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Honours in Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics

Specialization in Communications Technologies and Cyber Security

Dalhousie University

Work experience


Software Systems Developer

Department of National Defence
  • Implemented Netflix's Hystrix library to provide fault tolerance in existing Spring applications.
  • Created a Concourse script to pull, test, and compile Git repositories and then launch them in Cloud Foundry.

Software Systems Developer

Department of National Defence
  • Researched alternatives for ElasticSearch's X-Pack security software. Reported on the difficulties and advantages of switching to Search Guard.
  • Created a Thymeleaf web application using Maven, Spring Boot, and Bootstrap to make HTTP requests with ElasticSearch's Security API and to edit YML settings.
  • Construct a research report on Hadoop's analytic capabilities without ElasticSearch.

Software Quality Analyst

Velo Industries Ltd. (Formally Eyeball Inc.)
  • Tested web-based software on a variety of devices and operating systems such as iPhones, Android devices, as well as Windows 10 and Mac OS computers.
  • Applied different testing methodologies to my work to maximize defect reporting.
  • Developed a web application as part of a team using AngularJS and agile methodologies. 

Teaching Assistant

Dalhousie University, Faculty of Computer Science
  • Assisted students with weekly labs providing detailed answers to questions relating to the course material.
  • Graded student assignments providing feedback and suggestions for student success.

Relevant Academic Projects



Web-centric Computing - Final Project

ProQuo is a social media platform designed to fit student's needs when it comes to trading. The main feature of the site is the ability to search for items other students want to get rid of. When a user finds an item they want, they can request a trade for an item in their own inventory. This project was designed and implemented with Ruby on Rails and AngularJS. Our group considered developing this project in an incubator.



Server Side Scripting - Final Project

BrainStorm includes many basic and advanced features found on common micro-blogging websites. Profiles, groups, permissions, admin control, news feed, follow/unfollow capabilities are just some of the characteristics of the site. It was designed and implemented using mainly PHP and JavaScript.

Extracurricular Activities



Dalhousie Computer Science Society

As President, I am responsible for representing the society as head of the executive. The President is the head contact for all activities, opportunities, and involvement within the society.


Lead Student Ambassador

Dalhousie University, Faculty of Computer Science

A Lead Student Ambassador focuses on reaching out to the general population with the intent of attracting new students into the faculty. Ambassadors will be seen during CS Day and CS Orientation giving tours and presenting. They will also spend a good deal of their time visiting high schools to discuss why students should consider Computer Science as their career path. 



Dalhousie Computer Science Society

One of the main roles as secretary is to be the liaison between students and faculty. When individuals contact the society, the Secretary is the first to respond. The role requires  having a broad range of information at their disposal, as many requests and questions are very different in nature. 



Leadership Award

Dalhousie University, Faculty of Computer Science

T.A Award for Outstanding Academic Support

Dalhousie University, Faculty of Computer Science

Citizenship Award

Dalhousie University, Faculty of Computer Science

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