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Referred to as a “Stock Broker to Sports Bettors,” Brandon Lang made a name for himself in the sports handicapping industry. As an expert, Lang deftly calculates advantages, point spreads, and winning picks for a wide variety of sports including baseball, basketball, and football. He sells his picks to sports bettors nationwide. Brandon Lang’s ability as a handicapper is so compelling that it became the subject of a Hollywood motion picture titled Two for the Money, starring Matthew McConaughey, Rene Russo, and Al Pacino. After a six-year streak in Las Vegas, Nevada, Brandon Lang headed to California where he made valuable connections in the film industry. After several years relentlessly pursuing his film concept, Lang witnessed his life dramatized in movie theaters worldwide. Due to his success as a handicapper and the publicity gained by the film, Brandon Lang became a household name in his field. Sports bettors regularly waged hundreds of thousands of dollars cumulatively on his picks. Lang, as an authority on betting, odds making, and the athletic industry, frequently appears on television and radio offering his informed opinions on a variety of related topics. The Travel Channel recently broadcast the original series Brandon Lang Bets the World. On this program, he travels with $10,000 in-hand to various locations across the globe looking for exotic events to handicap. Additionally, Lang wrote a book documenting his life, Beating the Odds: The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of a Sports Handicapper. Prior to achieving his status as the “World’s Greatest Handicapper,” Brandon Lang devoted time to exploring a number of other pursuits. He spent several years in the United States Navy, where he saw much of the world. Always engaged in athletics, he played a variety of sports during high school including basketball, baseball, and golf. After an injury prevented him from pursuing life as an athlete, his prospects unexpectedly opened, allowing him to hone his now famous handicapping skills.

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