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Brandon M Thompson

Customer Services Agent


I am looking to pursue further career paths in this company while learning new skills required for advancement in the business management profession.

Work experience


Member Services Agent

Novo 1 / Dialogue Direct

Assisted members with getting their proper pharmaceutical and medical health benefits, while also helping newer agents learn the different processes and systems.

  • Call Dr. Offices for request forms to be filled out.
  • Call the pharmacy's to make sure they had correct insurance information.
  • Call in house pharmacy to make sure they had correct orders.
  • Call the plan to get medical coverage information.
  • Navigate multiple systems at once.


Platt's Welding

Measuring and cutting to fit, prices for construction projects, while making sure the tools necessary are easily accessible in the places they need to be. Also making sure my crew stays on task and productive while coordinating with other crews so that everything gets done efficiently.

• Keep crews of multiple people on task and proficietly operating.

• Make sure all prices are cut to properly be used in the field.

• Diffuse any problems that come up in the field, finding solutions in a timely manner.


Meat Department Customer Service

Walmart Meat Department

Keep meat section stocked, dated, and rotated while keeping the stock rooms organized and clean. Helping customers with everything from finding a particular kind of meat, to knowing the difference between two cuts of meat. 

• Working with a team to keep the Dept running smoothly.

•Keeping multiple areas organized.

• Working well with the public.

• Multitasking.



Surfin' Sand Bar

Keep an eye on a crowd of people to make sure operations run smooth. Diffuse tense situations when people get into arguments. Be friendly to customers and workers while still performing other tasks. Stock and clean bar before opening and after closing.

• Managing large numbers of people.

• Working with team members to keep the customers happy and safe.

• Multitasking.



General Education Degree

Denison High / Grayson County College

I got most of my high school education while attending Denison High, but due to unforeseeable circumstances, got my G.E.D at Grayson County College.


People Skills

Ability to talk to people while reading their reactions and body language. Then using that to adjust my way of communicating to keep them calm and productive.

Technically Savvy

Proficient with most basic progras, and easily catch on to the operation of more complicated programs.

Team Friendly

Good at working with a team, taking and giving constructive criticism, and helping to nudge the team in the right direction without seeming overly forceful.

Customer Relations

The ability to talk to and relate to customers and  calm customers down when needed to inform them of policies and procedures without being rude to the customer.

Team Management

Good at keeping an eye on large groups/areas to make sure people are staying on task.


Available upon request.

Acheivements/Community Services

• Tenderfoot Rank in Boy Scouts.

• Green Belt in Tai Kwon Do.

• Helped Build Community Park in Whitesboro, Tx.

•Constantly Giving Unneeded Items to The Crowded Closet.