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To secure a challenging and appropriate position in the field of industrial engineering and project management, in order to enhance and put into practice the knowledge gained during my educational and professional career.

 The role should be challenging and responsible which would enable me to grow professionally and to contribute significantly towards the growth of the company.


Tunisian engineer, graduated from the National Engineering School of Tunis. During my career, which began in 2005, I have been a member of several projects in the automotive Industry (for multinational companies). I started my professional experience with Robert Bosch, as production supervisor.

  In 2007 I became a member of Leoni Wiring Systems, one of the largest automotive factories in Tunisia. As Head of Cutting Room my responsibilities were to ensure customer satisfaction in terms of cost and quality in my production unit.

 Since 2013 I have been a member of the central IM team at Leoni, as Expert in Network Cutting Room and Consultant in Manufacturing Execution System. This position covers the North African production plants in Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt.


Work experience

Feb 2013Present

IM MES NCR CONSULTANT-Network Cutting Room Consultant-


      Main Responsibilities:

  •   Analyze client requirements and organisational working processes to         generate MES configuration specifications.
  •  Set up and configure MES modules and integrate them within the      organisational platform.
  • Conduct and import data mapping processes into ERP modules and the  overall platform.
  •  Perform MES software quality and performance reviews.
  •   Deliver application training sessions to MES Key users. Create training  plans and documents.
  •    Execute System audits for plants. Create audit plans and documents.
  •    Provide 2nd level support: Incident and request management.
  •    Provide special customer support.
  •  Implement Project & Sub Project management.
  • Execute special tasks related to the technical domain.

Main recent activities:

  •   Fiat Panda transfer project from Sousse to Mateur (Tunisian plant).
  •  Training for cutting room staff in Neberznehe Chelny (Russian plant).
  •   NCR implementation in Durango, GM project for Mexican plant.
Sep 2007Jan 2013

Production Manager Cutting Room Leader



  • To provide project planning in terms of staff hiring, capacity studies        and the installation of equipment during the project phases within the  segment managed, with an indirect staff and a total of 150 employees.
  •  Achievement of the targets set by the companies in terms of quality,   cost and time, but also to oversee a policy of continuous  improvement.
  •   Planning and design methods to improve production processes.
  •  Review existing processes and develop solutions to increase  productivity or reduce costs.
  •  Ensure compliance with approved production methods and quality  standards.
  •  Ensure familiarity with a variety of the field's concepts, practices and procedures.
  •  Rely on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.
  •  Perform and review a variety of complicated tasks according to lean  manufacturing concept.
Sep 2005Aug 2007

Production suppervisor Loudspeakers assembly

Robert Bosch

This was my first experience in production management. My position          involved implementation of workflow and installation of Speaker assembly lines intended for automobiles, team management and installation of             monitoring indicators based on the preferences Robert Bosch. Our Customers        were Audi, Volkswagen, Kia and Nissan.

 Main Responsibilities:

  •  Oversee planning, scheduling, setup, and running of routine or special production streams.
  • Manage the dispersal and distribution of materials for production.
  •   Maintain labour and material requirements to meet the daily production schedule.

  Oversee the work of production and production support  staff, communicate expectations and provide direction and training.

  •  Monitor work performance and provide feedback.
  •   Coordinate maintenance of production equipment. Oversee technical   process control and quality process control.


Sep 2004Aug 2005

Mechanical Engineering Designer


 Main Responsibilities:

  •  Design, develop and implement technical solutions to technical and  process problems.
  •   Maintain and manage the mechanical and building utilities and related infrastructure.
  •  Develop and implement preventive maintenance programs and procedures.
  •     Evaluate, implement, and monitor mechanical equipment used in the  manufacturing process.
  • Research, develop, design, manufacture and test tools, machines and                      technologies.


Sep 2001Jul 2004

Mechanical Engineering Degree

National Engineering School of Tunis

National Engineering School of Tunis ( المدرسة الوطنية للمهندسين بتونس ) or ENIT is a school of Tunisian engineers, the oldest in the country after the National Agronomic Institute of Tunisia ( 1898) . Depending on the University of Tunis - El Manar, it is located on the campus in Tunis El Manar . Officially founded December 31, 1968 by Mokhtar Latiri.

Sep 1999Jun 2001

Engineering Preparatory Degree

Preparatory Institute for Engineering Studies of Monastir (IPEIM).

The Preparatory Institute For Engineering Studies of Monastir is situated in a scientific environment quite exceptional. Membership in the University of Monastir and its direct proximity to major academic scientific institutions in the region give it a special place in the national map of higher education in Tunisia. It is a training facility that has all the tools and modern technology essential to the education and training of students.

Sep 1992Jun 1999

Bachelor Degree

Secondary school Othman chatti-M'saken

Secondary Study. Bachelor degree (technology field) obtained with honor.


Apr 2013Apr 2013

Internal Audit and Audit techniques

Conseil plus

Internal audit techniques and main principals for a  successful audit.

Apr 2013Apr 2013

Train the trainer, Moderation techniques, Time Management

Deutsch Tunesische Industrie-und Handelskammer.

Main techniques for establishing a training session with  the appropriate moderation tools.

Jul 2010Jul 2010

Production Management

Easy Consult

Production management, team management, Dasch  bord and KPIs.

Sep 2009Dec 2009

Management Transverse

Takwin Consult

Principals and methods for managing a multidisciplinary team according to transverse   approach

Jan 2007Jun 2007

Method 6Segma Level Green belt

Mar 2007Mar 2007

Lean manufacturing and value BPS (Bosch Production System)

Robert Bosch France Mondeville

Bosch production system basics. Values and lean  Manufacturing according to Bosch Standard.



Soft Skills

Java basics, C++ Basics,Microsoft Office, Solid Works, Pro-Engineer, AutoCAD.

Quality Management

Six Sigma (Green Belt), ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, Internal Audit

MES Consulting

Customer Requirement specification, test scénarios , setup and configure MES solutions,2nd level support,audits and training sessions.

Project and Sub Project Management

Agile Methode Scrum  , Project schedule, work breakdown structure (WBS), Estimate project costs, Project management tools, (A Gantt chart, Logic network, PERT chart ...)

 RACI Matrix, SWOT Analysis...


Industrial Engineering

Lean Manufacturing, Installation of Dach Bord   production (OEE, efficiency, cost per hour ...), Cutting    Room Management and Capacity Studies.