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Brandon Lewallen

Operations Supervisor and Leadership Consultant

Employment History

Mar 2014Present

Operations Supervisor

Culture Service Growth
  • Manage, develop, and lead team members to operational excellence.
  • Analyze data, call volume, metrics, and other relevant reports to guide day-to-day operations.
  • Communicate and create projects with fellow campaign supervisors, directors, product managers, human resources, workforce management, and even managing partners to advance company success.

Jan 2014Present

Leadership Consultant

  • Assess individual's current strengths and weaknesses to create customized action plan.
  • Develop presentations, curriculum, and training courses for individuals and groups to attend.
  • Monitor results while providing relevant feedback to further refine skills and abilities.
Aug 2013Mar 2014

Team Leader

Culture Service Growth
  • Exemplify and maintain expectations for team members on operational excellence
  • Assist in Supervisor's vision and agenda for team
  • Responsible for timely completion of various administrative queues such as: Escalated calls, specialized requests, and subject matter support. 
Jan 2013Aug 2013

Customer Care Associate

Culture Service Growth
  • Communicate and clearly explain billing and policy related questions to customers, agents, and other affiliated departments verbally and in email correspondence.
  • Handle specialized tasks set forth by campaign directors or operations supervisors.
  • Assist in the innovation process by offering new solutions and opportunities.


Social Psychology

Very well read in notable and fringe texts resulting in an in-depth understanding of individual and group Social Psychology, including various techniques and strategies that can be employed to produce desired outcomes.


Created Communication rating scale with specific criteria, proceeded to train employees, peers, and even friends to recognize and provide effective feedback to me about my communication for purpose of self-development


Effective promoter of change and growth demonstrated by employee performance and implementation of ideas among my peers. Well versed in various components of leadership and leadership development.


Studied major research on Charisma, what it is, what it isn't, and principles to adhere to in order to obtain (portray) it. Utilized this information and personal findings to calibrate myself and transform my daily interactions with individuals and groups. 


Highly skilled in strategic thinking specifically suspending ego to consider all possible situations and outcomes, choosing the best for the business need at hand. Very knowledgeable in various management needed applications such as: Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Excel; Google Docs, Sheets, Presentations, Forms, and GMail; and miscellaneous applications including Citrix, Lotus Notes, Siebel, and inContact.


Aug 2014Present

eMett 3.0


Expert level certification in recognition of Micro-expressions (subtle nonverbal expressions that convey suppressed emotional responses)

Aug 2014Present

eSett 3.0


Supplementary expert level certification in recognition of Micro-expressions (subtle nonverbal expressions that convey suppressed emotional responses)

Apr 2015Present

Microsoft Excel - Basic and Advanced


Business focused Excel training course with basic through advanced skills including, but not limited to, the following: formula knowledge, data analysis/optimization, presenting/reporting, and PivotTables.