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Boris Mesin

Team lead / Senior full stack developer


After working for over two decades in Web development I have expert knowledge of backend and frontend development, providing technical solutions for complex business requirements, planning and executing product requirements, distributing work among team members monitoring their work and submitting deliverables on time.

Business Support System solution I had worked on for over 6 years saved thousands of man hours and increased overall productivity by efficiently handling all business processes including timesheet managemet, project and document management in a company with over 300 employees.

My work enabled better investment decision making and profit increase by implementing and optimising data retrieval queries and algorithms from large databases and using this data for different financial, marketing and system performance reporting tools.

My goal is constant personal and professional growth. I want my work to make a difference.

Work History

Aug 2018Present

Team Lead


Digital ad fraud protection platform, blocking fraud on impression/click level, before it hits digital advertising budget.

  • Team lead / lead developer / scrum master
  • Providing technical solutions to complex business requirements
  • Planning, organising and overseeing day-to-day operations for high-performance team of professionals
  • Coordinating work with several dislocated teams in different timezones
  • Responsible for code quality, timely tasks execution and keeping deadlines
  • Monitoring team members performance and helping with their tasks by giving guidance and advices about best technical solutions and practices
  • Full stack development
Dec 2014Mar 2018

Team Lead

TechMpire Ltd

Digital performance based marketing platform handling over 10M requests per day in real time in conjunction with data aggregation for statistics and reporting.

  • Team lead / senior developer / scrum master
  • Leading a team of 7 senior developers working on several projects, coordinating work between 3 dislocated teams
  • Working with AWS Kinesis, Redshift, S3, DynamoDB
  • Building completly new system architecture for DSP portal based on Angular 2 frontend and Laravel 5 backend API
Oct 2013Dec 2014

Senior Developer

TechMpire Ltd

TechMpire is a rapidly growing performance-based online and mobile marketing solutions provider with a reach to over 180 countries.

  • Connecting new markets via API integration into existing SMS Gateway increasing overall company profits (Kenya, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Poland, UAE, Qatar, Jordan)
  • Backend development for system performance and financial reports improving future investment decision making and cutting maintenance costs
  • Constant analysis and optimisation of SMS Gateway handling over 4M requests monthly
  • Improved system reliability, implemented better logging and alarming system leading to over 20% higher profits on existing markets
  • Scrum master and team lead
  • Technologies used: Laravel (PHP), JavaScript OOP, jQuery, Bootstrap, SaSS, MySQL, Apache HTTP Server, GIT, Vagrant
May 2012Sep 2013

Senior Developer

Abit Ltd., Business Processes Solutions Development Department

ABIT Ltd. is a privately owned company specialised in developing banking information systems and providing IT support to banks and similar financial institutions.

  • Front end solution architecture and development for CORE banking software for car loans approval for Societe Generale Group, Splitska Bank, Croatia
    • Car loan request process made possible through Web interface for external car dealerships
    • Data entry made easier and more reliable
    • Shortening the entire data entry process by 60% by removing redundant steps and implementing smart data fetching algorithms
  • Complete client side data entry evaluation for Web based solution for property legalisation (Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning, Croatia)
    • Implemented throughout Croatia and used by hundreds of government officials for data entry
    • This system made crucial impact on legalisation requests organisation overall and made transition from paper to digital much more efficient and organised
  • Technologies used: JAVA Spring, JavaScript OOP, YUI, Kendo UI, jQuery, General Interface, MySQL, Apache HTTP Server, SVN
Nov 2005Apr 2012

Project Manager / Senior Developer

NTH Group

NTH Group is a leading European AISP (Application and Infrastructure Service Provider) for media and telecom services. Main activities include development, provision, operation and maintenance of platforms, solutions and services based on SMS, MMS, Voice, Internet and Media broadcast technologies. NTH Group provides premium voice and mobile connectivity in 70 countries worldwide.

  • Complete back end support (development, implementation and maintenance) for SMS/MMS/Voice/Chat Statistics Web based solution used by management, sales and customers
  • Designed, managed and developed Business Support System (BSS)
    • Web based application used by entire NTH Group staff saving thousands of man hours and consequentially increasing productivity and overall company profits
    • Complete time, cost and project management support
    • Event based notifications and alerting systems
    • Detailed business processes support through complex user interface and back end algorithms
    • Services administration and monitoring
    • Address books and contacts management
    • Daily coordination with CEO, CFO, CTO, management staff and sales teams
  • Technologies used: PHP OOP, Zend FW, cakePHP, JAVA Spring, JavaScript OOP, jQuery, ExtJS, Qooxdoo, MySQL, Apache HTTP Server, CVS, GIT

Used languages, technologies, methodologies, development environments and tools

  • Angular 7, JavaScript ES6, TypeScript, Telerik Kendo UI
  • HighCharts, D3
  • HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Less
  • npm, Composer, Gulp

  • PHP 7 (Laravel, cakePHP, ZendFW, Yii, custom MVC FW)
  • Eloquent PHP ORM, Doctrine PHP ORM
  • Postgres, MySQL, SQLite
  • Apache HTTP Server, nginX
  • AWS (S3, SQS, Kinesis, CloudSearch / ElasticSearch)
  • APIs integration and development, Memcache, CDN, Message Queues
  • A/B testing, unit testing

  • PHP Storm, Eclipse

  • Agile (Scrum / XP)
  • Attlassian JIRA / Confluence / Stash / Bitbucket (GIT)
  • OSX, Windows, Linux


Sep 1993Jun 1997

High School Diploma

Natural Sciences and Mathematics School