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Talented Flex & Flash Developer, Interaction and UI Designer, Musician and Media Producer with exceptional skills in a broad range of applications and fields. Highly interested in convergence, RIA Flex/Flash development, team leadership, interaction and UI design, sound, music and video production for interactive media. Proven track record of delivering highly creative, top-quality projects. Quick learner with special knack for figuring out how to solve problems without any prior knowledge of equipment or software.

“In every job I’ve taken, I've transformed the role into much more than it was originally intended and found multiple ways to utilize my unique blend of skills to augment the team in ways no one had thought of before. This has made me an invaluable resource of every team I've worked with and is probably my #1 claim to fame.”


Associations/Groups: IxDA, IGDA, Various UX/UI/IxD LinkedIn Groups, Boy Scouts of America

Languages: Fluent in Cebuano, Illongo and conversational Tagalog. Other language studies include Japanese, French, German, Italian and Latin

Selected Designs


I'm working as a senior designer/developer focused on creating rich, usable interfaces and engaging user experiences for TriGeo Network Security.

Media Skills


Interaction, UX & UI Design, ActionScript 3, UML, MVC, OOP, HTML, CSS, JavaSript, Music Composition, Audio Production, Sound Design, Video Production, Nonlinear Editing, Adaptive Audio, Instructional Design, Writing

Selected Software:

Flex, Flash, OmniGraffle, Captivate, Adobe CS, Digital Performer, FinalCut Pro, Premiere Pro, SoundForge, Reason, Finale, MS Office, OS X, Windows


Sing Bass/Baritone/Tenor, Play the Piano, Trumpet and Pennywhistle

Selected Clients:

Microsoft, American Express, Verizon,, TAP Pharmaceuticals, Boeing, SolidWorks, Century Marketing, CNet,,

Awards & Honors


Star Employee – Q4 2005 – MediaPro, Inc.


Silver Award 2007, Security Directions 101: Awareness

Bronze Award 2007, Schering-Plough Corporation, Privacy for Sales & Marketing

Silver Award 2006, Boeing, Privacy Directions Employee Awareness Training

Bronze Award 2006, Microsoft, Geopolitical Strategy


Distinguished 2006, Microsoft, Geopolitical Strategy

Distinguished 2006, Microsoft, Global Diversity and Inclusion

Distinguished 2006, Microsoft, Using the Career Model

Distinguished 2006, Schering-Plough, Privacy Awareness

Distinguished 2006, Boeing, Privacy Directions Awareness


Best Website Audio finalist 2004


Best 3D Gesture 2004

Best Game 2003

College of Idaho

Outstanding Vocalist 1994-2000

Best Opera Performance 1998-1999

Best Actor 1998-1999

Jim Gabbard Memorial Scholarship 1999-2000

Outstanding Choral Student 1999-2000

Outstanding Music Student 1999-2000

Dean’s List

Cum Laude


Meow-Mix Jingle-writing contest finalist 2002

Tournament-winning student of Bak Shaolin Eagle Claw Kung Fu (forms and fighting)

Work experience

Jun 2000Present

Owner/Consultant, RIA Design & Development

Nonlinear Media, LLC

Founded this independent interactive multimedia production company. Designed and developed Flex, HTML, CSS and Flash websites and RIAs. Contributed as Senior Designer, Developer and Art Director consultant. Composed and arranged music and sound for games, interactive media, theater, television and video. Recorded and engineered audition and demo CDs for local and international talent. Shot on-location interviews, edited video. Music included pop, jazz, opera, musical theatre, techno, industrial and alternative. Highlights include:

  • Consulted, developed and designed on East and West coasts and Asia in Senior Flex and Design positions.
  • Aggressively built network of contacts within video game industry by attending trade shows and meeting as many people as possible. Secured several contracts despite competition from more established audio houses.
  • Composed all music and designed all sound effects for the SolidWorks’ Cosmic Blobs.
  • Rescued implementation of audio within Cosmic Blobs by assuming responsibility and quickly gaining technology knowledge, freeing company’s CTO to focus on other tasks.
  • Served as Audio Lead on multiple independent game titles creating music and sound effects. Also managed the recording of game dialogue in multiple languages.
Nov 2008Aug 2009

Senior Flex Designer & Developer

Brainbox Entertainment

As a consultant, Brainbox contracted me to bridge the gap between design and development for a new online enterprise sporting platform. I ramped up quickly and provided valuable input on project scope, communication, art preparation for Flex consumption, skinning, Flex themes and more.

  • Consulted and educated the design team on file preparation and layout in order to streamline and optimize their deliverables so development could spend more time programming.
  • Built a robust and powerful avatar customization engine, including working with the back-end developers to create the necessary data structure and value objects.
  • Designed and built numerous custom controls, components and widgets.
  • Recruited and trained additional talent to augment the development team.
Oct 2008Nov 2008

Senior Flex Developer

Preventive Medicine LLC

Served as an emergency Flex contractor in order to salvage development time and design efforts.

Quickly ramped up on the project's massive codebase and dove into the development of custom widgets and controls.

Adapted quickly to PrevMed's team and gained strong relationships w/ all departments in a very short time - becoming a great asset to inter-departmental communication and progress.

Jan 2008Sep 2008

Senior UI/UX & Interaction Designer

Delve Networks

Hired as an interaction and graphic designer for the front and backend applications of this revolutionary startup. Added value by taking on some Flex and Flash development dealing with the UI to allow developers more cycles on building components, not skinning them.

  • Wireframes, prototypes and final art for front-end media Player, TroopTube website and others; wrote AS3 code to draw UI dynamically.
  • Developed personas, use-cases, workflow diagrams, mind-maps and other research tools to investigate Analytics portion of backend tool.
  • Used research and documents to wireframe and create final art for Analytics portion of backend tool.
  • Leveraged AS and development skills by creating a bridge between contracted designer and development by researching and establishing methods for UI Theme development, integration and implementation.
Feb 2007Jan 2008

Senior Flash Developer & Interaction Designer

Eporia, LLC

Initially slated to continue development for existing Flash application, quickly transformed role into Lead Interaction and UI designer/Developer for striking new multi-media projects. Injected energy into and revitalized morale in production department.

  • Identified and fixed over 80 bugs in existing application within first few months.
  • Developed new RIAs that brought a new vision to Eporia’s offerings.
  • Designed sleek new UI for Eporia’s namesake product.
  • Designed UIs, OOP models and Design Patterns for RIAs and developed said RIAs.
  • Creatively applied new and existing prototypes and classes to create efficient and reusable technologies.
Jun 2005Mar 2007

Interactive Media Designer

Hired as contract Flash developer and graphic artist, quickly brought into multiple projects for graphic design, video and audio consultation, voice-over talent. Quickly advanced to development coordinator and full-time salaried position. Trained 2 new developers and oversaw their progress. Highly sought-after developer for internal projects for clients such as AmericanExpress, TAP Pharmaceuticals and Microsoft. Highlights include:

  • Voted Star Employee for exceptional contributions by company-wide vote, 4th Quarter, 2005
  • Salvaged audio for TAP Pharmaceuticals pilot project.
  • Quickly ramped up on in-house procedures and practices then trained other developers.
  • Oversaw development of 4-hour interactive project including interactive full-motion video, interactive conversations and inter-activities. Oversaw quality and progress of 5 additional developers.
  • Advanced to audio/visual/design consultant role for multiple projects.
Jun 2004Jun 2005

Lead Sound Designer

Mindsurge Entertainment

Created thousands of AAA-quality sound effects for FreeWorld Online and Control Monger games.


Interactive Media Designer

Prepress Training Solution

Hired by this company to write, produce, record and edit their online interactive training program for CD and Web delivery. Recorded all audio used for training. Composed original music and created graphics for trade show videos. Became subject matter expert on many types of software.

  • Saved time and money while vastly improving audio quality by handling all recording, engineering, directing and performance of voice-overs, music and sound effects for interactive training programs.
  • Took over CTO position with no prior experience, increasing production and consistently boosting annual revenue. Increased income 63% over previous year in 2004.
  • Successfully streamlined training and testing to make programs more efficient.
  • Developed interactive training program that won 2 prestigious awards and earned the company a listing in the “Top 25 Companies to Watch” by World Leaders In Print, published by Reed Business Information.