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Work experience

Apr 2008Present

Mill Manager

Arender Sawmill and Logging

Perform multiple duties including buying and selling timber.  Responsible for scheduling employees and supervising them during working hours.  Also, duties include operating a hydraulic saw to cut 8'x8' hardwood timbers.  Supervise the operation of a chip mill and perform various other duties.

Jun 2006Apr 2008

Owner/Lead Carpenter

Boykin Roofing and Construction

Owner and operator of personal roofing and construction company.  Specialized in metal roofs, home additions, and remodeling. 

Aug 1993Jan 2007


Boykin Farms

Owned and operated a poultry farm which consisted of 3 growing houses.  Voted grower of the year four different times. 

Jun 2005Jun 2006

Maintenance Superintendant, Oil Production Supervisor

Partridge Raleigh

 Supervised maintenance of three production oil wells.  Tested and monitored outputs to meet EPA standards.

Jun 2005Aug 1999


J and H Roofing and Construction

Supervised various projects including roofs, remodeling construction with fire damage, and designing and building various houses and buildings from the ground up.

Aug 1988May 1999


Tadlock Stockyards

Numerous duties including running special sales, tagging livestock, loading and unloading trucks.  Hauled animals for various buyers from the North East and Central Texas areas.


May 1992Present

High School Diploma

Sylva-Bay Academy

Graduated with highest honors.  Voted Mr. SBA by student body, received academic awards in chemistry, physics, advanced math, geometry, and algebra II.  Also received numerous athletic awards including most valuable defensive player in football, most valuable defensive player in basketball, made the all state team in basketball for MPSA athletic association, and voted most valuable player for track team.  Served as student council vice-president and a member of the FCA.  Served as president of the Honor Society. 

Jan 2009Present

Aug 1992Feb 1993

William Care University


Hello, I am Brance Boykin and I am a 34 year old native of Raleigh, MS.  I have lived there my entire life.  I am currently a part time student at Jones County Junior College, and I run a local saw mill.  I am also self-employed as a cattle farmer and carpenter.  I am now happily married (yes, it took me many years to get here) to my best friend from high school, Cisly.  I have a 7 year old daughter Bree whom I adore and a 6 year old step-daughter Ivey.  When I am not working, I spend as much time with my family as I can.  My wife and I also are crop farmers in the summer.  Last year we grew and sold over 10,000 smith county watermelons.  After many years of self-employment, I now realize the importance of a college education.  Once I finish JCJC, I plan to attend a local university and complete a degree in education.  I would like to teach chemistry and possibly coach basketball, baseball, and/or football.


My biggest interest is spending time with my wife and children.  I enjoy hunting and fishing.  Believe it or not, I also enjoy carpentry work.  I love to build and create things.  Right now, I am building a multi-level deck for  a friend. I grew up on a farm, therefore, I can't help but love animals especially my horse Blaze.  My summers are filled with cutting and bailing hay and working on our crop farms.  We grow and sell watermelons, tomatoes, okra, squash, and various other produce.  I also enjoy coaching my daughers' baseball team.  I grew up working with my dad and spending almost every waking minute with him, and I try to do the same with my children.

Written In Memory of My Little Brother

"Why Did You Have to Go?"

Seasons Come and Seasons Go

But Time Away From You Goes So Slow

I Remember Your Spirit

I Remember Your Smile

Not a Day Goes by That I Do Not Cry

And Make a Wish That I Could Turn Back Time

Sometimes I Let my Anger Fly at Everyone

Even God for Taking My Little Brother

Why? Is the Question

Silence. Is the Answer

But Deep Inside My Heart Knows

I Must be Patient till I can be With You.

Written in Memory of Breland Boykin

June 29, 1980-October 16, 1995


Once I complete my degree at JCJC, I plan to attend  William Carey University or Mississippi State in Meridian.  I plan to receive a bachelor's degree in science education with an emphasis in chemistry.  After completing my undergraduate degree, I would like to pursue a graduate degree in administration.  I would like to gain experience in the classroom before I take an administrative position.  I feel this experience would give me a deeper knowledge of what struggles and problems classroom teachers face. 

My Family