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My name is Brandon White. Currently I am enrolled in Newsome High School. Although I may not have a job I volunteer a lot and have the qualities that it would take to have a job. Some of those qualities are good organization skills, trustworthiness, good communication skills, dedication, and I always get good grades. I also can speak French and I am very good with numbers. My math grades have always been A's and I plan on keeping them that way. I am also certified in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Aug 2016Nov 2016


Fishhawk Youth Baseball

Coach a baseball team of kids ages 10-12.

SAT Testing


Taking the SAT test earlier in seventh grade.

Church Volunteering

St. Steven Catholic Church

Volunteering and help underprivileged children


Aug 2015Present

High School Diploma

Newsome High School

High School Education.


Math Skills

Have taken math all the way up to geometry and have gotten straight A's.

Speaking French

Currently starting to take French and learning how to read and speak it.


During projects and while working with others I am very dependable. I do my part and if others struggle I help them too. For example in school projects, sometimes others aren't dependable so I do their part or help them..


Very organized in school and at home so I can always find what I need and my grades reflect that. 


May 2016

Photoshop CC 2013


Certification in Photoshop CC 2013

Mar 2015

Microsoft Excel


Certification in Microsoft Excel.

Nov 2015

Microsoft PowerPoint


Certification in Microsoft PowerPoint

Aug 2014

Microsoft Word


Certification in Microsoft Word


These are some projects that I have done and certification tests taken.