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Highly motivated, proactive engaged adult and pediatric critical care transport paramedic following current evidence based best practices and protocols to achieve optimal patient outcomes. Leading through adopting just culture, team oriented approach and a constant safety conscious mindset. Passionate professional EMS Educator and Lead Training Officer empowering students, trainees and staff to reach their full potential. Inspiring others to reach beyond entry level knowledge empowering personal growth. Currently seeking a clinically challenging position as a member of a critical care transport team utilizing my  skill set.

Work experience

OCT 2016Present

Lead 911 Paramedic

Superior Air-Ground Ambulance
  • Lead role in patient care during ALS/SCT interfacility transfers
  • EMS Educator for continuing education program based on QA/QI data
  • Multiple IV Pump infusion management
  • High performance 911 in Oakland County, MI for City of Novi 
  • Emergency 911 scene response for City of Detroit
Feb 2016FEB 2017

Critical Care Paramedic

Lapeer County EMS - Lapeer, Michigan
  • Paramedic serving the citizens of Lapeer County
  • Rural county based 911 experience
  • One hospital in central area of the county 
  • Long distance ground transports from scenes & critical care transports from outlaying facilities to tertiary care centers
Aug 2011OCT 2016

MICU Critical Care Paramedic, Field Training Officer, Educator, CISM Team

Community EMS - Novi, Michigan
  • Responsible for performing safe, effective critical care transport of patient population ranging the entire lifespan.
  • Acted as the senior critical care transport field training officer mentoring, remediating as well as orienting new hires as required.
  • Utilized invasive monitoring equipment (ART, CVP, ICP) Employed mainstream and side stream waveform capnography.
  • Operated intra aortic balloon pump and troubleshooted LVAD devices 
  • Managed critically ill ventilator dependent patients by making informed alterations to ventilator settings and modes to achieve optimal lung compliance based on patient disease process including pressure support, pressure limiting, assist control based off patient need and blood gas interpretation.
  • Performed advanced ventilator manuvers such as recruitment, lung protective strategies, single lung ventilation, and pediatric pressure limited ventilation.
  • Provided frequent NIPPV ventilatory support using BiPap and CPAP on LTV 1200 and Revel ventilators adjusting to patients condition.
  • Obtained and interpreted bedside point of care testing on iStat device (CBC and VBG) to make informed patient care decisions.
  • Reviewed patient imaging such as CT Scan, MRI, Chest/Abdominal X-ray to make clinical pathway decisions. 
  • Initiated and titrated multiple IV infusions including sedatives, paralytics, vasopressors, antibiotics, blood products via dose rate calculated pumps through peripheral IV access as well as various central lines, ports, scalp vein access etc.
  • Involved in decision making process on new durable medical equipment such as ventilators, IV pumps, monitors.
  • Involved in hiring process of new team members 
  • Created lasting positive relationships among ER and ICU staff at multiple facilities harboring trust in team members through PR and Marketing
  • Implemented new "EMS Grand Rounds" program for monthly constructive call review among team members (QA/QI) 
  • Held classes to update staff on protocol changes, new equipment or various relevant topics current in evidence based practice.
  • Wrote and taught specialty care transport course for MICU program.
  • Advocated for a team approach safety oriented environment employing just culture harboring best clinical practices chairman to our CAAS safety committee
  • Clinical outreach coordination with local fire departments, hospital ED & ICU as well as other EMS agencies
  • Social media marketing advocacy and management through outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reach public and improve overall agency image
March 2012March 2014

911 Dispatcher | Call Taker

  • Responsible for dispatching MICU, ALS, BLS units
  • Effectively communicated via radio, phone and paging system to deliver pertinent information to both crews and customers
  • Utilized the ZOLL Computer Aided Dispatch system with GPS tracking
  • Answered 911 line for over 8 municipalities providing direct first line EMD
  • Maintained efficient unit utilization hours
  • Prioritized and dispatched calls using NAEMD/ACE approved protocols
Jan 2012Jan 2013

Pediatric critical Care Transport team Paramedic

DMCare Express Panda ONE - Detroit, Michigan
  • Provided ground critical care transport of birth to adolescent patient populations throughout the State of Michigan and northern Ohio for retrieval back to Children's Hospital of Michigan on a nurse/RT led pediatric critical care transport team.
  • Worked within a diverse team of nurse practitioners and pediatric respiratory therapists and paramedics during long distance critical care transports to achieve optimal patient outcomes.
  • Utilized various transport isolettes, EZ-IO, UVC lines, syringe pumps, iStat, pressure targeted ventilatory support, nitric oxide (INOmax) and various other specialized neonatal and pediatric patient specific equipment as mission profile required.
Oct 2009Aug 2011

Specialty Care Transport Paramedic

Superior Air-Ground Ambulance - Warren, Michigan
  • Primary role in patient care during ALS/SCT interfacility transfers and as needed emergency scene responses backing up local fire departments.
  • Gift of Life Organ Transplant Transport and Patient Retrieval Team
  • Provided calm advanced care to patients in unstable critical conditions at the SCT/ALS level of care.
  • Transported critically ill patients from outlying facilities to tertiary level I centers with 45 minute plus transport times via ground MICU
  • Assisted CCT medic with ventilator dependent patient transport, CPAP/BiPAP, multiple medications infusions via IV Pump, PICC and central line devices.
  • Assisted with patients on Zoll CCT monitor using invasive line features such as ART, CVP, ICP, temperature probes and capnography.
  • Treated patients with compassion and understanding during all circumstances maintaining empathy 
  • Rendered efficient and effective emergency care while under the direction of multiple county protocols.
Jun 2007Oct 2009

Emergency room Technician

Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills, MI
  • ER Technician operating under ALS based protocols.
  • Performed sterile insertion of Foley Catheters
  • Diligently monitored patients Cardiac Rhythms on monitors during Intra-Hospital Transport of Critical patients to procedures/ICU 
  • Clearly charted subjective and objective data in narrative based format including daily use of computer based charting on EPIC
  • Successfully managed urgent care center inside the ER
  • Directly assisted physicians with procedures including intubation, chest tube insertion, central line placement, ultrasound.
  • Triage of patients according to acuity upon arrival at emergency department and performed immediate interventions based upon standing orders.

Volunteer Work


Executive Board Member & Outreach/Marketing Coordinator

Michigan EMS Memorial

Created an annual event honoring line of duty deaths in Michigan EMS

Executive Board Member collaborating with agencies throughout the state

Manage non-profit organization working as a member of a diverse team

Performing public relations, marketing and social media engagement 

Awards & Recognition

March 2014 - Achievement in Clinical Excellence - Oakland County Medical Control Authority 

May 2014 - Civilian Citation for Life Saving - Farmington Public Safety Department 

March 2016 - Achievement in Clinical Excellence - Oakland County Medical Control Authority

Licenses & Certifications

May 2009Present

Paramedic License

State of Michigan - Department of Community Health

State of Michigan Paramedic License


May 2009Present

National Registry - Paramedic (NRP)


Nationally Registered Paramedic


Jul 2015Present


University of Maryland Baltimore County

Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care Transport




Indiana LifeLine Flight Team

Sugar, Temperature, Airway, Blood pressure, Lab work,  Emotional support

Care and Stabilization of Sick Infants for Transport

Mar 2008Present


American Heart Association

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

May 2008Present


American Heart Association

Pediatric Advanced Life Support 

Aug 2007Present

BLS Healthcare Provider

American Heart Association

Basic Life Support

FEB 2012

Advanced EMergency Medical Dispatcher

International Academy of Emergency DIspatch

Advanced EMD 


Jul 2015Aug 2015


University of Maryland Baltimore County - KELLOGG Community COllege

Pediatric Neonatal Critical Care Transport Certification (PNCCT)

March 2016

Critical Incident Stress Management CISM & CISD Certified Professional

ICISF - International Critical INcident Stress Foundation

Certified Debriefer / Critical Incident Manager

May 2015Aug 2015

EMS Instructor / Coordinator

Life Support Training Institute

Paramedic Level Educator

Feb 2012

ADVANCED Emergency Medical Dispatcher (AEMD)

Oakland Community COllege - Pontiac

Advanced EMD Certification Course 

International Academy of Emergency Dispatch

Jun 2007Jul 2008


Michigan Academy of Emergency Services

NREMT Paramedic Certification & Initial Education.

Mar 2007Jun 2007



NREMT Basic Certification & Initial Education


  • Adult Critical Care Transport
  • Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care Transport
  • Emergency Medical Dispatch/Computer Aided Dispatch
  • Zoll CAD and EPCR Systems 
  • Public Safety Telecommunications Systems - Motorola/Kenwood
  • Vast ECMO Knowledge via ESLO
  • LVAD Transport and Troubleshooting
  • INOmax Transport and Initiation
  • Ventilator Topic Mater Expert
  • High Performance 911 
  • Rural & County Based EMS
  • EMS Instructor / Educator
  • Senior Field Training Offcer
  • Community Outreach Coordination
  • Professional Multimedia & Video Production
  • Public Relations and Marketing Background
  • EMS Safety Officer
  • EMS Incident Command of Large Scale Incidents 
  • Continuous Improvement Processes
  • Quality Assurance & Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Non-Profit Management Skills


November 2012 - The Pitfalls of Prehospital Nitro - The Beacon 

September 2012 - Scene Safety Tactics - The Beacon


  • IAFCCP - International Association of Flight & Critical Care Paramedics
  • NAFTO - National Association of Field Training Officers
  • IAED - International Academy of Emergency Dispatch
  • NAEMT - National Association of EMT's
  • NREMT - National Registry of EMT's
  • MiREMS - Michigan Rural EMS Network
  • MiAEMSP - Michigan Association of EMS Practitioners
  • ICISF - International Critical Incident Stress Foundation
  • MIEMSM - Michigan EMS Memorial (Non-Profit Organization)