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An energy industry professional with extensive experience in management and investment, Brahim Wakeem is an influential leader within Australia’s natural resources market. Mr. Wakeem has worked in several arenas within the energy industry since 1995, including upstream project development, industry-specific development of support businesses, and new joint venture energy development. Along with his work in the petroleum industry, Mr. Wakeem is currently exploring strategy options with unconventional natural gas extraction and is interested in pursuing ventures in sustainable energy. Brahim Wakeem entered the energy industry after years of experience in a number of entrepreneurial ventures that afforded him the opportunity to develop his management and leadership skills. In conjunction with property-based investments in the energy and commercial sectors, he worked in a family business conglomerate with primary interests in Saudi Arabia. In 1995, Brahim Wakeem founded Worldwide Oil and worked to build a business infrastructure that would eventually compete with established energy corporations in Australia by providing competing and constituent energy-related businesses. In 2003, Mr. Wakeem established UC Gas Group, a multimillion-dollar project that sought to acquire a private energy company. His role in the acquisition resulted in a successful exit from the company, which was eventually listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. In 2005, Brahim Wakeem was named Chief Executive Officer and Director of Australia Petroleum, an incorporated company that works oil and natural gas exploration, recovery, and production. As CEO, he is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company and the expansion of current business into new markets. Along with his role at Australia Petroleum, he is Senior Director of Australian Gas Group, a company that has worked to expand natural gas production from both conventional and unconventional sources in the Middle East and in Australia.

Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Senior Director

Australian Gas Group Pty Ltd.
Jan 2005Present

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Australia Petroleum Pty Ltd.
Jan 2003Jan 2005


UC Gas Group
Jan 1993Jan 2003

Founder and Managing Director

Worldwide Oil Pty Ltd