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Karen C. Hall, Ph.D.


I seek a full time position where I may use my knowledge, skill and abilities to create, guide and refine products and services that provide a meaningful experience for customers.



Ph.D. Plant Physiology

Clemson University

"Ethnobotany with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians: A path to sustaining traditional identity with an emphasis on medicinal plant use"


M.S. Botany

Clemson University

“An in vitro protocol including extraction and analysis of  Hydrastis canadensis, a native American medicinal plant”


B.S. Biology

Western Carolina University

Honors project: “Conservation of rare Appalachian endemic,  Geum radiatum through tissue culture”

Work experience


Co-owner, Managing member

Thousand Arbor Refuge, LLC

Thousand Arbor is a Refuge for rare and unusual flavors found in nature. Our primary concentration is with cider apples. Intense diversity to enhance the natural systems on which the farm is embedded is planned. We are in process of purchasing land, developing monitoring systems for the orchard (disease pressure, movement of wildlife and support of pollinators) and working toward our organic certification and ultimately, our own GAP, cGMP's, QA/QC practices as we produce marketable juice. An on-site  herbarium, mapping system and data repository have been established.

May 2013Sep 2015

Applied Ecologist

Botanical Research Institute of Texas

I served as the face for public outreach and local research focused on rangeland management/restoration, native plant conservation and education. These responsibilities involved assessing local needs, developing and delivering content appropriate to adult audiences. Results of work often relied upon and contributed to BRIT's herbarium with over 1 million specimens. While there, I developed templates and standards for BRIT's burgeoning ranch and development consulting work.

Aug 2006May 2013

Extension Assistant Professor

Clemson University, School of Forestry, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

I designed, built and directed the Master Naturalist program and coordinated the Master Gardener program for the state of SC. In addition, I led graduate student research, the last of which was focused on safrole degradation in Sassafras albidum through preparation informed by traditional knowledge.

Jan 2002Aug 2009

Senior Lecturer

Clemson University, Department of Biology

I taught undergraduate and graduate courses, including plant biology, ethnobotany, senior seminar and environmental science. I led the Summer Program for Research Interns that paired talented HS juniors with research faculty at Clemson.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Botany and Laboratory Experience

High level knowledge of plant science. Direct laboratory experience with chemical safety, tissue culture, extraction and analysis of secondary products (TLC, GC/MS, HPLC) microbial zone inhibition, microscopy and other assays translating into the ability to organize, develop, refine and implement relevant assays and standards. 

Systems Refinement

Though not listed here, I have considerable experience in a factory environment, including improving the efficiency of the systems in which I worked. Laboratory protocols and this experience will contribute to developing excellent QA/QC protocols leading to compliance.

Relevant Coursework

In 2000, I took a two-week intense course out of Purdue focused on medicinal plants, where I was exposed to GAP, cGMP, DSHEA and other regulations relevant to the industry. Additionally, I have had significant coursework in plant taxonomy, physiology, anatomy/morphology, and specific laboratory focused plant science.

Practical skills

I am comfortable in the regular use of technology of all kinds and am known as an early adopter. I am flexible, learn easily, am highly motivated, have high attention to detail, have excellent communication skills and work best under deadlines. 


A few relevant products are highlighted here. A complete   vitae  and references are available upon request.