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Aug 2008Present


Wylie East High School

Best Work

My best work that I have done this year is creating news bits.  My favorite news bit that I created were over track, baseball, and football.  The track bit covered Quan Jones talking about relays and how well Wylie East competed.  The baseball bit covered Zach Freeman and Nick Lewis and their great win over Highland Park High School.  By the way, Highland Park is the best team in district and have been for some time.  My bit over football was covering our school against our cross-town rival, Wylie High School.  Everything looked well in the beginning, but fell apart by half-time.  We will be back next year and will clean house!

I also was a sports caster on the news broadcast team.  I enjoyed talking about sports statistics, plays, wins, but not losses.  My favorite sport that I spoke about was soccer, since I the game is my love! 


My Highlight

My best moment is when we went to news 8 we woke up at early in the morning to go see how the pros do the news it was amazing to see how they did things. Then after that we went to ihop and had to take pictures there to show we where there because Ms. Henderson didnt think they would beilieve us if we told them we where there.....idk why they wouldnt but thats my teacher.

Personal Initiative

My personal initiatives include getting on the camera as a sportscaster.  Also acting in a short film as actor and working as cameraman.  I learned about shots and angles that would make the movie more interesting to viewers. The projects and news cast we do show how dedicated we are to our film and our news. 


The thing i do in my school is im athletic im in football,soccer and a sports caster for our school news and outside of school i have my reck soccer team and i attend church every sunday and sometimes wednesday.

Goals for next year

My goals for next year is to be a better speaker and talk more clearly and also would like to get better as a camera person as in like better shots and angles.


A couple of character traits that i choose on our website is trustworthy and respect. I feel thoughs two stick out to me because thoughs are the two things i think that we need most because respect is basic manners and treating people how you would like to be treated. Trustworthy was my other one and if noone would be trustworthy i dont know where anyone would be right now if everyone lied. Trustworthiness is one of my main keys because without trustworthiness many people would have extremly hard time with relationship as well as many other job responsibilities and promotions 

Rights & Responsibilities

Students have the right to report on controversial topics with out administrator with out prior review. Students are required to report 100% accuate information or they can be charged with libel and slander. Students must report in a unbiased fashion, gathering view point from all parties. Students can not use copyrighted materials in there news casts or productions. 


New Caster