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Courses Taught

Grades 5-8 Response to Intervention (RtI)-Mathematics

9th grade Algebra I

Regents Physics

Educational Philosophy

      My philosophy of teaching mathematics is primarily that the students use inductive reasoning to discover new ideas, as opposed to directly showing them. This will make my students analyze and think through the material. They will be able to remember the material better and also feel like they are taking control of their own learning. Moreover, I will talk about the history of mathematics and how certain aspects of mathematics, such as formulas, were derived. Equally important is utilizing technology and teaching literacy skills as part of my teaching strategy.                  I believe that guided instruction and focusing on concepts is more important than memorizing. It makes no sense to memorize formulas when in the real world formulas and other resources are available with easy access. Likewise, the important thing is that my students know and understand key concepts and can use them to solve problems. This is why using inductive reasoning is so essential. Also important for my students to realize is that formulas, such as the quadratic formula, can be derived by completing the square or that the distance formula is derived from the Pythagorean Theorem. Additionally, I plan on teaching literacy skills to my students. Using vocabulary strategies and graphic organizers will also benefit all of my students. I will teach my students how to interpret the text and how to take quality notes. Homework will be checked for completeness. My students need to be able to correct their mistake or clarify concepts before being graded. I believe these strategies will allow my students to succeed on the common core questions with "teeth."                 The key to getting my students excited about mathematics is to get them motivated and engaged. This can be done by using fun and exciting math activities. These activities will be associated to the real world. Too often mathematics is taught without a connection to the life of the student. By associating mathematics to their own lives, my students will have a better appreciation for mathematics. They need to know that without mathematics there would be no iPhone or Facebook. Another way to motivate my students is to differentiate. This is especially important for both ends of the spectrum. Struggling students need problems that they can understand in order to master a concept. Assign problems that are too difficult and they are likely to get frustrated and give up. The key is to find the middle ground where they can be challenged but not to the point of frustration. Equally, with strong students, they need to be challenged or they can get bored and even frustrated as well.                      Technology will be a big help in teaching mathematics to my students. Furthermore, the graphing calculator and SMART board will enhance my teaching. The graphing calculator will help my students see graphs that may be too difficult to do by hand. Discussing the history of mathematics and incorporating various cultures and their impact on mathematics will be very beneficial. Altogether, by connecting mathematics to the real world and using exciting activities, I can motivate and engage my student to excel to their fullest potential.


Trumpet Player
I have been playing the trumpet since fourth grade. I currently play with a jazz group and play in many parades over the Summer with the Tappan Zee Bridgemen (TZB).
Build Computers
I am very proficient in technology. I have built several computers and fixed several laptops.

Work experience

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Substitute Teacher

Kingston City School District
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Substitute Teacher

Saugerties Central School District




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Master of Science

University at Albany

I am currently working on my Master's Degree while working full-time as a substitute teacher.

Aug 2010Dec 2012

Bachelor of Arts

Mount Saint Mary College
Aug 2008May 2010

Associate in Arts

SUNY Ulster


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