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Throughout my career I've gotten the opportunity to provide my experiential marketing talent to various businesses, including my own. Time and time again I've seen my strategy of creating a firm connection, an experience for the consumer, succeed as the best way to draw their attention to a brand.

Brand Ambassador Work


Rocky Mountain Regional Manager

Modern Paradigm Marketing

Organizing demos by working with stores and overseeing several BA's to make sure everything is ready to go and the events can be executed.


Brand Ambassador


Brand Ambassador


Brand Ambassador

MM Local

Brand Ambassador

Temple Turmeric

Super League

Action Squad Team Lead, Emcee

Ran a team of three BA's and managed an event where kids came and competed in a series of massive multiplayer games of Minecraft.

Non-BA Work History

Apr 2014May 2015

Team lead

  • Promoted our company to consumers via in person sales and online walkthroughs of 
  • Trained a team of representatives and managed their work productivity to make sure our vendors company was meeting AT&T corporate sales goals.
Sep 2012Jun 2014


IColor NY
  • Managed between 5-10 employees, building their schedules and tracking their output to maintain strong growth in the business.
  • Ran local events for brand promotion and all social media.
Jun 2011Aug 2012

Chief Marketing Officer

Börr Creations
  • Created marketing campaigns and obtained bids from investors for new product start up capital.
  • Set up events and coordinated the schedules for our own brand ambassadors to create brand awareness.


Oct 2011Jun 2012

Entreprenuership and marketing

SUNY Geneseo

While in high school I was given the opportunity to also attend SUNY Geneso as part of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, a program to help spur the growth of small business in the local economy. In this program we were trained by local industry leaders in marketing and business management.