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About Brandon Rice Kentucky

A two time entrepreneur in the wireless industry w, Brandon Rice of Kentucky was the founder and owner of antenna acquisition and sales group Immobili, LLC and Boomerang Site Solutions, LLC, both of which were acquired on very successful exits by Crown Castle International and Trilogy Equity Partners led by T-Mobile and Western Wireless Founder and CEO. A giant of the industry, he would serve as Chairman of Immobili, the company Brandon Rice founded, before its acquistion by the world's largest tower company. He established Boomerang Site Solutions in 2001 as a graduate of Southern Methodist University, where he studied economics. Inspired by his father, Brent Rice, to create relationships between real estate owners and wireless providers, Brandon Rice formed an original team of investors and industry contacts who helped him reach out to businesses with promising locations for wireless antenna installation before the company. In doing so Brandon Rice built a remarkable list of exclusive clients including Kroger Company, Autozone, Yum! Brands, OSI Restaurant Partners, Save Mart and Choice Hotels. Brandon also included Morgan Stanley as a client in the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the world's financial markets in advising MSREF regarding the wireless revenue potential of their extensive worldwide portfolio.

Since the installation of Immobili's first antenna in east Lexington, Kentucky, Mr. Rice has continued to forge relationships with corporations of remarkably diverse areas of interest. Brandon Rice acquires the rights to literature and content, and briefly managed former Middleweight Boxing Champion of the world Sergio Martinez securing an exclusive endorsement agreement from Adidas on the boxer's behalf.

Work experience

Apr 2009May 2011

Founder/Board Member/VP of Real Estate

Immobili LLC


Aug 1997Jun 2001


Southern Methodist University