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As part of my high school career, I have rigorously prepared myself for a field of work in the field of computer science and computer networking through a combination of Advanced Placement classes and CTE classes, primarily Computer Systems I, II, and III. An additional benefit of taking the computer classes listed above is that, with the knowledge I gain in these classes, I am preparing for the A+ and Network+ exams. By passing these exams while still in high school, I could earn a job paying about $30,000 a year shortly after my graduation. My work-related goal involves avidly pursuing an IT career at a major technical firm such as NASA, Huntington Ingalls Industries, or Lockheed Martin.


Sep 2010Present

Heritage High School

Having transferred from Warwick, I quickly overcame my uneasiness about attending a new school, thanks to warm, inviting, and even humorous teachers who made me feel at home. The magnet program I enrolled in, the Engineering and Technology Magnet, placed heavy emphasis on technology, academics, community service, and college preparation. Fortunately, the workload of AP classes I took there matched up to my expectations. I even managed to further develop my social skills and make plenty of amiable acquaintances in the AP programs with whom I could discuss my life events and problems.

Sep 2008Jun 2010

Warwick High School

During my two years at Warwick High School, I first tasted a glimpse of the arduousness of college courses through the PreDiploma Programme, a preparatory program intended to ready candidates for the world-renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Although I did not continue on into the IB program, I gained valuable time-management and work-study skills from this program taught mostly by no-nonsense teachers. Furthermore, I became exposed to various cultural backgrounds as part of the diversity of Warwick's student body, encountering students from Iran, South Korea, Brazil, and even Nepal.

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Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint
Over the past few years, I have spent a considerable amount of time developing my skills with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, including the ability to manipulate fonts, create tables and graphs effectively displaying data in Excel, working with animations in PowerPoint, and experimenting with various designs of PowerPoint slides.