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Work experience

Oct 2007Jun 2012


Allied Home Remodelers

At Allied Home Remodelers is was my job as a contractor to insure the customers vision of there home improvement project came to life. I had to use tools such as drills, hammers, air compressors, table saws, and nail guns to perform jobs like installing cabinets, counter tops, mount plasma screen television sets, and even assist in the contruction of home additions. It was also my duty to upsale the customer, for example,

Customer: I really like them laminate counter tops.

Me: All tho they are nice, if you upgrade to granite counter tops you may find them aesthetically Pleasing and more durable, thus saving you money in the long run. I would highly recommend this option. 

Feb 2010Jan 2012

Front End Returns/ jewelry sales


My duties as a front end returns co-worker at Tj Maxx were to examine and determine whether or not the items the customer were returning are still in adequate condition to sale. It was also my job to walk the store and make sure there were no products on the floor, service customers making regular purchases, and persuade customers to sign up for a Tj Maxx credit card. My Experience running the jewelry counter was very enlightening. There it was my duty to match the customer with the proper accessory they were seeking in order to make the sale.

Feb 2009Jun 2011

Phone Operator


It was my job to answer all calls routed to the call center. I handled such cases as scheduling conflicts of trucks and equipment, ordering supply's and parts, and answering general questions any customer may have. I also had many secretarial duties such as, filing paper work, typing, making cash drops, and making duplicate copies of necessary documents.  

Mar 2008Jan 2011

Sales rep/ Personal Trainer

Golds Gym

It was my job as a sales rep for golds gym to make sure everyone that came to inquire about a gym membership left with one. As a sales rep for golds gym i averaged 12 full membership sign ups a week during the summer and 5 per week during the slower seasons. This job helped me develop the necessary skills required to make sales and make the consumer feel confident about there purchase in today's tough economy. As a personal Trainer i had 17 weekly clients who came 3 times a week for a hour season each. 

Dec 2008Jan 2010

Box Office Attendant, Concessions Worker, Usher

Regal Cinemas Stadium 14

At Regal Cinemas I hold multiple positions, I believe this is imperative if you would like to getnoticed and be considered for a position advancements such as shift lead or manager. Whileworking in customer service I have encountered a wide variety of people and thanks to that myproblem solving skills have enhanced. The number one thing is to keep the customer happy and Ihave become quit proficient at that task. As a Box Office Attendant my duties are to greetcustomers, Handle money, Answer phone calls, and sell tickets. A good attitude and a smile go along way when dealing with people who have been standing in line for a long period of time. As aconcessions worker my duties were to prepare some of the food, Work the cash register, and keepthe work area clean. As an usher my duties were to clean all the theaters and the bathrooms. Fromthis job I gained a wide variety of skills that I not only use in the work place but in my everyday life.


Mar 2010Present


Prince Georges Community College


Sales is mostly about making the consumer feel great about there purchase at the time it happens and well after the product or service has been used. I'm great at accessing peoples needs and presenting them with the product they are looking for.
Comunication/ People skills
In any business its almost impossible to thrive and grow if you don't know how to communicate with the consumer, I have extensive experience in reading body language, making people feel comfortable, listening, and solving problems in many different scenarios.
Cash handling
Cash handling is a very important skill to have at almost every job, it is imperative to have a person you can trust with money in hand. The ability to count and handle money without incident is a skill im very proud  to have mastered.
Customer Service
Efficiency in customer service is the key to success. The skills that are involved in customer service are Communication, Problem solving, patience, Good listening, and Time management. From years of working in places where direct contact with people is imperative I have mastered all of the above.


My primary goal is to find a sales job/ career that i truly enjoy that can provide financial stability with the  opportunity to grow.


I have many interest and hobbies that i like to do to keep me occupied, my top interest are Reading, writing music, drawing, exercising, and helping others learn how to effectively use social networking to enhance there internet presence.