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Work experience

Jan 1994Present

Personal projects and others

Several projects in the area of games and web development, exploring new techniques and technologies, both as a way of personal learning and for commercial projects.

Aug 2009Present

Web & Android Developer

Ground Up

Since Ground Up is my one man operation, I am responsible for everything, from communicating directly with clients, to project management, implementing the solutions for each project, researching and experimenting with new technologies, etc.

I work with other highly intelligent people from a pool of contacts I have gathered over the past 14 years, bringing in the required expertise for each project.

Mar 2011Aug 2011

Web and Android developer


I was responsible for the development of the Android version of one of the company's products, and used my experience as a web developer to help and advise in other projects, in particular the new HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript smart tv interface for the company's video-on-demand product.

I also used C# to implement the backend for a data visualisation simulator written by someone else in Silverlight, communicating via web services, and investigated several possible mapping solutions (Google Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, mapnik, Mapbox, TileMill) for implementing some new features in one of the company's tourism products.

Additionally, I interviewed candidates for potential roles inside the company, assessing their technical knowledge and personal motivation.

Mar 2010Mar 2011

Web Developer


Worked as an outsourced developer on-site for a client (DRI) that did projects for companies like CIMPAS, Chronopost e PTInovação.

Most projects were related to CRM and were based on one or more of these technologies: PHP, SugarCRM, Drupal and Zend Framework.

Being one of the persons with most experience on HTML, CSS, Javascript and especially Drupal, I helped a lot with those technologies.

Sep 2000Mar 2010

Web developer, systems administrator, trainer

Fernão Mendes Pinto Secondary School

My main responsibility was to maintain the school's website, which at first was based on a very simple Content Management System created by myself with PHP and MySQL. As time passed and the needs increased, the CMS was moved to Drupal, which, although no longer maintained by me, is still the CMS in use.

In 2006 Moodle was added as an online resource for students and teachers, and the site was moved to a Virtual Private Server, the maintenance of which was also my responsibility.

Google Apps was also used to provide email accounts for all the school's staff, as well as all the other online tools Google Apps offers. Students were supposed to also have email accounts and the solution to manage the accounts was already in place but the school board never decided to go ahead with it.

I also provided training for teachers about the online tools they had available, as well as several workshops about various computer-related subjects, including linux and open source software.

Apr 2009Aug 2009

Web developer

Writers Federation

Development of the website "Writers Federation", a website for writers to expose their work with some social networking characteristics, based on Drupal. The site's design was implemented by another company, contracted by the client.

Aug 2008Nov 2008

Web developer

Artist Level Networks

I was the senior developer responsible for the development of the website for Artist Level Networks, a social network for artists implemented with Drupal. My work on the project ended prematurely due to me suffering an injury that prevented me from commuting to the company office for several weeks, which led to the rest of the project being developed without my participation.

Oct 2007Oct 2008

C++ developer


I was responsible for creating the proof-of-concept prototype for the core module of what would become the following version of AnubisNetworks' various anti-spam products.

Mar 2005Oct 2005

Web developer


I developed and maintained a conference management system for the ICANS21 (21st International Conference on Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Semiconductors), , that took place in the Faculty of Science and Technology, of the New University of Lisbon. Features included hotel room reservations, online payments, and online abstract evaluation and voting.

I also provided technical support for the event organization and to the system users during the conference.

The website was shut down a year after serving its purpose.

May 2005Aug 2005

Web developer


I was responsible for the initial development of a content management system to serve as the base for every future project of the company. Drupal was proposed instead of "reinventing the wheel" but the company eventually decided they would prefer to have their own proprietary platform and Drupal was abandoned.

Jan 2005Mar 2005

Web developer

Materiais 2005

I developed and maintained a conference management system for the Materiais 2005 - III International Materials Symposium and XII Portuguese Materials Socitey Meeting, which took place in the Aveiro University. Features included hotel room reservations, online payments, and online abstract evaluation and voting.

I also provided technical support for the event organization and to the system users during the conference.

The website was shut down a year after serving its purpose.



CDX Project

I was a contributor and later one of the core developers of CDX, a library for game and multimedia applications development, based on DireIctX and C++.

More information about the project is available at


Systems Administrator

H. Blanco Buying Agency

I was responsible for administering computers, software and the computer network of the company.


I manage my own servers running software such as Linux, MySQL, Nginx and Apache, leveraging tools such as Fabric to automate some tasks.
Django, Python
Something I'd love to explore a little more in bigger, real-world projects.
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax
I started playing around with HTML in 1994 and CSS and Javascript followed naturally. I now use HTML5 and CSS3 everywhere I can, along with Javascript and jQuery for saving time. Important note: contrarily to most people who mention Javascript and jQuery in their skill set, I do know how to program properly in Javascript and its prototype-based paradigm, without requiring jQuery to implement advanced functionalities on a website.  
PHP and I go back all the way to 1997/1998, to versions 2 and 3 of the language, coupling it with MySQL to perform some powerful magic. Nowadays I use it in its purest form or mixed with some super ingredients in the form of frameworks such as Symfony, Kohana and Zend Framework.
Version Control Systems
Git, Subversion and Mercurial.
Graphics editing
Once a connoisseur of Photoshop, nowadays I use Gimp and Inkscape for my graphics needs, as well as some video editing software such as OpenShot.
Besides being one of the oldest members of the original Portuguese translation group, I have contributed several patches, bug reports and suggestions for both contributed modules and the Drupal core.
English language
Portuguese language
I belong to a rare species that faces extinction: young people who know how to write.
C, C++
Used mainly for game programming and at AnubisNetworks for the creation of a prototype for the core of the company's new anti-spam product.



  • Web scalability and performance;
  • Chinese Martial Arts student since 1998 - Long First, White Crane, Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan);
  • Lover of MTB, bodyboard, surf and sports climbing;
  • Environment and animal rights activist;
  • IT security;
  • Project management;
  • Physics and Math;


To get a role as a web or games developer in a place where intelligent and sociable people work, that has an informal environment, and employs best practises and technologies that make life saner for developers and software more reliable, maintainable and scalable.

As a web developer I prefer to work with Django or PHP frameworks (like Symfony2, Zend, Yii, Laravel) but I am also open to expanding my experience with Ruby on Rails.

Given my current geographic location I would prefer roles that allow remote work.


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Founding member of the Portuguese Drupal Association -

Founding member of Associação Nova Aventura, an outdoors adventures association -


Having entered the world of computers at the tender age of 5, with a TIMEX 2048, I began programming in BASIC at 7 and I have since then developed my knowledge in several areas of IT.

I have several years of experience in different programming languages, especially Python, PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript for web development, which I started in 1994.

I am a fan of Free / Open Source software and I use it everywhere it fits.

Regarding the World Wide Web, cross-browser compatibility, web standards and accessibility have always been one of my main concerns, and that has always made a difference in my work, placing me ahead of many competitors. Nowadays I try to use HTML5 and CSS3 as much as possible, in an effort to develop more interactive and appealing interfaces. I also leverage the power of frameworks such as Django, Drupal, Laravel and, less often, Ruby on Rails.

Being a pragmatic perfectionist, I always strive to do the best thing while trying to maintain a healthy balance between perfect and practical. Also an environmentalist at heart, I always strive to do what's best for the environment and I constantly try to spread awareness of "little big" things that anyone can do and can make a huge difference for everyone on the planet.

Sports have always been a part of my life since I was young. Besides bodyboard, surf and MTB, which I do regularly, I practised swimming for 9 years, rowing for 4 years (including a national championship and lots of smaller regional races), and Kung Fu and Tai Chi since 1998.

I am cheerful, sociable, easy going and a person of principles, greatly appreciating values such as honesty, humility, righteousness, patience and loyalty.