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Recent Projects

  • Re-factoring existing CRM software written in C# + ASP.Net: A long term project in which many parts of exists bad-written CRM re-written in Object Oriented manner, Design Pattern including:
    • State Pattern
    • Factory Pattern
    • Abstract Factory Patter
    • Visitor Pattern (Double dispatching)

    And also an ORM specifically developed for this project named Sympathy.Many Parts and new features added with different languages including PHP & Python & Bash join with heavy use of Web Services.Not-Normalized MSSQL database changed and normalized.

  • CDMS::Full PHP web application aimed at managing remote devices with protocols such as Telnet
    • Precise user access control
    • Non-SQL database including XML & Flat files
    • Highly customizable
    • Full access with Web servies
    • Multi threading using PHP
    • Using IPC with PHP
    • Fully Object Oriented
    • Design Patterns (State Pattern, Strategy Pattern, Factory Pattern, Decorator Pattern, ...)
    • Adaptable to different devices with minimum effort.
    • Smarty template engine.
  • SSO Porject:PHP based Signle Sign On porject to solve problem of logging in different application with different username/passwords and centralized Access Control.
    • Fully Object Oriented.
    • Web service powered.
    • Ease of implementing in different applications.
  • Asterisk call-center helper:This project aimed at connecting existing Asterisk VIOP server to CRM.Fully web based application when operator signs in and her IP phone rings, it immediately detects and shows caller information tight at operator web browser .
    • User Access Control.
    • Highly customizable.
    • Read log and database.
    • Using Asterisk AMI Protocol.
    • Fully object oriented.
    • Using web services
    • Advanvced UX.
  • FreeRADIUS + Cassandra (In progress):Highly customizable RADIUS server using Cassandra clustered database as back-end.Using Perl as medium language.Maximum speed and efficiency.


English: Fluent

Persian: Native

French: Very Basic


Mohamad ARAB had a team leader role in past years, He also had managerial position at different levels in big companies like PTE. He also used to be Scrum Master and has ability to manage team members to deliver quality products at the predefined time frame using Agile/XP methodologies. Adding his ability on project planning to many years of professional development background at different levels of systems from low-level micro-controller and PLC programming to advanced CRM and automation software make him a good technical team leader. His ability to delegate effectively and motivating team members is main reason of having good and agile teams. His technical background includes:

  • Advanced programming with PHP, Python, SQL, C, C++, C#, BASH
  • Web develpoment with PHP, HTML, Javascript, JQuery, Smarty, Symfony. ASP.NET
  • Software Design Patterns and Object Oriented Programming.
  • Advanced Databases knowledge including: MySQL, MSSQL, Cassandra, CouchDB.
  • Experience at writing PHP native extensions in C/C++.
  • Knowing advanced Linux administration on Distros like Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu.
  • How to manage different Linux services like: CLVM, DRBD, Squid, Apache, iptables, Routing, ...
  • Experienced at writing cross-platform applications with GTK+/C++

Work experience

Jan 2009Mar 2013

R&D Supervisour

Pishgaman Towse Ertebatat (PTE)

PTE is a leading PAP company in Iran, which is providing BoardBand Internet service to over 200.000 subscribers and over 200 resellers nation wide.

The main responsibility of R&D department is to keep current system in operational condition and investigating & consulting about new technologies which can improve service quality  and reducing costs.

As a head of R&D I'm responsible for coordinating other staff to maintain current software and hardware also planing for changes and new technologies to come into operation.

The main roles of R&D is:

  • Development team lead.
  • Software development & maintenance.
  • Server installation & maintenance.
  • Investigating about new technologies.
  • Problem solving and consulting.
Jan 2006Feb 2013

Technical Manager

Tamadon Sharghi

Tamadon Sharghi is specialized in software and network consultancy and development. During this few years from establishment of company many projects has been fulfilled including: Kernam Red-Crescent Database and web application. Kerman Red-Crescent Offline database 2-way synchronization software. Numbers of big companies VIOP inter/intra connection. Numbers of Cache servers capable of handling traffic up to 300 Mbps + QoS Software consultancy.

Mohammad major responsibility are:

  • Leading development team.
  • Consulting customers.
  • Project planning.
  • Development & design.
Jul 2008Jun 2009

Technical Manager


Didehbannet is a successful ISP which also provides other on-line and e-commerce services to their subscribers. My main duties as Technical Manager is:

  • Leading developers team.
  • Project Planning.
  • Code review and testing.
  • Assuring Quality of Service.
  • Extending and Planing Networks.
  • Providing solutions and leading technical team.
  • Introducing new technologies to increase service quality and reducing service costs.
  • Technical consulting.
  • Managing Support and Technical staff.
Oct 2004Jan 2009

Operation Deputy Manager


Bruxtainer is a division of DeSmet Engineers and contractors ( DeSmet ) in field of food packaging.

As a production deputy manager i was in charge of coordinating production line  operators and maintenance & calibrating of machines.

I was also responsible for re-programing PLCs where necessary.



Sep 1996Oct 2002


Shahid Bahonar Univ.


Deep knowledge of basic networking OSPF, RIP & BGP Linux Networking Cisco routers & switches Mikrotik routers
Linux services
  Install, configuration and maintenance of various Linux services including: Squid + TProxy Asterisk + FreePBX + Monast Postfix + Dovecot LDAP + SAMBA FTP & NFS LAMP iScsi iproute2 & iptables Virtualization: KVM + QEmu XEN (PV & HV) LXC libvirt  
Web Programing
Programing languages: PHP       (Superb) Python   (Intermediate) C#          (Expert) ASP.Net  (Expert) Markup: HTML 4.1/xHTML 1.1 (Superb - W3C compliance) CSS                              (Expert - W3C compliance) Smarty                          (Expert) TWIG                            (Expert) HTML 5                        (Intermediate) SVG                              (Intermediate) Relational Databases: MySQL          (Expert) MSSQL        (Expert) PostgreSQL (Basic) Other databases: Cassandra  (Expert) XML            (Expert) Flat files      (Expert) CouchDB    (Intermediate) Client side programing: Javascript (Expert) Tool kits (Server side & Client side): Django (Python) Smarty (PHP) Sympathy (C# ORM) SQLMonster (PHP ORM) JQuery + UI + highCharts + ... Prototype + Scriptaculus Advanced Programing Concepts: Object Oriented                                            (Superb) Design Patterns                                            (Expert) Test Driven Development                          (Expert) Behaviour/Domain Driven Development (Expert) Refactoring                                                    (Expert) REST (Expert) SOAP/WSDL (Expert) RPC (Expert) JSON/BSON (Expert) Multi Threading (Expert)
Linux Administration
Installing and maintaining Linux Server including Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, CentOS Installing linux from scratch over Remote SSH. Costomizing Linux kernel Using advanced native linux command line tools. Webmin RAID, LVM, iScsi, BRBD, CLVM and other block level tools Knowledge of FS types including: EXT2, XFS, JFS, YAFFS, BtrFS, SquashFS, ...
Application Programming
Multi-platform Application programming.   Programing languages: C (Expert) C++ (Expert) C# (Expert) Python (Intermediate) Perl (basic) Bash programming. New borne shell (bash) SH Tool kits: GTK & GTK+ (multi-platfrom) - (Expert) QT (multi platform) - (Intermediate) Tkl (Intermediate) Windows Native (Expert) Advanced Programing Concepts (Expert): Object Oriented Design Patterns Multi Threading Semaphores & Shared Memories IPC concepts Modular programing Socket programing TCP/IP & UDP


LPIC3 Cource

Anisa co.


Aug 2012Present

LPIC Essentioal

LPIC Canada

LPIC 304

Anisa Institute