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Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Respiratory Therapist

Pointe Coupee General

After leaving Opelousas General, I was told about an opening at the nearest hospital to me. I was looking for full time work so that this time budget cuts would not affect my hours. Unfortunately, it's a small hospital and the only position was prn but I accepted because the base pay was substantially higher than my pervious job. Although the pay was good, I still needed more hours. Unlike oplousas the staff was so few, the opportunity to fill in was rare. Although my time here was short, I enjoyed the work and since the hospital only staff one therapist on the weekends I gained the skills to keep things running smooth even though it did get very high paced at times. I've always enjoyed overseeing the process that makes a business run smoothly. So although the hours didn't work for me, I can now add to my previous business abilities. The Department Director is Roxanne Jewell 225-638-6331. You may contact Courtney Germillion from the same number. Mrs Courtney was my supervisor.

Apr 2008Nov 2010

Respiratory Therapist

Oplelousas General

I worked as a respiratory therapist. My status was PRN but I worked a full time schedule. I never turned work down and my director appreciated this. I LOVED working there. I never planned to leave but once the Medicaid budgets cuts started to affect Louisiana, my hours started to decrease more and more. Prn's are paid more and aren't guaranteed work therefore the full time staff work short and I'm forced by lack of hours to leave in hopes of more work. The Department Director is Joylenne Bergeroun. You may contact her with any questions. Her direct line is 337-948-3761.

Jan 2004Dec 2009

Owner, Manager

Custom Signs of Louisiana

My husband and I owned a small sign company for over five years. During this time I was fully involved with all aspects of running the company. I hired employees and trained them. I sold to a wide range of customers and sold a wide range of products. I have all types of sales experience from walk in customers to national accounts. Through selling to a national company, I learned how to land the important accounts and how to keep those clients. I was the office manager which included billing ,taxes, and obtaining proper work permits. I worked on the side as a respiratory therapist during the later years but made sure to train good employees and by following through to insure they performed at top level. The economy help but I do think my leaving was the beginning of the end for our company.


Jan 2004Dec 2009

Associate degree in Respiratory Science

Our Lady of the Lake College

All through high school and college, I remained among the top in my class. I stayed on the president's list in college. The Dean of the school, who also taught several of my classes, asked to meet with me. He stated that through his career which include Harvard Medical, he had only seen two or three students with my potential. He requested that I apply to his pre med program. I did start taking some of the required classes but decided that I didn't want to have to give up my part in my husband's business since I enjoyed running it so much. It has always been a goal of mine to open up a much needed respiratory home health company in my area. When I took my National Respiratory exam after graduation the lady who printed my test scores said that my score was the highest yet among the recent graduates. I tell you all this in hopes that you will recognize the fact that I've always been an overachiever. In fourth grade I rented a book on sign language and taught myself. I also knew I wanted to be in the medical field since I was 7 and would study a home remedies book. I'm currently learning Spanish bc I recognize this is a skill that will greatly add to my value as an employee. I hope this information will be of assurance to you that I'm capable to take on a greater role in respiratory.


Im looking for a real career where I can advance. Since my company has closed, ive missed the responsibilities. Im no longer statisfied working as prn with no opportunity to advance. I was blessed to gain an education in business, management and sales in the real world. I feel if this is considered along with my formal education and degree, I should be able to find a job that challenges me and lets me use my experience. Until the market crashed and my husband hurt his back our compant was bring in and average of 30 thousand of month only after I took over and ran the business while they did the labor. Im willing to relocate for the right job. Im also interested in travel contracts in the time being. My dream job would be selling respiratory equipment to a large area where I could use market starteries and research to land new contracts and oversee area sells.


Respiratory care skills: I'm knowledgeable in most all area related to the clinical side of respiratory. My only weak area is neonatal due to the fact, the hospitals I worked at did not provide this services. Besides that I'm familiar with all the equipment and techniques( new and old). I also truly care for my patients and go out of my way and listed job duties to help them. I used free time to go and visit the elderly patients who were so lonely and never had visitors. This would make their day.

Respiratory office skills: excellent computer skills, billing, inventory supply and orders, training new employees, calculating work load and making assignments.Leadership skills, at my most recent job we worked along on the weekends, I excelled at this because it satisfies me to be involved in making sure my department runs smoothly and is profitable.

General Business skills: bookkeeper, pricing, billing, collecting, monthly state sales tax, obtaining work permits, sales, obtaining and keeping our national accounts, trained and managed office employees, organized a very efficient filing system which really helped the business run more efficient.

Sales techniques: research the local market and competition, gathering information on perspective clients, knowing what products my customers have liked and disliked in the past, maintaining a good working relationship with customers. Letting them know about new products, knowing the products I sell well enough to answer and question as well as having product information and graphs in hand, creating relationships with vendors and always striving to keep cost down.



American Heart Association
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national board for respiratory care
Mar 2013

licensed Respiratory Therapist

Aug 2010Aug 2012

Healthcare Provider

American Heart Association

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