Bradley Tirpak

  • Greenwich US-CT

Work experience

Work experience
2009 - Present

Portfolio Manager

Shareholder Advocates for Value Enhancement
2009 - Present

Portfolio Manager

Locke Partners
2003 - 2008

Portfolio Manager

Sigma Capital
2000 - 2003

Portfolio Manager

Caxton Associates
1997 - 2000

Vice President

Credit Suisse First Boston
1993 - 1997


Access Telecom


1991 - 1994


Georgetown University
1987 - 1991


Tufts University


Bradley Tirpak has led Locke Partners and Shareholder Advocates for Value Enhancement (SAVE) since 2009. 

SAVE is committed to enhancing long-term value for shareholders by advocating for improved corporate governance, efficient operations and aligning executive compensation with shareholder returns. SAVE was founded by Bradley Tirpak and Craig Thomas.

SAVE led an effort to enhance the governance practices of the Board of Directors at USA Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:USAT). SAVE has also led a successful vote to de-stagger the board at Comverge, Inc., (NASDAQ: COMV) and pushed for Comverge to seek strategic alternatives which eventually led to a sale of the company. SAVE spearheaded the nomination of a new Board of Directors at Direct Insite, Corp. (NASDAQ: DIRI) and brought in a new CEO, a new CFO, and a new VP of Sales. Since new management took over, DIRI has gone from shrinking double digits to growing double digits.

Prior to founding SAVE, Brad Tirpak was a portfolio manager at Credit Suisse, Caxton Associates, and Sigma Capital Management. Before he became a portfolio manager, Brad Tirpak founded Access Telecom, Inc., an international telecommunications company with operations in Mexico. He holds a MBA from Georgetown University and a BSME from Turfts University. 

Links and Publications

The Economist Ideas Economy


While speaking at the Economist Ideas Economy Forum, Portfolio Manager Brad Tirpak compares the electric utility industry in 2010 to the Newspaper Industry in 2000. He argues the heavily indebted utilities will face disruption from cheaper distributed technologies like solar and will face bankruptcy.

How to Dismantle a Financial Bomb


Published January 2011

In an Op-Ed in the Irish Independent, Portfolio Manager Brad Tirpak makes the case for significant Irish debt restructuring.

How Green is My Taxi


Published April 22, 2007

In an op-ed published in the New York Times, portfolio manager Bradley Tirpak and climate change expert Dennis Tirpak champion making New York City’s taxi fleet green.

Welcome Back to 1975 OP-ED CONTRIBUTION

Published January 1, 2009

Portfolio Manager Bradley Tirpak argues 2008 was a replay of the inflation induced recession of 1975. “During the 1974 stock market crash, Warren Buffet felt “like an oversexed guy in a harem” and advised that it “is the time to invest and get rich.” He recently (2008) penned similar advice with less flair in an op-ed in a family publication.”