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Executive Summary

Brandon C. Briggs is currently Director, Analytic Insight / Performance Management & Business Finance for Norwegian Cruise Line, a NEWLY created role for the organization which focuses on performance management through predictive analytics and KPI modeling.  To date, Brandon has held multiple, dynamic roles for the brand, including and most recently President / Managing Director of it's Hawaiian Subsidiaries. 

At the age of 30, Brandon became the youngest Vice President at Norwegian Cruise Line; averaging promotions every 1.7 years, Brandon has held 6 incredibly diverse positions over his 10-year tenure within the organization.  With prior analytic oversight for an estimated 15,000 employees & $500mm - overseeing 11 autonomous business units worldwide - Brandon played in integral part in the roll-out of countless initiatives and programs which have aided Norwegian in its largest confirmed growth period over the company’s nearly 50 year history.. 

Brandon also became the youngest President to date when he was chosen to take the helm at Polynesian Adventure Tours.  With oversight for 400+ employees, Brandon had full P&L responsibility & lead an organization that had produced exponential growth over the 2 year period, far outpacing published rates of analogous local tourism in Hawaii.

During his past decade in the travel & hospitality industry, Brandon has gained invaluable international business experience, producing substantial growth and advancement opportunities, while leading incredibly diverse departments & teams. Overseeing areas ranging from Business Analytics & Operations Finance, to Continuous Improvement & Inventory Management, his key contributions have directly translated into $ Millions in Cost Savings & Revenue Generation.  More recently, Brandon also lead the efforts in creating Norwegian’s first Continuous Improvement program, ultimately leading to an entirely new division for the organization which focuses on Lean / Six Sigma  (or ‘Kaizen’) Training initiatives.

Prior to joining Norwegian, Brandon worked internationally aboard a world-traversing ocean liner. During this time, he managed shipboard operations for the onboard communication facilities. 

Academically, Brandon has acquired a Masters of Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Science in Finance, both from the University of Florida. 

Work experience

Apr 2014Present

Director, Analytic Insight, Business Finance & Performance Optimization

Norwegian Cruise Line

Currently spearheading the creation of the organization's first Predictive Analytics / Consumer Insights team.  Tasked with building a new Big Data system & the necessary infrastructure to increase revenue & drive operational efficiencies across the organization.

May 2012Mar 2014

President / Managing Director, Hawaiian Subsidiaries

Norwegian Cruise Line

Managing Director for Norwegian's subsidiary companies in Hawaii, including the brands of Polynesian Adventure Tours / GrayLine Hawaii &  Luau Kalamaku.  

• Polynesian Adventure Tours / GrayLine Hawaii is Norwegian's Tour & Transportation subsidiary, and the acknowledged premier tour and transportation company on the islands, with over 200 vehicles and 400 employees state-wide.

Accomplishments include:

•  Immediately after becoming Managing Director for Norwegian’s Hawaiian subsidiaries, it became evident that one of the primary business units was failing, losing roughly $30k in EBITDA annually. After a thorough competitive evaluation, we rebranded the assets and successfully restructred the business, creating $280k in positive EBITDA during the first year alone.  By re-purposing the primary assets and business proposition for the division, we removed 60% of the unnecessary fixed costs / overhead associated with the previously flailing business model.

•  When our largest client transferred 50% of their business to alternative products, we had a big sales gap to fill in order to hit plan for the year. I immediately had my sales organization re-evaluate all sales channels, reinforce key relationships with existing partners, & create new loyalty programs which incentivized our best clients with enhanced margins based on incremental volume / a tiered incentive system. We also completely rebuilt our online / direct business strategy from the ground up, constructing a new flagship website, creating 10+ microsites for driving product-specific business, and provided white-label sites for our closest travel partners.  Within the first year, the results yielded a 115% increase in Direct Business, and the volume has continued to grow at an analogous rate since then.

•  Created premium pricing options on the most popular product offerings by adding premier options for customers;  increased top-line revenue on each by 15-20% with zero degradation in demand.

•  Instituted upgraded seating options at Norwegian's entertainment venue; subsequently increased the top-line revenue by 20%, and (with no direct impact on our cost-structure) drove an incremental 20% directly to the bottom-line.

•  With full P&L responsibility, prompted an overhaul to all financial reporting, P&L structures and budgeting / planning models to provide for consistency and transparency in financials.

•  Instituted analytic and KPI platforms for reviewing business metrics;  started operational / sales reviews weekly to discuss progress on key initiatives for driving top-line revenue while maintaining and reducing hard costs.

•  Successfully negotiated countless multi-year/multi-term contracts, worth several million$ 

•  Started the organization's first engagement committee, dedicating a critically needed team to oversee the perpetual commitment & growth of team members, and to ensure our continued involvement in the surrounding community.

Jan 2011May 2012

Director, Business Analytics & Continuous Improvement

Norwegian Cruise Line

Business lead directing all Operational Analytics, Finance & Continuous Improvement / efficiency initiatives; responsible for driving financial growth – while achieving fiscal and operational targets - by delivering sufficient driver & analytic support to link operational decisions to specific & measureable results. Manages international teams in a dynamic, cross-functional environment leading and driving global brand & strategic initiatives.

•  Directed team of Operational / Analytic Managers individually responsible for supporting all operating divisions; collectively responsible for oversight of Revenues / Costs exceeding $1BB annually

•  Responsible for the Continuous Improvement department & Lean Managers, facilitating Kaizen eventsglobally in 5S, Standard Work, Daily Visual Management, Total Productive Maintenance, & Transactional Process Improvement

• Provided KPI & Dashboard reviews supporting Operations, including: Revenue, Personnel, Hotel, Beverage & Food, Purchasing, Logistics & Entertainment

•  Steered monthly Financial reviews with Sr. Leadership Team

•  Responsible for the ongoing tracking, analysis & recommendation of new operational initiatives

• Prompted ongoing review & analyses linking top correlative drivers of Revenue, Costs & Customer Satisfaction 

• Full project / initiative oversight;  including definition, measurement, analysis and execution


Manager, Operations Finance and Analysis

Norwegian Cruise Line

Responsible for all Financial & Analytic functions supporting the Beverage, Food, Hotel and Entertainment Divisions

•  Managed Capital Planning process, Budgeting & Forecasting for Revenues & Expenditures totaling over $300mm annually, including Operational, Staffing, Revenue, G&A and Capital Funding for 11 Business Units and over 2,000 employees

•  Created Executive Dashboards – including Financial, Customer Satisfaction & Operational metrics

•  Preparation of consolidated reporting packages; presentation & review of financial performance results

•  Perpetual review of the General Ledger – full reconciliations monthly

•  Identifying KPIs, trends & providing sound analyses to mitigate risk / ensure financial growth targets are achieved

•   Generation of numerous Regression, Statistical, Revenue-tracking and KPI models to measure & drive operational performance

•  Responsible for the selection, testing and ongoing enhancement of IT Systems necessary within the Hotel Operations Division


Manager, Operations Finance and Inventory Management

Norwegian Cruise Line

Manager for all Analytic & Inventory Management functions supporting the Hotel Operations division

•  Budget responsibilities included Payroll, Repair & Maintenance, Other Operating, SG&A and Capital Planning

•  Managed all Ship Operating, Maintenance & Repair and Capital Purchase processes.  Assisted in the development, administration and controls required to maintain the highest standard of quality from all labor, materials and supplies onboard the vessels

•  Involved specifically in the monitoring and control of Shipboard Hotel Inventory, including establishing inventory par levels and screening shipboard orders

•  Ongoing review of the General Ledger – full reconciliations monthly

•  Provided the vessels with new policies & procedures for the implementation of inventory & budget management programs 


Financial Analyst

Norwegian Cruise Line

Department lead for all Budgeting and Analytics related to Onboard Revenues at NCL, including new business development, KPI model creation, ROI analysis, and all Forecasting duties for the 15 ship fleet (previously) of NCL, NCL America and Orient Lines cruise brands

•  Responsible for the creation & presentation of Annual Budgets and Quarterly Forecasts, reflecting Gross Revenues totaling over half a billion dollars

  •  Involved in the creation and development of the internal Retail operation for the Hawaii-branded vessels. Invested 2 months overseas in the creation of inventory processes, Standard Operating Procedures, inventory categorization & classification, and price-point analyses for the Operation


Manager, Revenue & Internet Services

Maritime Telecommunications Network

Shipboard Department Manager for MTN, currently the world’s largest cruising, oil & super yacht maritime telecommunications provider; responsible for revenue development from passenger and crew internet facilities, wireless and newspaper media services

•  Consistently exceeded ship and company revenue targets, and maintained financial reporting systems


Michael Flesch

EVP, Operations ---- "Brandon is a team member who challenges status-quo thinking and assumptions. He is quick to recognize profitability and revenue potential in business opportunities and displays commitment to understanding and doing what’s best for shareholders and employees. As a leader Brandon treats others fairly, collaborates as a team player; never undermining others for his own gain. Brandon readily shares credit and gives opportunities for visibility to others and he does all of this while maintaining a sense of humor."

Tim Laczynski

Director, Finance---- "Brandon is an outstanding performer, maintaining a standard of expectations for his own performance that often exceeds that of his superiors. Brandon's ability to produce accurate operational and financial reporting provides a sound platform for him to exhibit his analytical prowess. Brandon analysis is well thought-out, yet he is not impaired by the presence of ambiguity, enabling him to provide excellent operational and financial performance insight and recommendations in a timely manner. As a process manager, Brandon regularly exhibits leadership qualities in dealing with his colleagues and his superiors. Brandon's ability to communicate effectively is a key strength."

Lania Rittenhouse

President---- "Brandon is the poster child of the young talented business professional that everyone wants on their team! He possesses a unique combination of business acumen coupled with a very balanced human touch. He has razor sharp financial skills, a true sense of urgency, is confident, charming and works to make everyone around him feel comfortable in order to realize outstanding results. Brandon is grounded, has a great sense of humor and knows how to enjoy life! He excels at handling multiple projects simultaneously and is outstanding at switching gears as business dictates."




Executive Management
Leads an organization with over 400 employees & across 6 satellite offices.  Has complete P&L responsibility.
Strategic Initiatives & Project Oversight
Managed international teams in a dynamic, cross-functional environment leading and driving global brand initiatives. Regular Executive Presentation & review.  
Microsoft Excel / Advanced Analysis
Microsoft Excel skills include pivot tables, VBA macros, etc. Ability to handle large data sets, and experience creating performance dashboards.  
General Skills & Expertise
Analysis, Balanced Scorecards, Benchmarking, Budgeting, Building Strong Teams, Business Analysis, Business Planning, Business Strategy, Cost Reduction Initiatives, Cost Saving Initiatives, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Dashboards, Data Mining, Financial Analysis, Financial Planning, Financial Reporting, Forecasting, General Ledger, Global Business Development, Global Operations, Global Strategy, Goal Oriented, Growth Initiatives, Highly Analytical, International Business, KPI, Lean Initiatives, Managerial Experience, Managing Employees, Managing High Performance Teams, MS Office Suite, New Business Development, Operations Management, Organizational Development, Organizational Growth, Organizational Leadership, P&L, Pricing, Process Flow, Process Improvement, Sales Operations, Strategic Initiatives, Strategic Planning, Strong Business Acumen, Supervisory Skills, Sustainability Initiatives, Team Oriented, Teamwork, Trend Analysis


·  Several quarters of stagnant revenues in our specialty (for-charge) dining venues prompted a discussion on the offerings of the menu in our complementary venues. After analyzing our most popular menu items and meal counts by day, it became clear that shifting the timing of specific premium, complimentary offerings (such as lobster & prime rib) to earlier in the cruise (day 1 or 2) created increased demand for alternatives later in the voyage.  A timing / menu-change recommendation immediately went into effect, and yielded cost savings of $120k annually, incremental gross revenues of $200k, and a lift in Customer Satisfaction of 7%. 

·  Discussions regarding sub-par quarterly dining revenues highlighted an inadequate pricing strategy, and the organization’s need for a formal pricing elasticity analysis; results from the analysis prompted a successful 2 month test & subsequent fleet-wide roll-out of a new pricing strategy, yielding an increase in guest participation of 27%, an $0.84 lift in net contribution per guest/per day, a lift in Customer Satisfaction scores for Food & Beverage of 13%, and an increase in overall Brand Loyalty of 8%. 

·  A  necessary headcount reduction prompted an analysis, which - once completed -supported an immediate revision to the divisions reporting structure; once implemented, it generated confirmed annual savings of $3.7MM, while maintaining comparable service levels & standards.

·  An efficiency event aimed at removing waste from labor-intensive processes identified a $3MM inventory deficiency which was creating the need for additional employees to compensate for the lack of work materials downstream.  Once corrected, the work-hours / positions for 8 employees were identified for redistribution in other necessary, value-added areas of the business.

·  A lack of formal reporting & detail to support Norwegian’s mission-critical KPI - Customer Satisfaction - prompted the creation of an Excel-based Customer Satisfaction Reporting tool; this instrument now provides dynamic functionality - and facilitates full analytic review - for all users through the use of Excel-driven macros, drop-down options and dynamic trending tables w/ rankings, all of which are fully scaleable by the end-user.