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Bradley Golden

Very hard worker and strives for the best in what I've been taught...



Bachelors Degree: Business Management & Administrations/ Project Management 

ITT-TECH of Memphis, TN
  • Was introduced to the wide discovery of Project Management and how one may better his/her self in a business situation.
  • Was given an opportunity to build my own project , which I did the full research on the new XBOX ONE and made the highest grade within the class.
  • Was introduced to 2012 MS Project Development. 

Associates Degree: Robotics & CEET  

ITT-TECH of Memphis, TN
  • Learned  fundamentals of building my own robot,  teaching myself on how to program it.
  • In CEET; I was taught how to repair any desktop computer, learned keywords on types of programs within MS Word; MS Powerpoint; and MS Excel.


Work experience