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Brandon Kelly

Cinematographer/Director of Photography

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As a freelance Director Of Photography, I specialize in overseeing all visual aspects of a film or video production.  From the pre-visualization, production, and through color grading, I help to shape a concept into a visual medium.  I have mainly been involved in action sports thus far, while branching out into other mediums, such as narrative short films.  Specializing in many aspects of cinematography has been a great benefit for me, weather you are looking for gimbal work, steadicam, crane, drone, macro or timelapse. 

Work experience



Poorboyz productions/Redbull media house

Filming professional skiers, in remote backcountry locations around the world.  Creating the award winning ski films, The Grand Bizarre, WE and Tracing Skylines. 



Xgames real ski

2012/2013 - Filming and edited Sammy Carlson's X-Games real ski segment, which he went on to receive first place and the gold medal.

2013/2014 - Filming Joe Schuster's X-Games real ski segment.  Traveling around British Columbia accessing and filming in remote backcountry locations.  Joe placed third in the event and received a bronze medal.

2014/2015 - Filming Joe Schuster and Sean Pettit's X - Games real ski segments.  These are currently being edited and will be out this fall.



Superproof inc

Head Cinematographer and DOP creating ski based narrative films.  The debut film released in the fall of 2014, The Recruitment.  Currently we are working on post production of the second feature, The Masquerade.


Equipment owned

Cameras - Red Scarlet camera, Canon 6D, GoPro hero 4

Lenses - Contax zeiss lens set, along with various other lenses and filtration to suit any project

Support/Stabalization - DJI ronin, DJI Phantom drone, Steadicam, 7ft camera jib, Tripod, Shoulder mount