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General Experience

  • former People To People Student Ambassador to Australia
  • 4th Place in the Best New Talent Award Show
  • former Israeli Defense Force soldier (I.D. # 5606789)
  • former tutor at Central High School, Sobrato High School, Britton Middle School, San Jose City  College, and Evergreen Valley  Community College
  • former child actor in South Valley Theatrical
  • Co-founded Project S.S.T.A.R.s
  • Co-founded Jerusalem Jewelry International Co.
  • former board member of Morgan Hill Y.E.S.


AGE: 20

BIRTHDATE: 12/28/1988

ETHNICITY: Caucasian


BIRTHPLACE: Travis Airforce Base in Fairfield, California

HOMETOWN: Morgan Hill, California

SPOKEN LANGUAGES: fluent English, moderate Hebrew, some Spanish,  and some Arabic (spoken only)

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5'4"/135lbs


Work experience

Dec 2008Mar 2009


Israeli Defense Force

Though I am a born and raised U.S. citizen, I am also an Israeli citizen since my father is a born Israeli. As such, I felt it was my duty to protect the land of my ancestors and I decided to volunteer in the Israeli Defense Force. I served during the recent Gaza Strip War, but due to some ongoing medical problems I have, I had no choice but to accept the early release the Israeli Defense Force offerred me. Though I wanted to continue serving, my physical disabilities prevented me from doing so effectively. I still hold the Israeli Defense Force in high regard and I plan to continue to visit Israel as often as I can.

Aug 2008Dec 2008

Head Chef

The Peutche

Also on Kibbutz Mishmarot was another restaurant, this one called "The Peutche." Though I enjoyed working at The Legend of the Grass, which was my current employment at the time I transferred to The Peutche, I wanted to gain more experience in the cooking side of restaurant management. Since The Legend of the Grass wasn't looking for anymore cooks or chefs, I transferred to the neighboring restaurant, The Peutche. There I was quickly promoted to Head Chef and even had a sandwich that I created named after me!

Apr 2008Jul 2008


The Legend of the Grass

While I lived in Israel, I spent much of my time living in various kibbutzes (small communities with a centralized work environment). On one such kibbutz, Kibbutz Mishmarot, I worked in a ceramonial hall as a waiter. There I served thousands of guests'  dinners every week. I became very profficient in the restaurant management field as a result.

Aug 2006Nov 2007

Tutor and Advertising Consulant

Sylvan Learning Center

I started tutoring at Sylvan Learning Center back in mid 2006 with the firm belief that by teaching kids in my community, I was not only giving back to my community, but I was ensuring a greater future for so many kids. Though I was still in high school myself and I was the youngest tutor to ever work at Sylvan at the time of employment, I quickly gained the reputation as a very effective tutor and my unique teaching methods have helped out many students who are no longer struggling through school thanks to my help. Realizing the great success I was having, my boss, Eric Galpine, promoted me to Advertising Consultant. However, it was my dream to serve in the Israeli Defense Force, so I stayed with the company a few more months before making my pilgrimage to Israel. There, I spent the past two years doing quite amazing things, but I'll never forget the kids I helped in my old hometown of Morgan Hill.


Jan 2006Nov 2006


Central High School

I am not afraid to admit that when I transferred to Central High School, I was not the best of students. However, the transferring of schools came to me as a wake-up call and I realized that I needed to get my act together. Using all of my will-power, I changed my life around and graduated from Central High School not only with Honors, and not only as the Valedictorian of 2006, but as one of the most successful students in Central High School's history! To this day I still hold the record of gaining the most credits in one semester, and I believe I also still hold the record as the fastest student to graduate from Central! I had crammed three years' worth of high school education into less than nine months!


Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate

Oxford Seminars