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Pasco CNA Prep

Dec 2015Dec 2015

Medical Tech/CNA Course Hour Completion/HHA/CPR/HIV Blood borne Pathogens 

Technical School which gives you the knowledge to take the state CNA Test, Work as a Home Health Aide, Medical Technician , use CPR and be certified in HIV/Bloodborne Pathogens 

Institute of Technology

Sep 2008Dec 2008

Certified Nursing Assistant/Home Health Assistant/CPR Certified

Technical school in which the skills needed to know to become a CNA were taught and tested, as well as for a Home Health Aide, and CPR was taught and were certified when we graduated.

Spectrum School of Ministry

Aug 2004Dec 2006

Associates of Arts Degree in Theology

Completed 52 Credits at accredited theology college and earned an Associate's Degree.  The course of my two year studies included intensive studies of the chapters in the bible, Christian Therapy, Counseling, Family Units as I wanted to pursue a career in Family or Individual Counseling

International Academy of Merchandising and Design

Aug 1999Jul 2000

24 Credits

Studied the profession of merchandising management. I only completed 24 credits, after attending the school I realized I thought it would be a different type of job than it would have been.  I studied fabrics, sewing, fashion, business analysis. 

St Petersburg College

Aug 1995Jul 1996

General Studies  26 Credits

Began my college studies here from high school, so the basic classes were required.  I only completed two semesters in this school, I Iwas working three jobs trying to make it.  I did take general courses such as Business Analytics, Renassiance History, Speech, Math, etc. 


I am a former business owner in the financial/real estate/mortgage industry by the age of 24, when the financial crisis occurred I lost the company and the large salary. I retrained as a Certified Nursing Assistant and worked in a nursing home.  It changed my life, I no longer looked to material things as happiness, the patients I cared for showed me life was precious and I found my passion, to care for those who are unable due to illness, disease, or old age the way they used to.  I enjoyed going to work each day even thought the work was hard, caused physical pain and I barely made it with the money I was paid.  But, I loved seeing my patients smile, I enjoyed assisting them in whatever each individual needed some were bed bound and some could get up and move around, each needed specialized care.  It gave me a purpose, something to be proud of.  The fact that I made a difference in someone who really needed its life.  That is why I am seeking to find employment as a Home Health Technician where I can have the priviledge to go into someone's home and assist them through whatever illness, or health problem they are having.  I am willing to work any hours, any days, weekends, holidays, overnight stays, and am considering live in caretaking.  I am a compassionate, caring, loving, gentle person and it's those qualities in my personality that I believe make myself to be a great caretaker,  As well as the fact that I have been a caretaker for my grandmother who had strokes, seizures, and dementia during her last years with us, I also was injured severely and had to learn to walk again 3 years in a row, which took a total of 8 months to walk again on my feet without any assisted device.  I was in a wheelchair, then a walker, then a cane then my feet.  I needed a caretaker to help me shower to do things I was depressed I couldn't do on my own at the age of 22.  So I also understand how it feels emotionally to loose your sense of independence.  The physical aliments are evident but the emotional effects are just as impactful to some.  So I ask you to give me a chance to show you I am a excellent caretaker, I am reliable, dependable, a hard worker, ethical, a team player, I follow the rules, and I love this profession.  Please let me contribute myself and talents to assisting those who need it.

Work History

Joshua Moberly


Home Health Care Specialist

Assisting Mr. Moberly, a quadriplegic gentleman whom I work with providing Home care.  I assist the patient with daily care needed.

Life Care Centers, Inc.

Jan 2009Aug 2009

Certified Nursing Assistant

Assisted residents with their own individual needs from hygiene/grooming to helping client into the shower and assisting with the shower.  Changing clothing, assisting resident out of bed to either get into a wheelchair, to their walker, cane, or just their feet if no device was necessary.  Residents who were bed bound, linens were changed while moving patient and disrupting as least as possible, bed pans would be brought to them, patient would be moved frequently to prevent bed sores.  I would assist with basically anything the resident needed within my training and abilities.  Building friendly relationships with the resident is always a positive thing for both the nursing assistant and resident.  And include family members if they are able to and willing. The goal in my training is to make sure all hygiene, medical, comfort, social with other residents, eating properly and of course their personal well being is properly being paid attention to and what would make their day a little easier and happier is a wonderful thing to be able to give to someone.

New Horizons Group Title and Trust, LLC

Jan 2005Mar 2008

Vice President, Executive Management, Operational Director

Oversaw three offices  and made sure they were running smoothly, I handled all finances for all offices, the Escrow Account (multiple millions of dollars  going in and out daily and had to balance daily), the Operating Account (Profits), and Expense Account (Bills/Payroll/Partners Bonus).  Reviewed and signed all Title Insurance Policies as the licensed Agent for the State of Florida, Marketing with prospective clients, Problem Solving, Travelling from office to office sometimes daily, Worked from 8am to 9pm most days.  I was the everything of the company, I had hired 8 employees, training them as well.  Preparing closing documents, dealing with clients, customers, brokers, realtors and always found a way to make them happy.  Stress filled job but I was excellent at it.

Alamo Title Company, Inc.

Jun 1995Jan 2006

Title Insurance Processor then promoted to  Executive Management

I began as a title insurance processor which entailed answering phones, preparing documents with Microsoft and Prime Time, Copying Documents, Prime Documents, Client Relations.  I was then promoted in 1998 to Executive Manager in which I was responsible for the office of 20 employees running smoothly with each person having 15 clients to handle, I was the main marketer taking clients to lunch and recruiting new business, I managed all financial aspects of the company the Escrow Account which had millions going out and in daily, the Operating Account, and Expense Account where payroll and bills were paid from.  I was a licensed title agent for the State of Florida so I had to review every title insurance commitment and policy before sent, I prepared closing documents if needed, travelled all across Florida if needed to perform closings.





Rusty Allen Martin


Retired from the Air Force after 25 years as well as the U.S. Postal Service


Georgia Haus

Family Friend- 34 Years


Jennifer Preuss-Nemitiz

Personal Friend 38 Years

Business Owner



Steven Sposonski

Personal Friend 16 Years

Peer Counselor at a Rehabilitation Center


Melissa Jennings

-Personal Friend- 8 months

Nail Box, Independent Stylist



 As I am working I am going to be going back to school as a Patient Care Technician and eventually a Registered Nurse.  So this is my field of work and I would love to make a excellent impression so I have continued opportunities in the future.

Leadership and Teamwork - Rating Relative Strength- 9.5

I am flexible in all work positions as well as co-workers in any situation, the ability to adjust and adapt to unexpected circumstances. I have been in a strong leadership role in my prior occupations which has taught me problem solving skills, dealing with clients and other parties.

Schedule Orientated

I am a hard working professional. I take pride in completing tasks within time constraints either dictated or provided by the client.

Excellent Task Completion - Rating of Strength- 9

I will work until the job and/or the patient is satisfied with the care/task that I performed.  From start to completion I strive to insure the task is completed quickly and efficiently and timely manner.

Proficient Computer Abilities- Rank 10

Ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Drive, Outlook, Google, Gmail, Yahoo, Spreadsheets, Adobe, Banking, Ability to type 45 words per minute.

Self Starter- Relative Strength 8.5

I am able to start and complete tasks with little or no supervision.  I am self motivated, and take pride in any task presented to me.

Client Relations                  Rating My Strength -8

Ability to work under pressure in stressful situations while maintaining a quality and professional relationship with the client/employer.


Pasco CNA Preparation

Dec 2015Dec 2017

Medical Technician 

Certified and licensed to assist with medications. 

American Heart Institute

Dec 2015Dec 2017


Certified to perform CPR

Pasco CNA Preparation

Dec 2015Dec 2017

Home Health Assistant

Certified to be a caregiver at a resident's home who needs assistance of some kind.

Pasco CNA Preparation

Dec 2015Dec 2017

Certified Nursing Assistant- Completion and Pass of the Course Requirements

That I have completed the necessary hours to take the state of Florida test to be Certified with the State of Florida as a Nursing Assistant.

Pasco CNA Preparation

Mar 2016Mar 2016

HIV/BloodBorne Pathogens


I am available to begin working today.  I am eager to begin working.  I will work any day, any hours, including nights, I will do overnight stays, and possibly live in care giving.   I can only work 25 hours total a week right now, and will be continuing my education, my ultimate goal in life is to become a Registered Nurse, not neces,sarily change jobs my heart and loyalty is in home health care and assisted living.

home conditions

I do not have a problem at all if you smoke in your home.

I do not have a problem if you have a cat or a dog living in your home. I can take care of them too.

I will prepare meals, I will need input on what your preferences are and it is no problem.

I can drive you to doctor appointments, errands, shopping for the home.

I can and will do house cleaning as long as you give me permission to clean in the particular area.