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Brandefined, a marketing and brand management company, works specifically with small companies to enhance their brands. In the past, only large companies could afford the sophisticated techniques that marketing giants use to project client companies’ images and commercial identities to customers and the wider world. Now, Brandefined brings these same methods to smaller companies and helps them conquer their share of the market. Brandefined’s first specialty is employing search engine strategies to help clients communicate their message to people who may already be interested in the product or service. That way, clients are not wasting money advertising to inappropriate audiences. Brandefined's team knows exactly how to find the right audiences on the web by using search engines and then how to utilize this knowledge to send messages to their target audience. The next strategy Brandefined uses to help its clients is social media branding. As many clients know, the world of social media is constantly changing and the next big site can arrive before you even know about the last one! Brandefined’s team stays up-to-date on the latest technologies and sites for customers, so they do not have bother themselves with it. The Brandefined team then makes sure clients have a large presence on new and popular sites, allowing them a head start in reaching their customers. In addition to helping Brandefined clients target their message to the right audience, Brandefined also specializes in helping them create their brand and content. Brandefined’s team of graphic designers can help create an image for a company that is fresh, striking, and appropriate. This is true whether it is a new logo or an updated Facebook page. Brandefined will also help clients with their content, writing and editing messages that are clear, effective, and appropriate. The company’s team of experienced, web-savvy strategists offers comprehensive solutions to meet any small business’s need.

Brandefined - Social Media Management for Businesses

For small business owners who are not social-media experts, maintaining a strong online presence that appeals to the business’s current fan base and potentially reaches new customers may seem like a daunting task. They might be unsure of what types of content interests users, or they might have difficulty constantly coming up with fresh, new updates to maintain interest in their product or service. In other cases, a business owner understands the social-media scene but prefers to spend their time focusing on other aspects of their business.Brandefined, a firm that offers branding solutions for small businesses, works with owners to help develop and manage an online presence. With the goal of developing content that is consistent with the client’s strategy and viewpoint, a copy writer works with the client to determine topics that appeal to the target market. By writing content and posting it to social media and blog sites on a regular basis, Brandefined aims to help business owners excel at this important part of business marketing.

Brandefined Facebook Ad Case Study

Brandefined, an advertising firm in Beaverton, Oregon, is one of many such companies tasked with increasing web traffic for various online clients. One of its major projects involved boosting site traffic for a bed-and-breakfast inn that offers private cottages and cabins in Berlin, Ohio, a city in the heart of Amish Country. To do this, Brandefined targeted 44,000 interested Facebook users and sent several ads per day to 26,000 of them. The result was 503,000 total ads delivered, 639 clicks to the client’s main site, and a 172 percent increase in fan growth on the business’s Facebook page.Three different content themes were employed for the initial ad. One targeted the inn and its amenities, a second focused on Amish Country, and a third promoted elopements. Analysis showed that the Amish category was the most successful, and as such, the firm duplicated it in order to direct traffic to the client’s website and Facebook page. The company decided on a regional focus for the campaign, since most of the client’s business came from couples driving from Ohio or surrounding states. The final ads produced by Brandefined centered on things that could interest couples within the region, specifically activities in Amish Country.