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Pursuing a chance to start a new career. As my biggest strength I see determination and will to gain new knowledge and to make continuous progress. The fact that most of my professional background is in education and philology I consider an opportunity to make a synthesis of different experiences, which will help my building a career as a developer. Considering that I have worked with a variety of people, I see myself as someone who works well in a team, and someone who is excited and eager to encounter new professional surroundings, new challenges and new possibilities for embracing new tech knowledge. 


May 2016August 2016

Web Developer Course (in Progress)


Online bootcamp - intensive, structured and mentored-guided. 40 hours per week. Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, jQuery.

Jan 2016Present

Front-end Development (in Progress)

Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is an open source community where students learn to code full stack JavaScript and help nonprofits.

May 2015Dec 2015

CS50: Introduction to Computer Science


This is Harvard University's introduction to computer science. CS50 teaches students how to think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently. Topics include abstraction, algorithms, data structures, encapsulation, resource management, security, software engineering, and web development. Languages include C, PHP, and JavaScript plus SQL, CSS, and HTML.

Jun 2014Present

Certificate in Advance English (C1)

Cambridge English Language Assessment (Part of the University of Cambridge)

CAE is a general proficiency examination at Level C1 in the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference.


Ruby on Rails

DOM manipulation, working with AJAX, JSON, using plugins and APIs (ex: Data Tables; Google Maps; Google News, OpenWeatherMap) 


working with prototypes and objects;  JSON; closures; using variety  of built-in functions;  


working with all bootstrap components, grid system; using jQuery plugins (bootstrap.js)


DOM; working with tags, attributes, elements, links, classes;


working with classes and id selectors; CSS3 transitions and animations;


HTTP;  DOM; MVC;  CRUD applications; MySQL;


MySQL (DDL and DML statements);


File I/O; data structures (arrays, linked lists, hash tables, trees, tries, stacks, queues); structures; pointers; searching and sorting algorithms; familiar with basic concepts of cryptography; GUI programming (using Stanford Portable Library);  working with BMP and JPG image file formats;  familiar with HTTP;


Oct 2000Dec 2008

Professor of Serbian language and literature

Faculty of philology at Belgrade University, Serbia

Bachelor and master studies;


Jan 2011Feb 2015

Teacher of Serbian language and literature

State elementary school Vozd Karadjordje, Belgrad, Serbia

Lectures, extracurricular activities;

Jul 2007May 2012


Ritmos del Mundo (salsa dance studio), Belgrad, Serbia

Organization of daily activities: trainer and instructor; motivating and developing staff and team; organization of workshops and performances

Feb 2009Aug 2010

BIGZ Publishing House, Belgrad, Serbia

Executive editor  

Cross-checking facts, spelling, grammar, writing style, page design and photos; editing content; motivating and developing editorial staff

Sep 2007Sep 2009


Basileus (dance studio), Kraljevo, Serbia

Trainer and dance instructor

Highlighted accomplishments

May 2014 - Award for the best short theater performance (NGO Friends of children and City Government)

May 2014 - Best Teacher Award (State elementary school Vozd Karadjordje, Belgrad, Serbia)

May 2013 - Award for the best short theater performance (NGO Friends of children and City Government)

May 2013 - Award for author of the best short theater play (NGO Friends of children and City Government)

March 2008 - 4th place on Cubamemucho 2008 World Rueda Championships in Munich