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Brandon Eldridge

Ashland University Student, College Football Athlete , Dedicated Worker, and Friend to All   

Work experience

Nov 2007Oct 2015

Shift Supervisor

Panera Bread 

Working at Panera Bread has been a joy for me while in school. Panera was my first job and has taught me many skills and life lessons. I started just before I turned 16 as a dish washer, then over time I have ascended to my current position as a Manager. In my current work as a Manager I over see and insure that our operational tasks are completed in a timely manor with importance on great customer service, and preform many duties to keep the café running smoothly. This can range from baking, to helping with the production of sandwiches and salads, working the cash register, managing the Associates, handling costumer complaints, brewing coffee,preforming many managerial office tasks, all with a focus on great customer service.   

Mar 2006Oct 2012

Owner- Operator

B and J Lawn Care

I acted as a co-owner and operator of a lawn care company. This required me to not only provide the service of lawn care but to also run my company. This entailed Marketing my brand, keeping my books and servicing the equipment. 


Aug 2011May 2016

Major- B.A. Sport Communication

Ashland University

The Sport Communication program at Ashland University is one of the only programs of its kind in the nation. With a focus on communication theory, research and application that covers a broad range of communication phenomena within the sport industry

Aug 2011May 2016

Major- B.A. Public Relations & Strategic Communication

Ashland University

The Public Relations and Strategic Communication program at Ashland University reflects one of the most dynamic areas of communication studies and offers students the unique experience of learning and mastering the art and science of relating to diverse publics using a variety of media and communication strategies and vehicles

Aug 2011May 2016

Minor- B.A. Health and Risk Communication

Ashland University
Aug 2010May 2011

Major- A.A. Mechanical Engineering Technology  

North Central College

For this degree I became proficient at, preparing design specifications; production analysis; the installation, maintenance, and operation of machines, tools, and products; as well as manufacturing processes. This was a unique opportunity for me because I completed this degree while in high school during my junior and senior years.


I am a very dedicated person I have never quit at anything in my life. I have grown this skill from playing football and from my studies at college. I have that never stop mentality and always keep pushing to get things done.
I am great in communication with other people, even if I have never met them before. Part of this comes from my years at Panera and having hundreds of interactions with strangers each day. This has created a skill to relate and have friendly conversation with every kind of person. this is great for me to bring to the work force because being able to communicate efficiently with other personal helps increase productivity.     
Team/Group Member
In my life have been a member of many sport teams at both the entry level and the collegiate level. From this experience I have always had opportunities to work as a group. this is very much the case being an Offensive Linemen, this unit is very group oriented and great at working as one. I also have group work experience from my time at Panera Bread. At Panera in the production line a group of four works closely together to quickly complete orders. this process is much the same as creating any kind of product.   
Time Management
In my years in college I have become very well at managing my time. As a student athlete playing football at Ashland University I have learned how to fully take advantage of all 24 hours of the day. during football season in the average day I have four hours left open in a day after class, sleep and practice are totaled in. Over the last four years I have found how to make these hours count. I stay just as busy in the off season working 30 to 40 hours per week and taking a full class load all while still having football workouts.  
Positive Mental Attitude
I am one of the most positive people there are in this world. I have a focus about me that always just keeps looking forward and finds the best out of every situation. This skill has been proven very useful for me because I do not stop and feel sorry I just quickly react to the situation at hand.


Here are few examples of projects that I had done.

Personal Mission Statement

Brandon Eldridge's mission in life is to live with a competitive spirit in every facet of life and be willing to take risks to fulfill his potential in life.

Personal Life Metaphor

Brandon Eldridge is like a dolphin. He loves life and people. He has an energy and appetite for learning. Along with intelligence and empathy making him successful in all  life's endeavors.  

Academic Accomplishments

2014 Eastern Communication Association Undergraduate Poster Participant. In 2014 I presented a poster on the topic of division two sport attendance. Although I did not win my project was held in high regards.