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Community Service

Vice President for Community Service - Delta Sigma Pi

  • Managed a budget of over $1300 to coordinate philanthropy projects for an organization with 100+ members
  • Planned 7 service events including a successful ice skating night for 60+ children from low-income families

Indiana University Dance Marathon

  • Designed and executed several small-scale fundraisers to help reach the goal of $1 million overall
  • Contacted 20+ large corporations to fund the marathon for Riley Children's Hospital and received a $2,500 donation from the College of Arts and Sciences

Natural Helpers

  • Led a retreat for my peers that focused on how to help others that may come to you with problems
  • Created several skits and activities to convey our message and to get participants thinking about how they could apply the techniques that we taught


Learning how to build websites and internet applications

Entrepreneurship and creating value within society

Playing sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf, table tennis, ultimate frisbee, football, baseball

Following professional sports and especially college basketball

Outdoor adventure activities such as kayaking, sky-diving, hiking, and rock climbing

Helping people and showing them better ways to do things

Reading - anything from business books to biographies to fiction.

Honors and Awards

  • Selected to prestigious Consulting Workshop 
  • 2 time champion Deloitte Case Competition
  • 3rd place out of over 200 teams in Target Case Competition
  • 4 time Intramural Champion and 2 time Athlete of the Year 
  • 2nd place in Discover Creativity Competition
  • Junior Member SRSA
  • William H. Lindley Participant Scholarship Recipient

About Me

I am entering my senior year at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business.  I am ambitious in the sense that I have a goal to start my own business, and I strive to be the best at everything I do.  I am a very laid-back person yet I am sure to always be assertive.  My biggest strength is my versatility as I have always been able to learn new skills very quickly.  I am a very competitive person.  My faith is very important to me and I am committed to it first and foremost.  I love a new challenge and I am always looking for the next one.



Work experience

Information Technology Leadership Program Intern

General Electric

My internship at GE Consumer and Industrial was an invaluable experience.  I took this internship with hopes of expanding my skill set and becoming more technically minded.  Not only did I gain technical skills, but I was able to learn new skills as a corporate change agent.  My role as an intern was to be an evangelist for the IT Help Desk.  Out of the hundreds of software applications being used by the company only a small percentage were supported by the IT Help Desk.  My project focused on meeting with the responsible analysts for the most business-critical applications and presenting my customized analysis of how the IT Help Desk would be beneficial for their application.  I spent a lot of my time analyzing the available data and slicing and dicing it to find insights into how the application support team could become more productive.  I then prepared those insights into a pitch that I took to the responsible analysts and I persuaded several to make major changes in their support structures.

I also completed various side projects such as designing a new metric to measure support teams' effectiveness, gathering data to assist with the package to show potential buyers of the business, and creating new automated charts for the support teams to track their progress more efficiently.

May 2007Aug 2007

Marketing Intern

In's and Out's
My experience at In's and Out's really showed me the variety of opportunities available in business. Business owner Jim Paglia is constantly engaged in multiple projects; some that are outside his core business, and I was able to take on several of these as my own.  

My first project dealt with Jim's best-selling pamphlet on volleyball.  I worked to update the booklet by researching the new rules and techniques that have changed in the 10 years since Jim had originally written the booklet.  

Next, I worked to design a marketing plan for a book that one of Jim's clients had written.  He had trouble selling the book and wanted some new ideas on how to sell his remaining inventory.  I prepared an Idea Map for his client that detailed all of the creative ideas I had for selling a book.  I also gave him specific recommendations on services to use and pricing for those services.

I also assisted Jim on one of his core business projects that dealt with a major university in Texas. My role in the project was to do a competitive analysis on advertising spending from all of the other universities in the area.  I researched both online and made phone calls to university administrators in order to obtain the necessary data for Jim to provide accurate recommendations to his client.

My biggest project of the summer was to create an entire marketing plan for a new business venture that Jim was looking to create.  From his personal experience, Jim realized that rain barrels were an effective way to conserve water and save money around the house.  He also found that the types of rain barrels currently being sold were generally not very good.  He had a new idea to construct rain barrels and wanted to launch this into a business.  My role in this new venture was to locate suppliers for the raw materials and then develop a marketing plan and website content.  I provided Jim with detailed reports of the lowest cost suppliers and developed copy that was attractive to consumers. One of my main goals in writing the content was to educate consumers on the concept of rain barrels since they are not widely known.  I also developed the wireframe and a rough layout for the site that was submitted to a professional web design firm to fully execute.

May 2007Aug 2007

Finance Intern

Lakeside Financial Group

I joined Lakeside Financial Group on a part-time basis to learn as much as I could from the business and also provide as much value as I could.  One aspect in which I was able to provide the most value was my knowledge of Microsoft Office products, specifically Excel and Powerpoint.  I found that I could build models and useful spreadsheets much easier than the Lakeside advisors.  My biggest goal in this position was to learn the industry and I was able to do that as well as learning some additional software to expand my skillset.

The software that I was able to learn was Zephyr Analytics.  This is a robust tool for financial advisors to track the holdings of their recommended 401(k) plans as well as provide detailed asset allocation advice for clients.  During my internship we took a 3 day trip to Tahoe, Nevada to visit with the Zephyr team and get hands-on training with their software.

I used Zephyr in combination with Excel to build an investment control sheet for a $30 million 401(k) plan that the advisors were able to easily update each time new data became available.  The sheet was designed to monitor the individual holdings and I set up key metrics for each type of fund.  The advisors wanted to know if each fund was meeting it's targets on various measurements such as 3 yr and 5 yr return and the Sharpe Ratio.  The sheet that I created was able to visually show which funds were meeting the target and which were falling behind.  If funds were falling too far behind then the advisors would recommend to the client that they may want to swap it with a better performing fund.

Lakeside Financial was given the opportunity to have individual meetings with employees at a private charter school to advise them on their situation given that the structure of their $15 million 401(k) plan was changing.  I designed an interactive spreadsheet that allowed each employee to enter in their specific information such as age and desired retirement savings that would then provide them with information on how much they needed to be contributing to their 401(k) plan or how many years they should work until retirement.  This tool was incredibly useful as many of the employees were able to see changes that they needed to make to their current lifestyle in order to help themselves in the future.  It was great to see that my project was able to have an impact of that magnitude.

I also created several presentations that were given to high net-worth clients to advise them on various things such as estate planning and asset allocation.

In's and Out's Deliverables

Lakeside Financial Deliverables

Brochure Design


Business Case Analysis/Critical Thinking
Took several classes that focused on case analysis and creating effective presentations.  I have experience conducting financial analysis as well as working through economic strategy issues and marketing problems.  Putting these major business functions together has been my major focus because I think that is what is needed to solve business problems.
HTML, CSS, Javascript, various web programming languages
Have taken introductory courses and spent time doing tutorials on my own to become more proficient in these areas.  This is something I am very passionate about and I am currently working to improve.
Six Sigma
Worked on a Six Sigma project within my internship at General Electric.  Comfortable applying the theory behind Six Sigma and using it to solve problems within an organization
Microsoft Office Products
Extremely Proficient in Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook and Word.  Comfortable applying complex concepts with these tools.  Fairly experienced with Access and Publisher.
Adobe Creative Suite 3
Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Illustrator, Flash   Most experience with Photoshop and InDesign, but very capable in using all programs within CS3

Final Four 2008 Program

Creative Work for Fun


Senior Member

Kelley Marketing X

Corporate Relations Committee

Indiana University Dance Marathon

Vice President of Events

Kelley Consulting Group

Director of Marketing

Student Recreational Sports Association


Intramural Sports Council

Vice President for Professional Events

Delta Sigma Pi

Student Business Associate

Sicard and Co.