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Bradley Heckner

Computer Technician, Food Service and Retail employee.

Work experience


Specialty Board and Prep cook

Burger king, 2624 Milton Ave, Janesville, WI 53545 (608) 754-0263

I made sandwiches, did dishes, took out trash, swept and mopped.

March 2016May 2016

Cat Breeder

Unoffical, Howardwick Texas.

Ask during interview for further details.

June 2016June 2016

Utility Preparation Cook

Golden Corral, 2701 Coors Blvd NW (505) 831-4607

I spent a month in Albuquerque where I was in charge of cleaning dishes and closing on some nights as well as the occasional extra tasks of cleaning off racks and refilling soda syrup bags.

Jan 2009Present

Freelance computer repair and technical support.

Self employed

In the interest of supplementary income I have been doing freelance computer building and repair since 2009. This includes a wide variety of functions from selecting the parts of and the building of custom computers based on the customer's needs and price range to fixing numerous problems on user's systems and setting up servers. The problems could be as simple as an external virus and malware scan to more complex matters such as fixing registry errors, driver troubleshooting, complete data backup and OS re-installation predominantly  on windows systems. These jobs usually came from word of mouth or the occasional craig'slist. I have acted as technical support for both private and commercial computer systems. I also have a 70 WPM type speed and am able to use Microsoft word, excel, power point and most programs given a short period of time to learn them.

Jul 2015Mar 2016


Biglots, 1800 Milton Ave, Janesville, WI 53545 (608) 752-1462 

I Assisted in the unloading and stocking of the weekly freight truck as well as furniture truck on some days. On others I operated the cash register, or I was in charge of sales in the furniture department and participated in store upkeep. I also assisted in money counting and handling. Customer service was a major facet of this position.

Jul 2013May 2015

Instock Associate

Walmart, 3711 South Taylor Drive, WI 53081 (920) 459-9410

I Assisted in the downstacking and stocking of freight and product zoning throughout the store, particularly the frozen section as I spent a year there as my primary zone. Other responsibilities of this position included maintenance, cart gathering, frequent customer service, and the restructuring/building of features. A year of this job was spent on day shift during which there was a much higher focus on customer service and feature reconstruction.


Prep/Specialty Board

Burger King

I handled Spec board for Burger King during rush hours mostly. I was also in charge of cleaning, washing dishes, taking out the trash ect.



High School Diploma

Sheboygan North High School, Wisconsin


Relation: Co-worker
Company: Walmart
Name: Julie Reisinger
Phone Number: (920) 889-9334

Relation: Manager,
Company: Biglots, Janesville
Name: Jason Knox
Phone Number: (608) 208-2851

Relation: Co-worker
Company: Walmart, Sheboygan
Name: Dylan Victory
Phone Number: (920) 254-3384

Relation: Manager
Golden Corral: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Name: Brian Pierce
Phone Number: (505) 831-4607


Technical Support

      From diagnostic services to preemptive support I've done just about everything that would be required in the commercial IT situation. Over the years I have seen and tackled everything from BIOS corrupting viruses to malware that would be irresponsible to mention. I have personally built over 20 personal computers as well as one for Taylor Drive Dental of Sheboygan as well as my own gaming rig. I can assure you that my approach to diagnostic IT work expands far past unplugging it and plugging it back in.

Customer Service

       The brick and mortar retail industry is synonymous with customer interactions. From simply helping helping find products to resolving hostile situations with customers, effective customer service ensures that our clients will keep coming back.