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Work experience

Apr 2010Present

CTO / Advisory Board

Carr & Associates, Inc.

Spearheading development of core technology transformation initiatives focused on enhanced functionality and scalability.Created business operations and organizational model in support of an aggressive and strategic sales and market penetration roadmap defining rational growth metrics to achieve desired valuation, equity and exit strategy/succession planning goals.

Took ownership of technology solutions development initiative injecting structured best practices controls to achieve significant improvements in project pace, quality and overall outcomes. Leveraged industry knowledge and extensive network to establish the foundational elements to pursue realistic revenue growth and valuation targets.

Leveraged industry knowledge and extensive network to establish the foundational elements to achieve realistic revenue growth and valuation targets.

Jan 2011Present

Chief Information Officer


Recruited by the private equity firm and BOD to implement comprehensive changes and implement corrective course changes in the IT domain.Led complete re-structure and extensive re-calibration of entire technology project suite and delivered on all key Information Technology initiatives – on time, on spec and on budget – with no disruption.

C-level ownership and accountability of all IT technology assets.Strategy and mission critical project initiatives accountability with a span of influence over a $600M business enterprise.

Conducted extensive and deep discovery and evaluation efforts.Implemented radical IT practice changes across the board, including the replacement of existing offshore 3rd party technology solutions firm negotiating an exit package that saved the company over $20,000 in outstanding payables.

Function as the organization and industry Subject Matter Expert.Managed all facets of a highly complex software integration and data warehouse / BI initiative holding all parties to the highest levels of accountability and delivery.Project completed ahead of schedule through the implementation of software architecture and operational best practices delivering beyond expectations in terms of schedule, scope, performance, scalability and usability.

Created a powerful, best of breed, industry leading technology platform realizing the vision of a tightly integrated technology ecosystem enabling the delivery of demanding industry specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) – essential data and metrics to pave the way for strategic relationships that have significant financial upside to the corporate and franchisee operations.

Mar 2009Present

Professional Executive IT and Business Operations Consultant

Gerhson Lehrman Group / Guidepoint Global / CognoLink

Gerson Lerhman, Guidepoint Global and CognoLink are international primary research firms linking industry subject matter experts with business and institutional investment clients.

Ongoing consulting engagements as an industry thought leader with primary focus in offering essential, timely and relevant expertise in the areas of technology and healthcare IT.

Mar 2009Jan 2011

Technology / Business Operations Consultant

Quest Diagnostics, Inc. (NYSE: DGX)

Delivered comprehensive, high visibility, strategic audit of the business unit operations and technology infrastructure, delivering on time and on budget.Recommendations for the $200M LOB set the stage for transformational changes positioning the business unit for strategic growth and market competitiveness.

Produced a technology plan mapping a course of action that reduced current annual technology spend by over $1,000,000 / year, establish internal ownership and control, and support rapid expansion of business opportunities.

Lead ongoing business unit efforts to accelerate technical integration of key accounts into the Quest electronic event ordering and reporting solution.Transformed business relationship approach delivering high impact completion of major initiatives – exceeding expectations for client satisfaction/retention, service, and financial impact.

Jun 2000Feb 2009

Chief Information Officer

Provided experienced leadership for technology innovation and commercializing an industry changing solutions portfolio.Recognized as the Subject Matter Expert and go-to person for all technology matters.

Created the framework and detailed operational processes to scale the entire technology operations from start up, proof of concept, to maturity supporting over $60,000,000 in revenues, and achieving valuation in excess of $120,000,000.

Established business processes and controls ensuring regulatory and information security compliance, clearing client requirements to green light the acquisition of over $10,000,000 in new business.

Led flawless re-engineering of software solutions and network/server/storage infrastructure delivering ahead of schedule and 20% under budget, saving >$100,000 in billable expenses.

Delivered 99% running average systems and network uptimes by driving intensive data center initiatives to ensure compliance with client and business partner Service Level Agreements.

Significant contributor to the design (firmware, form factor and function) of an FDA approved patented, proprietary In-Vitro diagnostic medical device and product solution.Chosen for the MD+DI (Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry) Medical Device Excellence Award upon market release.

Filed a patent (co-holder) for the Electronic Custody and Control System for Human Assay Test Samples (US Patent No. US2004/0033501), the cornerstone component of the eScreen proprietary technology solutions.

Oct 1997Jun 2000

Director Information Technology

Regional Investment Company

Re-designed and positioned the entire technology environment preparing the company to initiate the exit strategy process. Successfully achieved this objective, maximizing stakeholder equity and value.

Created comprehensive technology plan to drive replacement of legacy AS/400 based systems and applications to meet regulatory Y2K readiness requirements, saving over $100k in upgrades and development costs.

Aligned technology with strategic corporate objectives enabling 20%+ year over year sales growth


Skills Inventory
Technology Strategy  |  Business Process Re-Engineering  |  Start-Up, Turnaround Leadership  |  Medical Device Manufacturing (510k, GMP)  |  HMR / Practice Management  |  Clinical Software Solutions Development  |  Clinical & Toxicology Lab Technology  |  Information Security, Regulatory Compliance  |  Quality Assurance  |  Business Continuity, High Availability Solutions  |  Project Management (PMI Methodologies / Agile) SDLC  |  ITIL Governance  |  Enterprise CRM / SFA Solutions  |  Data Center Design & Operations  | CapEx / OPEx Budget Management  Outsourced / Offshore Resource Management  |  International Operations  |  Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence   Business Analytics (SAP)  |  Risk Management  |  Business Recapitalization  |  Vendor Relationship & Contracts Expertise    



Vice President of the Kansas City Chapter, BMW Car Club of America.  Performance driving events, teen safe driving schools, charity car shows.

Boy Scouts of America, Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 92, Leawood, KS.  Eagle Scout.

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Industry Insights

About Me

Volunteer / Community Service

Charity / Community Service Activities

Blue Valley School District Board of Education

Johnson County, Kansas

Appointed Patron Member of the Technology Advisory Committee

The Blue Valley Unified School District is one of the major school districts in the Kansas City Metropolitan area.  The district's operating budget is >$142M, with a student population of over 21,000, with certified, classified and administrative staff exceeding 3,300.  Blue Valley has been consistently ranked as one of the best school districts in the United States.

Board of Education Advisory Committees are formed by the Board of Education for the purpose of seeking advice and providing widespread involvement in issues affecting the district.This committee reviews, advises and recommends strategic and tactical plans to implement and use technology in all areas of district operations.

The work of the Technology Advisory Committee is focused primarily on three areas:

§ Provide input and advise the Board in the development of the district's technology plan.

§ Assist in identifying the resources necessary for implementation of the technology plan, including both capital and operating budget resources.

§ Provide oversight in the implementation of the technology plan and will advise the Board regarding plan implementation and modifications.

Executive Service Corps of Greater Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri

Board of Directors / Volunteer Business and IT Executive Consultant

ESC offers management consulting to help Greater Kansas City nonprofit organizations to better accomplish their missions by providing high quality, experienced resources.

§ Multiple ongoing engagements including evaluation and assessment of not for profit business plans, financial analysis, board development, leadership mentoring, technology implementation, utilization, and security.

§ Brokered the acquisition of donated computer systems to complete the Kansas City Missouri Police Department’s PALS (Police Athletic League) computer lab facility benefitting inner city children.


To apply my skills and experiences gained through my previous engagements in the engineering, financial services, laboratory, healthcare, medical device manufacturing and consumer/retail industries.My objective is to have the opportunity to contribute as a senior business and technology leader, strategist and visionary with an organization that will benefit from my highly developed leadership competencies, professionalism and commitment to success.


Brad Rein is a technical and business centric executive with proven expertise in building world-class, highly productive IT operations and technical solutions. He is skilled in spearheading ground up initiatives, and optimizing existing systems environments to create strategic and valuable enterprise processes to drive organizational revenue and profit growth.

 His broad background as a senior executive includes over 25 years of leadership experience in private equity startup ventures, to large domestic/international companies. His engagements have been primarily focused in high growth, strong return businesses with key roles in Information Technology.

Mr. Rein has extensive experience in establishing vision and business strategy, building and managing IT project teams and initiatives, with depth and mastery of key technology areas. His accomplishments demonstrate the ability to fuse technology expertise with strong business acumen, driving continuous innovation. He has expanded operational and product capabilities, boosting market position and supporting growth objectives through strategy development and tactical implementation.

Mr. Rein is currently serving as Chief Information Officer for CARSTAR, Inc. where he is implementing extensive core technical and business transformations in the IT domain. His successes to date include delivery on all key corporate technology initiatives, establishing a foundation of accountability, best practices.  He has created momentum to accelerate the delivery of high value business intelligence and business analytics projects in an SAP technology environment.

One of the key outcomes from his experienced leadership is the creation of a powerful suite of best of breed, industry leading technology solutions in support of the corporate need and vision for a tightly integrated system that supports and enables the capture, processing and delivery of demanding industry specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). These data points and metrics are essential in paving the way for the essential strategic relationships that drive the primary revenue opportunities for the business.

He also is serving as acting CTO and a member of the Advisory Board for Carr & Associates, Inc., a technology based assessment screening company in the industrial/occupational psychology industry. Under his leadership the entire core technology infrastructure was transformed driven by an overriding strategic vision of enhanced functionality and scalability with business focus on sales and market penetration strategies. Mr. Rein is leveraging his extensive experience in this space and establishing strategic business structure and definition.

Under his guidance the firm is developing new and innovative applications of the businesses technology solutions focused on technological readiness. The roadmap sets in motion rational and achievable growth metrics with a clearly defined equity and M&A exit strategy upside.

Prior to his current professional career engagements, Mr. Rein was actively engaged in high visibility, strategic initiatives for Quest Diagnostics, Inc. (NYSE DGX), a $9+ Billion diagnostic laboratory services enterprise. As a professional business and technology executive consultant, he successfully completed a comprehensive business operations and technology solutions evaluation, audit and discovery with the objective of transforming and positioning the business vertical for strategic growth and market competitiveness.

Part of the objective and deliverable with Quest was a highly detailed technology roadmap that upon successful implementation will enable the business unit to reduce current annual spend for technology solutions development, maintenance and support by over $1,000,000 / year, and create a re-structured solutions portfolio to support rapid expansion of business opportunities.

He also led ongoing business unit efforts to accelerate technical integration of key accounts into the Quest electronic event ordering and reporting solution. His transformational business relationship approach resulted in the delivery of successful, high impact client initiatives - exceeding expectations for client satisfaction/retention, service, and financial impact.

As part of his efforts to serve the community in volunteer capacities, Mr. Rein gives his time as an appointed patron member of the Technology Advisory Committee for the Blue Valley School District Board of Education. He was recently re-appointed to a second two-year term on this committee. Additionally, he serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Executive Service Corps of Greater Kansas City. ESC offers management consulting to help Greater Kansas City nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organizations to better accomplish their missions by providing high quality, experienced resources.

Prior to his current career pursuits Mr. Rein served as Chief Information Officer of eScreen, Inc., an Overland Park, Kansas-based developer of innovative and revolutionary technology solutions and medical devices for the healthcare, workplace drug testing and background search industry. Mr. Rein joined eScreen in June of 2000 and transitioned to pursue new business ventures in February, 2009.

During his tenure with eScreen, Inc., Mr. Rein had executive level responsibility as Chief Information Officer for the business. In this role, he had full strategic and administrative responsibility for all IT operations, including software development, infrastructure, data center, technical support call center, information security, manufacturing operations, and IT staff (21). His successful execution of the technology strategy set the foundation to scale the company's growth from startup, to over $60M in revenues, and valuation exceeding $120M.

Before joining eScreen, Mr. Rein was Director of Information Technology for Regional Investment Company, a national banking and mortgage brokerage company. Mr. Rein was recruited in October, 1997 with the challenge of completely re-structuring the entire technology environment and prepare the company to initiate the exit strategy process. Mr. Rein accomplished the development of the company's business, sales, and production processes to achieve more productive, efficient and valuable use of information within the enterprise.

Mr. Rein received his Bachelor of Business Administration and MBA with an Information Systems concentration from Baker University. 


Excerpts from recommendations and endorsements on my LinkedIn profile

§ “Brad is a person that I have a great deal of respect for. He's one of the most unselfish and genuine people I've ever met. He has a wealth of experience behind his obvious business acumen in the areas of executive strategy and leadership.  "... Brad is one of the most natural collaborators I've known"

"...I've found that all others that know him share this opinion of him." 

"...The subjects he is most keen and insightful on are technology innovation and organizational leadership.”  

Business and professional colleague Naithan Jones.

§“Brad is an extremely capable and competent CIO. He is one of the few individuals I have met that can explain technology so anyone can understand. He is a hard worker and a valuable member to any organization. I highly recommend Brad to any company.”

Former colleague Bill Whitford

§“Brad is a business-savvy technology leader who demonstrated …the ability to rapidly build a high-profile technology team …”

Former direct report Dan Horsefield

§“...Brad is one of the most organized and effective technology leaders I have known. An excellent communicator who is trusted and respected by those around him… He possesses an insightful view of technology’s role in the growth of the enterprise and understands how to empower business leaders with the information needed to make timely and effective decisions.”

Former business consultant Michael Howell

§“… Brad's depth of technical knowledge, his integrity, his determination to develop technology solutions that result in enhancing business opportunities and revenue growth along with his strong work ethic make him an ideal member of any executive team. Brad is committed to excellence in whatever he does. His work ethic drives set a very high standard of excellence for himself and makes him a valuable asset to any company fortunate enough to hire him.”

Former colleague Laura Weber

Branding Statement

Proven executive with a reputation of exceptional leadership abilities that have been tested and validated by real world performance.Technical and business centric visionary with a history of delivering world-class, highly productive enterprise IT operations.I approach business problems through integrity and authentic leadership to deliver game changing solutions, while mitigating cost and risk.

Considerable knowledge of business-technology theory, business processes, management, and budgeting. Substantial exposure to innovative application development, business-IT strategy and tactical implementation of network / storage infrastructure, and enterprise technology solutions.

Demonstrated success in molding the culture of the groups that I have led to adopt an attitude focused on service and delivery, with the ability to communicate across the business, and the encouragement to challenge each other to be better - essential elements in creating a more business centric IT operation, resulting in dramatically better performance and service across the board.

I bring valuable experience in executive roles in private equity and start-up ventures, large domestic/international companies, not-for-profit and public sector service.


Certified Network Engineer (CNE)


Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)