Aug 2008 - Present

Ohio Northern University

Graduation: May 2012

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Major: Marketing

Dean's List: 7 out of 9 Quarters

GPA: 3.7


American Marketing Association - Ohio Northern University

Chapter President

May 2010 - Present

  • Completely renovated the club’s strategy by increasing organization, focus and incentive
  • Assigned monthly officer logs to measure activity contributed by each officer position
  • Increased membership of first general meeting by 100% - showing record numbers in attendance
  • Scheduled biweekly officer and general meetings for the entire year to ensure routine
  • Lead officer and general meetings, delegating responsibilities and providing information
  • Incorporated interactive aspects into club meetings and promotional booths and events
  • Introduced creative ideas for the creation and development of our tradeshow booth to compete in the AMA International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans

Vice President of Fundraising

May 2009 - May 2010

  • Recognized at the national conference in New Orleans for our fundraising efforts
  • Organized and scheduled door-to-door fundraising events selling the local pizza shop’s coupons 
  • Help plan, organize and advertise a Call of Duty Tournament to raise money
  • Contacted the Dean and influential parties to meet, present and get approval for our ideas
  • Developed strategies to put fundraising events and meetings together most efficiently
  • Managed customer service and answer questions and concerns with the Winter Survival Kit

Cheerleading - Ohio Northern University

Captain and Squad member

August 2008 - Present

  • Dependable and reliable while trusting others and working as a team to accomplish our goals
  • Took charge and lead others, placing members into positions based on their strengths
  • Mentored new members to ensure comfort at the new school and while being away from home for the first time by organizing squad bonding events and offering advice

Course Work at ONU

Social Media

Spring 2011

  • Created a blog; posting three times per week for ten weeks covering topics including Life at ONU, News in the PR World and Perspective on class readings.
  • Created a YouTube video PSA for Connect Ohio to “get connected” with broadband - taped material and edited film on IMovie
  • Created a podcast of an interview with an expert in our field of interest about social media
  • Followed PR professionals and companies on Twitter and analyzed hash tag usage

Web Design and Development

Winter 2011

  • Used CSS and XHTML to design page layouts and formats
  • Created my own website complete with links, tables, anchors, graphics, frames and lists
  • Used Fireworks program to design images, banners, and graphics for web pages

Personal Selling

Winter 2011

  • Created a business and product with a partner to present and sell in a B2B situation
  • Researched the industry and competitors on databases
  • Completed a sales guide for “Branbow Bakery” and our products.

Intro to Marketing

Spring 2010

  • Completed an industry analysis of hypermarkets, studying 4 major companies (Wal-Mart, Kroger, Meijer, and Target) and their competitors
  • SWOT, customer, competitor, and environmental analyses for each of the four companies 

Service and Volunteer Work

GoodfellowsSt. Marys, Ohio


December 2004 – Present

  • Sorted food and gifts at Christmastime for over 150 local underprivileged families each year
  • Helped the community by delivering care packages and giving to those in need 


Sports Information DepartmentOhio Northern University

Social Media Assistant

September 2010 – Present

  • Filmed interviews and edit videos on IMovie program to be put on YouTube for segment, “Chillin’ With a Polar Bear” for
  • Wrote press releases for the ONU Track and Field teams recapping each meet and achievements
  • Created descriptive articles for athletic hall of fame inductees based on given profiles
  • Typed and updated the ONU football statistics in Adobe InDesign

Midnet Media Minster, Ohio

Social Media Assistant Intern

May 2010 – August 2010
  • Became proficient using Drupal and Wordpress from updating content on several clients’ sites
  • Reduced calls for support by producing a Wordpress User’s Manual containing screenshots and instruction for clients to easily change and update their own websites and content
  • Became very accustomed with using Dreamweaver by designing the website for Wilson Law and by creating 34 instructional pages for Midnet’s Knowledge Base for email account support
  • Used Adobe Fireworks routinely while working on various projects and client’s needs
  • Produced a ‘How-To Guide to Social Media’ based on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Created and maintained The Burlap Blog for a client, writing over 50 posts and using Hootsuite to schedule and publish tweets linking to the blog when new posts are published
  • Completed a “Hosting Audit” searching Midnet’s 235 hosted sites for 15 categories, including meta tags, canonical URLs, Google analytics, domain expiration and social media sites
  • Created and organized descriptive company profiles for 13 clients on to add DoFollow links to increase their website’s page rank
  • Built an interactive Points of Interest Map for the Village of New Bremen website
  • Answered phone lines, taking detailed messages for setting appointments and follow-up calls

Office of University AdvancementOhio Northern University

Phonathon Caller

March 2009 – May 2010
  • One of the Top 10 Callers for pledges received for three consecutive calling seasons
  • Used persuasion tactics and sales techniques to receive donations over the phone from alumni
  • Managed customer relations while building repertoire and updating files during each call

St. Marys City Pool – St. Marys, Ohio

Assistant Manager and Lifeguard

May 2006 – August 2010
  • Practiced organization while selling, recording, and filing membership passes
  • Became quick and efficient in the concession stand for the customers’ convenience
  • Reconciled the nightly deposit and handled the money in the cash register
  • Customer relations while working at the front desk and keeping count of entering patrons
  • Experienced how to calmly deal with upset patrons and mediate the situation
  • Exercised patience while teaching private and group swimming lessons to 4-year-old children