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My biggest interest is video games. I play all kinds though the kind I play the most are RPGs, Strategy games and 1st person adventure games. The kind I play the least are racing and platformers. Video games related to my old dream career since video games were originally made from sprites. While modern games are now made with 3-D models there are still games made using sprites often called "indie games".

I am also interested in technology and electronics. I always tinker with any technology I get my hands on and I enjoy finding out how different pieces of technology work. An example of this is whenever I get a new cell phone, computer or gaming console.

I also have an interest in finding out how the human brain works and how different people think. I originally wanted to be a psychologist and while I no longer wish to follow that career path I still have an interest in that field of knowledge.


My first dream job/objective was originally to be a psychologist. I enjoy finding out how different people think and I've always considered myself good at helping people with personal or emotional problems. However money, the difficult education and my own realization of how stressful such a job can be led me away from that career.

My second dream job/objective was to be a graphic designer. I'm mostly interested in graphic design because of video games and I still plan on creating some form of art online but for the time being I wouldn't call graphic design my dream job.

My current dream job is to be a voice actor. I have learned how to imitate a number of different characters such as Mickey Mouse and I hope to be able to imitate more. I've made use of my Mickey voice and a costume to entertain children at an event called Paws for Ethan and I enjoyed it. I plan on taking college or university courses along with private singing lessons to further benefit my voice acting.


Imitating Characters
I have recently learned how to imitate the voices for the following characters: Mickey Mouse, Yoda from Star Wars, the old man from Family Guy, Kermit the Frog and I'm currently working on imitating Donald Duck.
Hard Working
Whenever I am in a work environment I will always do whatever my job may be at that work environment. If I am unsure of what my task is I will ask. If I finish my task I will either look around for more work to do, look for someone to help or ask for more work. I don't care how small a task may be, I don't enjoy doing nothing.
I understand and follow the concept that when someone is talking to me, I am to be quiet and listen to everything they have to say. I rarely interrupt and when I do it is often for reasons such as correcting someone or if I either misheard or misunderstood something someone said.
At school I've used Photoshop to create graphics and to change photos that I've taken. At home I've used GIMP for similar purposes.
I can read music and can play the Baritone (Bass Clef) and I am learning how to play the Guitar (Treble Clef)
Problem Solving
Give me a problem and I'll try multiple different ways to solve it. I'll observe the outcomes from each possible solution and I don't easily give up. If I can't find a solution I will ask for help.

Work experience

Sep 2013Nov 2013


Future Shop

I was a technician at Future Shop for 9 weeks thanks to a program being held at St. Lawrence college. I fixed computers, transferred data from old computers to new ones and set up new computers. This includes desktops and laptops, both PC and Mac. I also setup iPads and similar tablet devices. My reason for leaving was that the program had ended and I wanted to try a different field of work other than retail.

Sep 2011Dec 2011

Youth Night Volunteer


As a volunteer for Youth Night, I had to watch children and help them with certain activities such as arts and crafts, sports and other physical activities. I volunteered at the YMCA because I knew where it was and it was close by. I did a large amount of the cleaning at the end of Youth Nights always doing more then I would have to. This included washing the dishes and cleaning up the different areas that were used during Youth Night (arts and crafts room, track room, gym). I always need to have my brain thinking or my body moving for me to be satisfied. My reason for leaving was because I finished my required 40 hours of community service.


Sep 2014Jun 2015

Office Admin

St. Lawrence College

I am currently taking an Office Admin course at St. Lawrence college. I have learned how to use Microsoft Word and Excel for office purposes and I have also learned the proper procedures of working in an office, accounting and successful ways to communicate.

Sep 2009Jun 2013


Brockville Collegiate Institute

My best course in High School was hands down math. It was the only class where I got 90s and I was almost always ahead of the rest of the class (I would do my work, finish it and ask for more). My next best courses were English and Music with them being in the high 80s.