch, IT Consulting

. Partner, Spain – business developer;

. EAI Manager, Portugal – responsible for selling IT services and integration systems; managed teams on EAI projects; recruited consultants for local and offshore projects such as Belgium and Spain; liaised business relationships/partnerships with large and medium scale enterprises; wrote business proposals and managed the following projects:

-    Bank, Credifin (, Laser Group – Specialized in consumer credit; the bank needed to query an external database available only through mainframe IBM AS400 systems. After carrying out a proof of concept with the OnWeb Web-to-Host, this solution allowed the execution of Mainframe transactions directly within the CRM platform, increasing service level for end users and customers.

Technology used :. BizTalk Server. SQL Server. XML/XSLT. IIS. C#

Systems Integrated:. AS/400. CRM

May 2005Mar 2007

Project Manager / Senior Consultant

Match Profiler, Business Tools & Software Engineering

Provided consultancy for the following companies:. Telecom company, Portugal Telecom Information Systems ( – Provided consultancy on enterprise and technology infrastructure architecture, enterprise application integration (EAI), business to business (B2B) and business process management (BPM); wrote several proposals and liaised customer relationships on the following projects:-    Portuguese Government Technological Plan, Knowledge Society Agency ( from the Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education – This initiative is the Government’s Program to mobilize Portuguese companies to respond to the new requirements presented by the European Commission; worked with several public bodies and nongovernmental organizations participating in the adoption of the Public Administration's Electronic Invoice platform.

-    Multi-service network, Entigere, Entidade Gestora da Rede Multiserviços ( – This project enabled local commerce shops and shopping centers around Portugal to offer utility payments like power, gas and house bills while shopping. Payments were made through mobile terminals; analyzed customer needs, wrote approved proposal and managed E.A.I. development team.

-    Health group, Grupo Português de Saúde ( – Managed project for SAP Business One and TrakHealth’s TrackCare E.A.I. solution using BizTalk Server; analyzed customer needs, wrote approved proposal, developed functional prototype and managed E.A.I. development team; this project enabled G.P.S. to have a single management point of stock control between hospitals, clinics and healthcare units;

-    Health institute, Instituto de Diagnóstico e Tratamento do Norte (I.D.T.N.) – Wrote proposal for E.A.I. platform using Intersystem’s Ensemble platform, with software, hardware and team requirements for the integration of several applications using TrakHealth’s TrakCare platform with Health Level 7 (HL7) protocol and Intersystem’s CACHÉ database.

-    Health society, Saudaçor SA – Developed functional prototype for proof-of-concept demo and project approval on the client’s site using BizTalk Server.

-    Bank & health union, Sindicato dos Bancários do Sul e Ilhas ( – Wrote approved proposal with planning and architecture, hardware and software needs for the development of a middleware platform to integrate several applications such as TrakCare and Microsoft Navision using BizTalk Server; managed team with consultants from IBM and eB-Focus.

-    Telecom company, PT Corporate & Grupo Amorim (– Wrote approved proposal with planning and architecture, hardware and software requirements for the development of a platform to digitally authenticate, sign and send invoice documents; this project enabled both companies to stop using invoice documents on paper.

-    School for the Future, Escola do Futuro PT ( – this project enabled the development of an educational community where all the students’ and teaching community shared a space where the use of the Internet as an indispensable tool of information research is mixed with a space of debate, sharing of contents between the students (school works), as well as access to contents of reference (encyclopedias); wrote E.A.I. proposal using BizTalk Server and Microsoft technologies; architecture used collaboration (i.e. e-mail), content (i.e. e-Books) and learning (e-Learning) management tools.-    Volvo Portugal, Auto Sueco ( – Wrote proposal with planning, and architecture, hardware and software needs for the development of a middleware platform to integrate several applications such as SAP, Microsoft CRM and DB2 with Microsoft BizTalk Server;  Volvo required a unique and single point of management between Auto Sueco and all their clients;Technology used :. BizTalk Server. SQL Server. XML/XSLT. ADO.NET. HL7. IIS. C#   

Systems Integrated:. SAP . Microsoft CRM. DB2. HL7. CACHÉ Databases. TrackCare

Feb 2004Apr 2005

Senior Consultant

Sysmatch, IT Consulting

Provided consultancy services for the following companies:

. Postal Service, Portuguese Postal Service ( - Integration of the claims management system with the following applications :-    SAP-CRM, for warehousing and logistics management-    NAVE, for post office stations management-    Track&Trace, for registry and management of mail packages

. Insurance company, Tranquilidade ( – Authentication, authorization and auditing project using E.T.L. (Extract Transform and Load) architecture; consultant and business analyst for IT department on artificial intelligence using multi-relational decision tree learning algorithms, ontology-driven induction of decision trees at multiple levels of abstraction, ontology-driven information extraction and knowledge acquisition from heterogeneous distributed data sources.. Bank, Banco Espírito Santo ( – Provided consultancy and banking operations support in audit decisions and multi-tier project development; created process to print and manage audit reports; developed multi-language document generation engine for dynamic report generation and translations in Portuguese, English and French. Language support was stored in database format for user maintenance and flexibility.Technology used :. BizTalk Server. SQL Server. XML/XSLT. ADO.NET. IIS. C#

Systems Integrated:. SAP. E.T.L

May 2003Sep 2004



Provided consultancy for the following companies:

. Insurance company, Allianz ( – Joined IT management department; developed C.R.M. applications (AllianzNet) with .NET platform for insurance products by supporting customer access management through virtual branches, contact centers and the internet; developed an automated process for impersonal card creation and necessary data-output generation to Inter-bank Services Society (S.I.B.S.), allowing on-line bank transactions; developed process for digitalized document forwarding on active queues.Technology used :. ASP.NET. SQL Server. JavaScript. IIS. C#

Dec 2003Feb 2004


Rumos, Certification and Outsourcing on Computer Sciences

Provided consultancy for the following companies:. Bank, Banco Comercial Português ( – Joined development team on the network management services department; developed a web service Integration tier on in-house communication channels to register credit operations. This tier allowed the management of credit operations, billing, loans and payment related processes pertaining the bank’s operations in several countries.Technology used :. ASP.NET. SQL Server. JavaScript. IIS. C#

Nov 2001Mar 2003


Fibtec, Fiber Optics and IT services provider

Developed applications for mobile devices such as PDA’s, handheld’s, pocket PC’s via WAP and/or GPRS technology; enabled mobile device detection, usage of strong-encryption algorithms, role-based access control, authentication and authorization in web environments; coordinated tasks in the overall quality process required to achieve I.S.O. and I.P.Q. (Portuguese Quality Institute) certifications.Clients and projects included:-    IT company, Megamicro Informática ( – Created customer-tailored solution to integrate in-house software architectures with Celesta wireless communications model (Smartphones, SymbianOS, Windows CE) using XML SAP connectors.

-    Cable TV, Cabovisão ( – Developed embedded mobile application and user interface for ground technical teams to submit information about customers they were surveying through mobile clients (mobile phone, PDA’s using WAP or GPRS) while allowing partners to track real-time progress of teams on the internet.

-    Fiber optics, Fibnet ( – Developed and maintained corporate intranet and internet web site.

-    Power management project – Web-enabled power monitoring systems, collecting and logging energy usage (gas, water, and electricity), analyzing data to forecast trend plots, averages and predict future demand patterns accurately; web-enabled remote control mobile devices that used SMS messages to switch water pumps and electromagnetic valves.

-    Web usage and reporting project – Developed a statistics reporting application to collect data from website visitors by measuring their behavior, understanding expectations and forecasting future site demands.Technology used :. Active Server Pages. ASP.NET. WAP/GPRS. SQL Server. JavaScript. VB 6. IIS. C#




Training on integration architecture using Netmanage Platform; advanced publishing, OnWeb Integration, OnWeb connectors;


Paula Tomas Consultores

Training targeted at presentation and interpersonal communication skills, with the following goals: -    Achieve results in communications with others;-    Build collaborative relationships that emphasize trust and respect;-    Communicate effectively using simple, concise and direct language;-    Enhance your active listening skills to anticipate and avoid common misunderstandings;-    Foster cross-cultural understanding in your workplace;-    Eliminate the roadblocks that undermine your ability to communicate effectively


Ideias e Desafios

Program for team leaders and IT managers targeted at maximizing the ability to communicate and work with others, avoiding conflict and disharmony. Key topics covered:-    Identify and adapt communication style;-    Improve the ability to listen and comprehend the intention/message behind sentences used by others;-    Be able to identify ways to talk with other people in a manner that relates to them and their particular style;-    Detect possible conflict and minimize its impact;

Sep 1998Jul 2002

Bachelor Degree

University, Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal

General domain:-    Mathematics, Physics, English, Computer Science, Programming, Electronics;

Professional Domain:-    Business Integration Architecture, Enterprise Application Integration, Computer Networks, Object-Oriented Programming, Systems Analysis, Databases, Operating Systems, Telecommunications Systems, Mobile Telecommunications;