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My Labour & Organisation psychology interests lie with recruitment, sourcing, organizational change, leadership, and employee branding. I am a social, easy going person who likes to be creative while solving problems.

About me (taken from my predictive index survey, 1/15/2017)
Botho is a very independent, confident, decisive, self-starter, intense and driving. He has a strong sense of urgency, can react and adjust quickly to changing conditions, generate novel ideas, and deal with them swiftly. His drive is directed at getting the things done which he believes need to be done. Competitive, ambitious and venturesome, he responds positively and actively to challenge and pressure, always sure of his ability to handle problems and people. Botho is an outgoing and poised person, a forceful, animated, communicator.



Master Labour & Organisation Psychology

University of Amsterdam

Master level of education at the University of Amsterdam. Subjects: Conflict & Cooperation, Action-Research, Methodological Analytic Presenting & Writing, Selection Processes and Decision Making


Bachelor Psychology

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Specialization: Work and Organisation Psychology. Subject: Leadership, Recruitment Selection & Work Performance, Working in Groups, Organizational Change, Scientific Statistical Reasoning, Motivation & Performance, Labour Health & Workstress.

Work History

2016 (Nov)Current

Talent Aqcuisition Intern


For the greater part I am working on the intern recruitment for Western Europe, being in charge of internship program and researching plus redesigning the TomTom internship program.

Providing timely and accurate support by assisting through various stages in the recruitment process: By sourcing, screening of resumes and candidates (by phone), participating in interviews, approaching candidates and closing intern hires through making job offers. Besides that i am:
- Talent Sourcing and outreach of candidates in the software 'tech' field
- Being the first contact person for students and organizing visits as well as company presentations for interns.
- Researching plus redesigning a program for interns aimed to attract talent.


Floor Manager


Coaching and support of new personnel and training of new assistent branch managers. additional tasks: recruitment and selection of new personnel, managing personnel, complaints dispatching, responsibillity of cash register and general matters like aiding consult about assesment and training of personnel.


Boardmember of Referees at AH&BC

Amsterdamse Hockey & Bandy Club

Organising meetings of referees, coaching and training of referees and arranging referees for match days.


  • Dutch. Native
  • English. Certificate Cambridge Institute Level B2
  • German. Certificate Goethe Institute Level B1
  • French. Certificate Delph institute Level B2

Other Personalia

Gender: Male

Age: 25 

Date of birth: 25-12-1991

Nationality: Dutch


MS Office , Boolean String Search, 'R' Statistics, SPSS Statistics, PROCESS, Prezi & Mindnode Pro.


Mw. Dr. B.E.H. Ten Brink

Professor Motivation & Work Performance