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The purpose of creating MyVisualCV is to provide an electronic version of my professional portfolio for review.

Nurse Practitioner Competencies

Domain I: Management of Patient Health/Illness Status

  • Provides health promotion & disease prevention services 
  • Provides health protection interventions
  • Provides anticipatory guidance & counseling
  • Promotes healthy environments
  • Incorporates community needs, strengths, & resources into practice
  • Applies principles of epidemiology & demography in clinical practice
  • Demonstrates critical thinking & diagnostic reasoning skills in clinical decision making
  • Obtains a health history from patient
  • Performs physical examination
  • Differentiates between normal, variations of normal, & abnormal findings
  • Employs screening & diagnostic strategies
  • Analyzes data to determine health status
  • Develops differential diagnosis
  • Formulates a diagnosis
  • Prioritizes health needs/problems
  • Formulates a diagnosis
  • Prioritizes health needs/problems
  • Formulates an evidence-based action plan
  • Initiates therapeutic interventions
  • Manages health/illness status over time
  • Prescribes medications within legal authorization
  • Counsels the patient on the use of complementary/alternative therapies
  • Evaluates outcomes of care
  • Communicates effectively using professional terminology, format, & technology
  • Provides continuity of care 

Domain 2: The Nurse Practitioner-Patient Relationship

  • Attends to patient's responses to change in health status & care
  • Creates a climate of mutual trust
  • Provides comfort & emotional support
  • Applies principles for behavioral support
  • Preserves the patient's control over decision making
  • Negotiates a mutually acceptable plan of care
  • Maintains confidentiality & privacy
  • Respects the patient's inherent worth & dignity
  • Uses self-reflection to further a therapeutic relationship
  • Maintains professional boundaries

Domain 3: The Teaching-Coaching Function

  • Assesses the patient's educational needs
  • Creates an effective learning environment
  • Designs a personalized plan for learning
  • Provides health education
  • Coaches the patient for behavioral changes
  • Evaluates the outcomes of patient education

Domain 4: Professional Role

  • Demonstrates evidence-based approaches to care
  • Delivers safe care
  • Communicates personal strengths & professional limits
  • Advocates for the advanced practice role of the nurse
  • Markets the nurse practitioner role
  • Participates as a member of health care teams
  • Collaborates with other health care providers
  • Consults with other health care providers
  • Advocates for the patient
  • Acts ethically
  • Incorporates current technology
  • Evaluates implications of health policy
  • Participates in policy making activities
  • Provides leadership
  • Accepts personal responsibility for professional development

Domain 5: Managing & Negotiating Health Care Delivery Systems

  • Incorporates access, cost, efficacy, & quality when making care decisions
  • Demonstrates current knowledge of health care system financing as it affects delivery of care
  • Analyzes organizational structure, functions, & resources to affect delivery of care
  • Practices within an authorized scope of practice
  • Applies business strategies
  • Evaluates the impact of the health care delivery system on care
  • Participates in all aspects of community health
  • Advocates for policies that positively affect health care
  • Negotiates legislative change to influence health care delivery systems 

Domain 6: Monitoring & Ensuring the Quality of Health Care Practice

  • Monitors quality of care
  • Assumes accountability for practice
  • Engages in continuous quality improvement

Domain 7: Culturally-Sensitive Care

  • Prevents personal biases from interfering with the delivery of quality care
  • Provides culturally sensitive care
  • Assists patients of diverse cultures to access quality care
  • Incorporates cultural preferences, values, health beliefs, & behaviors into the management plan
  • Assists patients & families to meet their spiritual needs
  • Incorporates patient's spiritual beliefs in care 

Competency Areas

  • Independent practice
  • Scientific foundation
  • Leadership
  • Quality
  • Practice inquiry
  • Technology & information literacy
  • Policy
  • Health delivery system
  • Ethics

Work experience

Oct 2009Present

Nurse Practitioner

Atlanta Neurology
  • Well-established adult neurology practice treating variety of neurological disease processes (i.e. stroke, head injury, epilepsy, dementia, headache,  & multiple sclerosis).
  • Direct patient care & interaction.
  • Development & initiation of medical treatment plan utilizing evidence-based practice & current guideline recommendations.
Jun 2006Oct 2009

Registered Nurse (RN)


Charge Nurse

  • Busy 40 bed acute medical rehabilitation unit.
  • Responsibilities involved direct management and care of patients with neurological or other debilitating disease processes (i.e. spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury, orthopedic conditions, multi-trauma, burns, amputation, & etc.) affecting their ability to regain their maximal level of function.

Quality Improvement

  • Contributed as a member of the quality improvement team, perform monthly audits of patient records, & employee compliance to standards of care.
  • Involvement in the revision of the unit procedures & policies handbook.
  • Oriented & trained new nurses.


Legislative Efforts for APRNs


Jan 2011May 2014

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

University of Alabama

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program.

Graduated magna cum laude. 

Jun 2004May 2006

Bachelors of Science

Medical College of Georgia

Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN) program.

Graduated magna cum laude. 



Board of Nursing

Family Nurse Practitioner

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners