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Welcome, to my ePortfolio! This web page contains all my past accomplishments, strengths and personal traits. I go into detail about my short and long term goals, values, missions, and visions. Having traveled most of my life, I have been blessed by being introduced to different cultures which helps me relate better with people from all over the world.

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: Finish all my schooling with above average grades so I can obtain a job with a respective police agency. To use that education that I received to emphasize my dedicated, hard working and honest demeanor. Be a leader in the community, also somebody people can look up to, and come to for help.

Vision: To become a family man, raise a family and be an active member in my community. To help out people in need and be there for my friends and family. I hope with my positive attitude and leadership ability I can be a leader in my community, either by coaching the local football team or mowing my neighbor's grass when he is not at home. I want to be the guy people come to if they have concerns or personal issues they need help with. Be there day in and day out for my family and friends never be too self absorbed not to be there for them.

Values: I strongly believe in honesty, loyalty, dedication, friendship, and family. In my opinion positive work environments lead to happy employees. I value hard work and dedication  to help create a positive work environment that is fair to everybody.  i believe in treating people how I would like to be treated.


Short term: Finish my diploma for Criminal Justice - Policing at Lethbridge College. Find a good paying job and pay off all my student loans. While doing so apply at some Police forces and get my name out there. Then hopefully get hired on at a police service in a nice city that I can one day call home.


Long term: Build or buy a house in a nice area where I can raise a family. Become a well respected and active member of my community. Become a leader in my area of work and hopefully pass on my positive and energetic personality to my co workers. I have always be drawn to the K9 and SWAT departments and would love one day to be apart of one of them if not both.


Jan 2014Dec 2015

Criminal Justice - Policing

Lethbridge College
  • Criminal Justice - Policing Diploma
  • Extensive knowledge of Canadian criminal law
  • Practice in modern policing techniques
  • Experiences in disabilities, ethical dilemmas, and diversity issues


Sep 2008Jun 2012

High school Diploma

Michael A. Riffel

Work experience

Jul 2014Aug 2014

Maintenance Engineer

Long Creek Railroad
  • Railroad maintenance
  • Demonstrated good team work skills
  • Changed Railway crossings
  • Conducting the Train


Oct 2012Feb 2013

Apprentice Insulator

Fuller Austin
  • Manual labor
  • Cutting and shaping insulation
  • Covering pipes with insulation
  • Helping my journeyman
Sep 2009Jun 2012

Bus Boy

Golfs Steakhouse
  • Refilling water glasses constantly
  • Cleaning the kitchen at the end of the night
  • Polishing silverware

Volunteer Experience

Sep 2009Jun 2012

Best Buddies

Michael A. Riffel High
• Guide and mentor fellow students suffering from a mental disability outside and during school hours • Taking them on field trips • Fundraising money for the program
Sep 2009Jun 2012

Jean Vanier swim

Michael A. Riffel High school
• Swimming with kids with disabilities • Supervising and keeping watch • Playing and having a good time
Aug 2011Oct 2011

Football Coach

Dinos RMF
• Help coach the Offensive line • Teach kids the proper stances • Help teach kids to tackle properly


Fluent in German
Eight years living in Austria, and attending an their schools
Proficient in Canadian criminal law
Two years spend studying Criminal Justice at Lethbridge College
I am very easy to get along with


    • Camping, Fishing,
    • Hunting, Traveling,
    • Sports, Football, Swimming



Mr. Rob Harvey | Associate Regional Director General of Aboriginals affairs and northern development Canada

Cell: 1(306) 537.4592 | Email: [email protected]

Mr. Glenn Pohle | Manager and Engineer Long Creek Railroad

Cell: 1(306) 681.4304 Email: [email protected]

Mr. Todd Strueby | Sergeant Regina City Police

Cell: 1(306) 550.1341 Email: [email protected]